Heads-Up With Gaurav Sood Who Won Victor SNG For 10 Lac Two Days After His Mega Suits Win

Gaurav Sood has been running hot on Adda52 and there seems to be no stopping for the budding poker player! On 24th March this week, the Gurgaon lad won Mega Suits to claim his biggest score of INR 7,20,000 and just 2 days later he then went on to beat his biggest score by shipping the Victor Leaderboard SNG tourney (26th March) where he started as the shortest stack among the 9 finalists but he played some top notch poker to finally take down the SNG for a hefty 10 Lac prizemoney.

Running from 10th to 24th March, the Victor Leaderboard was Adda52’s exclusive promotion where the players were allowed to compete in any tournament of INR 1,100 buy-in or above and earn points to climb up the leaderboard. Over the course of an action-packed 15 days, a large number of players participated and the top 9 finishers on the leaderboard played a Victor SNG on 26th March.

Based on a unique concept, the Victor SNG featured starting stack in proportion of their (top 9 players) leaderboard points and promised 10 Lac for 1st place finisher. Among the top 9 players, Sood started as the shortest stack but he played really well. He took the chip lead with 6 players remaining and then held it throughout to finally win the SNG. Sood has been working hard on his game and the results are showing up through his wins and deep finishes. It was his second big victory on Adda52 within a span of just 2 days and it is indeed a big achievement. Before these 2 victories, the player has made over a dozen of FTs in Beast, 3 FT finishes in Godfather and 2 final table scores in Judwaa, apart from his 4th place finish in Whale, Adda52 Millions and Mega Suits.

To know about Sood’s  latest win in the Victor SNG and his ongoing success in online tournaments, we got in touch with the player and he said, It feels surreal to win, especially after being the shortest stack to start with. I have been running well and it is the biggest score I have had in tournaments so far. 

When asked about his thoughts on the Victor SNG tournament and its uniqueness for players, he said, “Very unique event! The winner takes it all was the main catch, but I’m glad that Adda52 put up the deal option to lessen the variance. It was also unique in the way that the leaderboards usually payout the respective places and here the top 9 on the leaderboard competed for a huge prize uptop. 

Talking about how he managed to earn his place among the final 9 players on the Victor Leaderboard, he said, Honestly, it’s a funny story! I didn’t even know about the leaderboard in the first place. I mean, obviously I knew there was this Victor Leaderboard running on Adda52 but that’s all I knew. It was only when the Adda52 support team called me up on the next day regarding my Mega Suits win and told that I’m in the 9th place on the Victor leaderboard and I’ll be competing in the SNG for an uptop of 10L against some of the finest online grinders in India. Some deep finishes in Adda52 Millions and Whale and Mega Suits win must have helped me to climb up the Victor leaderboard, I believe.”?

Sharing his journey through the Victory SNG, he said, “I was pretty zoned in and I think I played well for the most part. I took the chip lead with 6 remaining after a lucky clip on the river, which gave me a full house against Sajal Gupta’s trips and I held the chip lead throughout from there on. From there, it was pretty much a cruise until heads-up play. My toughest opponent on that table was definitely Akshay Nasa. I did not have a lot of confrontations with him and he got out in 5th position. I think, he could never musterup a stack. I had a tough HU where I started with 9:1 CL, but my opponent made a great comeback. At one point, I was at a slight chip deficit. I recovered and finally took it down. ?

Adding more to his HU story, he said, When we were equalish in stacks, I actually asked for a deal and he rejected it. I asked him once again because it doesn’t make sense for some flips to decide whether I get 10L or 0. He straight away typed ‘No’. Then, I was like, let me take it down. And I eventually did! Last hand, he jammed for 18bb from the button and I snapped with 66 to finally ship the SNG”.

Sharing his thoughts about Adda52’s upcoming tournament – 1 Crore GTD National Poker Championship (4th to 7th April), he said, I think, poker needs influx of new players for sure. So, this initiative by Adda52 is pretty much the need of the hour. And my advice for new players would be that a lot will entice you about this beautiful game – poker, just don’t think of it as a quick money game and throw yourself into it without due diligence. If it’s done right, poker is definitely rewarding, well and fun.?

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