EPT Sochi: Doddapaneni Finishes 26th in Main Event; Ved & Sushant Make Day 2 in High Roller

The European Poker Tour (EPT) is currently underway at Casino Sochi in Russia. The action has now become intense with two most popular events – the Main Event and the High Roller going on there.

Day 2 of the Main Event is already in the books. It saw 306 players return to the field, including five Indians players – Sriharsha Doddapaneni, Anant Purohit, Jayjit Ray, Aditya Sushant and Kartik Ved. Only Doddapaneni could make it to Day 3 among the final 100. He bagged a stack of 214,000.

Doddapaneni resumed his battle among final 100 with a big stack. He did well and at one point he was among the top stacks. Unfortunately, his run ended towards the end of Day 3. He eventually finished 26th for RUB 785,850 (INR 8.39 Lac) to become the only Indian to cash the ongoing main event.

The EPT Sochi Main Event is down to the final 23 players. While everyone among the remaining players is guaranteed at least 931,000 RUB in prizemoney, they will have their eyes on the top prize of whopping RUB 27,475,000 (~INR 2.93 Crore) and the coveted EPT Main Event title and trophy.

Leading the final 23 is Danil Bukharin holding a massive stack of 2,340,000. He is the only player to have bagged over 2 Million in chips. Other big stacks include Dmitry Yurasov – (1,885,000), Vyacheslav Mizun – (1,800,000), Ivan Ruban – (1,570,000), Vanush Mnatsakanyan – (1,440,000), Day 2 chip leader Aleksandr Sheshukov – (1,380,000) and Viktor Ustimov – (1,310,000) to name a few.

EPT Sochi High Roller – 33 Players Make Day 2

Running alongside with the Main Event is the EPT High Roller, which features a hefty buy-in of RUB 3,71,000 (INR 3.96 Lac). The third event on the schedule kicked off just yesterday and it attracted a total of 78 entries on Day 1. The day end saw just 33 survive with Sergey Kolyasnikov (283,500) bagging the biggest stack and Daniil Kiselev (256,500) the second biggest stack among 33.

From Team India, the two talented players Aditya Sushant and Kartik Ved were seen in action and both of them did pretty well to finish among 33 players advancing to Day 2. Kartik Ved managed to finish among the top 10 stacks with 139,000 in the bag, while Sushant ended the day with 56,500.

WSOP bracelet winner Sushant was doing well and held around 121,000 at one point, but he lost a few crucial pots towards the latter part of the day and it brought down his stack to 56,000 for Day 2.

Both Ved and Sushant will be looking to chip up during Day 2 and get close to the chip leader Sergey Kolyasnikov who is one of strong contenders for the title. He took the lead when he eliminated Jiayu Ruan on the final hand of the Day 1. Some notables still in contention include PokerStars Team Pro Ramon Colillas (6th in chips), Leonid Bilokur (7th in chips),Oleg Vasylchenko (8th in chips) and Petr Bartagov (9th in chips).

Top 10 Chip Counts At Day 1 End:

  1. Sergey Kolyasnikov -283,500
  2. Daniil Kiselev – 256,500
  3. Anton Yakuba – 244,500
  4. Valery Yantsevich – 196,000
  5. Meng Wang – 185,500
  6. Ramon Colillas – 182,000
  7. Leonid Bilokur – 174,500
  8. Oleg Vasylchenko – 157,500
  9. Petr Bartagov – 150,500
  10. Kartik Ved – 139,000

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