Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT Xpress 5K Burn N Turn Event

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Good evening and welcome to the 3rd edition of DPT Xpress taking place at the beautiful Deltin JAQK in sunny Goa for the first time! The poker festival kicks off this evening at 6pm with the INR 5K Burn N Turn event. The buy-in is INR 5K and players will start with 10K (200BB) stack. It is a re-entry + add-on event featuring 15 minute levels. The late registration will remain open till the end of level 8.

Last time, it was Debashis Bal who took down the event and the race for the title starts again today. Stay tuned in for the live updates from the opening tournament right here. Good luck at the felts!


Shuffle-Up & Deal

The cards are in the air for the opening event – 5k Burn N Turn and we begin the level one of the day. It is a 5k buy-in tournament featuring 10k starting stack. Late registration is open till level 8.


Some Familiar Faces in the Field 

68 entries for the 5k burn n turn has been registered so far. Some familiar faces who can be seen in action include Shivam Shukla, Karan Sawhney, Gaurav Gupta, Abhishek sharma, Harshit Chopra, Devesh Thapar, Vineet kumar and Ankit takle to name a few. Stay tuned in for selected updates!


Kshitij Jain Off To A Good Start, He Eliminates One!



Level – 1

In a pre-flop action, Kshitij Jain from UTG raises TO 250, Savvy Ranchal from button re-raises to 2500 and BB folds.The action folds back to UTG who makes the call to seep the flop – Qd Qh 4h.

Jain bets 2500 on the flop to which Ranchal goes all-in for 7500.

The turn and river card open 5c 9s.

Jain shows JC Qs against Ah Kh of Ranchal to win the hand with three of a kind.

Ranchal gets eliminated, while Jain claims a nice pot to stack up.


Suryabir Singh Hits A Set To Eliminate Jagan Mohan

Blinds 100-200


Level – 3

Pre-flop, UTG open-raises to 800 and Jagan Mohan holding Ah Ac in button shoves all-in for 7025. SB folds, Suryabir Singh in BB makes the call with Qh Qc and the UTG snap-folds his hand.

The baord runs out Qs 6s Kh 9c 4s where Singh flops a set to crack Aces of Mohan who gets busted.


Masood’s Aces Eliminate Vishwanath B.

Blinds -150-300


Level 4

On the flop reading 10c Kd 4s, Masood from UTG raises to 3.2k, Vishwanath B from MP2 calls and Button folds.

Turn 4h

The bigger stack Masood shoves all-in and MP2 makes the call with his remaining stack.

River 9s

Masood shows Ac As, which are good enough to beat Jc Kh of Vishwanath B. The latter gets busted.

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Puneet G Eliminates Two Players In One Hand!

Blinds – 200-400


Level 5

Saumil Krishani from UTG open shoves for 2100 with Kh Qs and Kat Desol holding 2s 2c in CO shoves behind for 7900. The action reaches Puneet G. who calls all-in players with his 10h 10c.

The board opens 5c Js 9c Js Jd where Puneet G gets a winning a full house to eliminate both the players.


Nihaar Uchil Doubles-Up Through Sankalp Taparia

Blinds 400-800


Level 6

Pre-flop, UTG calls the big blind and Sankalp Taparia from HJ raises to 3k, which a player in CO calls and Nihaar Uchil from SB goes all-in for 9800 with Ks Kc. While UTG folds, Taparia shoves for his 10k stack holding Ah Jd.

The board runs  2c 10h 2d 8s 8c where cowboys come out as the best to win the hand for Nihaar.

Nihaar get a nice doubles-up, leaving Sankalp the short stack.