‘It’s unreal to win one of your favourite tourneys twice in a span of 1 month!’: Vinay B, Godfather 8.0 Winner

Thursday is one of the favourite days of the week for poker players in India, as it brings some of the best tournaments across all major poker sites. One of the most popular poker tournaments this Thursday was Adda52’s 20 Lac GTD Godfather 8.0, which began at its usual time 8 pm and was in the books by 3:56 am today morning. A total of 451 entries came in this INR 5,500 buy-in event to easily crush the guarantee and it saw top 49 places being paid out with a min-cash of INR 12,403.

After the tough battles of 7 + hours, it was yet again Bangalore’s Vinay B who emerged as the winner to earn an impressive INR 4,60,129 after a heads-up deal with Rishi Suneja aka ‘cooler1962’ who pocketed INR 4,19,321 for his runner-up finish in the tournament. It was not an easy win for Vinay as the final table had some good regs in Nitin Arora (3rd for INR 2,25,500), Harsh Dembla (6th for INR 78,925), Pranav Bang (7th for INR 62,013) and Mukesh Surana (9th for INR 36,080). WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant narrowly missed the FT, finishing 10th for INR 28,188.

An architect by profession and a semi-professional poker player from Bangalore, Vinay is a regular online grinder with numerous cashes and several big wins under his belt. The player has been running hot. He has won several key online events on Adda52, including Sunday Suits, Judwaa (3 times), Friday Adda, CrackJack and Whale 6-Max. Six-max format seems to be his favourite one as he has made multiple FTs in Adda52 Millions and Whale 6-Max, apart from cashing out other key tournaments like Godfather, PayCheck, Mega Suits, Hitman, Roar, Blaze, Juice, Beast etc.

Godfather is one of the favourite tourneys for Vinay. He had won his first Godfather in the early morning of the 1st March 2019 and he repeated the feat by winning it again at 3:56 am today morning to win INR 4,60,129 in top prize and a seat to the 9 Lac Vegas SNG to be played on 5th May.

Post his win, we got in touch with Vinay to know about his win and he said, “It’s unreal to win one of your favourite tourneys twice in a span of 1 month! I am super delighted shipping it again!”

Talking about the field and his journey, he said, “As always, the field was tough. All the good regs and pros played this event and to be able to beat this field is very satisfying.” Adding more to it, he said, “My favourite day of the week for grind is Thursday after Sunday as it has some of the best online events across all sites. So, I always look forward to it! This time, I decided to register all the events by 90 minutes late and I was fortunate enough to chip-up early on. During the middle stages, I was super card-dead but maintained my stack! And at the end, I played aggressively to reach the FT and took a big flip with an aggro player who was 3-betting often. I got it in with 44 against his AK and held up!”

 Talking about his FT journey, Vinay said, FT was all about keeping cool and being patient as people tend to make mistakes on their own, so it was all about waiting and maintaining the stack by stealing here and there! When action became 3-way , it took a lot of time for the 3rd guy to bust to chip up the other guy I was HU with. I was short and he had a good chip lead. However, I managed to get ahead of him after his A10 lost to my AQ. I finally closed the event with a deal and sealed the SNG seat.”

Expressing his thoughts on the massive announcement of National Poker Championship (NPC), he said, “It’s an amazing concept! It gives low-stakes players a big opportunity and new players can also realise their dream of playing and winning a big event! It’s a super concept of making it state-based qualifiers. I am pretty sure that it will easily crush 1 Crore GTD ! Super excited to play the event!”

When asked about his preparation and strategies for the National Poker Championship ahead, he said, “Especially in these big guarantee events, it’s more about the mental game, so one needs to ensure that he/she does not get intimidated by the GTD and just keep the game basic and simple and focus on hourly basis and not think too much ahead! I am gonna just keep it basic and play ABC poker.”

Advising new players entering the National Poker Championship on Adda52, Vinay said, “Work hard on the basics of the game as one might think that they know the game well, but honestly this game is extremely tough. It can only be learned by working hard on it off the felts, apart from playing the game! Keep it basic and simple for NPC and all the best!”

Some notables to cash were Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni (22nd for INR 16,913), ‘kornkif’ (24th for INR 16,913), ‘narcoss’ (25th for INR 14,658), ‘zxcvuiop’ (27th for INR 14,658), ‘Armageddon’ (29th for INR 14,658), ‘Oshoswami’ (30th for INR 14,658), Adda52 Team Pro Tarun Goyal (40th for INR 12,403).

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