APL Vietnam 2019 ME: Sahil Agarwal Finishes 45th; China’s Zhu Yong Leads Final 9

Yesterday saw Day 2 of the Asia Poker League (APL) Vietnam Main Event at the Pro Poker Club in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The day began with 149 players who survived from the four starting flights. USA’s Matthew Mortensen started as the chip leader with 400k chips and trailing him was the Day 1D chip leader Vietnam’s Chu Thai Thinh (378,500 chips). Entering Day 2 from Team India were 3 players in Sahil Agarwal ((298,000), Abhinav Iyer (83,500) and Sumit Sapra with a 68K stack.

Top 78 players were to get paid out in the tournament. The money bubble burst halfway through the field on Day 2 and India’s short stacked Abhinav Iyer and Sumit Sapra exited before the money bubble. The only Indian to cash was Sahil Agarwal who had started Day 2 as one of the chip leaders with 298,500 chips. Sahil exited the tournament in 45th place, taking home VND 40,340,000 (INR 1.21 Lac). He fell at the hands of Norbert Koh when his Kc 8s for top pair lost to Koh’s Kc 10c flush.

A total of 623 entries came in with only 149 returning for Day 2 yesterday. The day ended after the scheduled 10 levels and only 23 players remained. Emerging as the chip leader among the final 23 was China’s Te Mai with 1,870,000 chips. Following in second place was Singapore’s Melvin Tay Yao Loon with 1,560,000 in chips. The other big stacks into Day 3 included Yi Won Lee (1,385,000), Chu Thai Thinh – (1,260,000), Huy Pham – (1,250,000), Feng Zhao – (1,140,000), Thang Tran – (1,095,000), Hong Kong Nguyen – (1,055,000), Tung Nguyen – (945,000) and Li Min Jie – (785,000).

Day 3 was played today and the agenda for the day was to reach the official 9-handed table. It was China’s Te Mai (1,870,000) who started the day as the chip leader though, he lost some key pots and eventually got busted during 27th level in 17th place. He earned VND 94,630,000. Day 3 ended at the 30th level with Nguyen Huu Manh exiting in 10th place as the FT bubble for VND 142,130,000.

With Huu Manh exiting in 10th place, the final table has been set! China’s Zhu Yong is leading the final 9 with 4,670,000. Singapore’s Feng Zhao is second in chips with 3,895,000. All the FT players will return on Saturday, tomorrow at 1:30pm to battle for the title and VND 1,700,440,000 first prize.

While each of the final table players is guaranteed at least VND 170,050,000 prizemoney, they all have their eyes on the top prize of VND 1,700,440,000. Players can watch all the FT action live as the final table will be live-streamed at the Pro Poker Club YouTube channel with a 30-minute delay.

Final Table Chip Counts:

Zhu Yong China 4,670,000
Feng Zhao Singapore 3,895,000
Vu Duc Trung Vietnam 2,940,000
Hong Kong Nguyen Canada 1,825,000
Vu Trung Thanh Vietnam 1,805,000
Pham Quoc Anh Vietnam 1,335,000
Melvin Tay Yao Loon Singapore 1,170,000
Huynh Vinh Quang USA 520,000
Chu Thai Thinh Vietnam 445,000

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