DPT Xpress 5K Burn N Turn Live Coverage – Hands After Level 6

Aditya Sardana Ships 5K Burn N Turn Event For INR 3,65,000

aditya sardana

Blinds 60k-120k

Level 24

And it is over! Aditya Sardana ships the opening event of the DPT Xpress Goa by outlasting his last opponent Priya Agarwal, who was the only female final tablist in the tournament. On the last hand of the dual, Sardana, who had started the heads-up as the chip leader, shoved his entire stack and Priya Agarwal decided to call, putting herself at the risk. Priya had 9h 10d and Aditya held Qc 7d.

pjimage - 2019-06-07T054222.915

The board was run twice with Qs 6d 9d Ac 5s and 2c Qd 3h 9h 4s. Aditya’s Qc 7d came out as the best, giving him the coveted pot as well as his first DPT title. Aditya took home an impressive INR 3,65,000 for outlasting a strong field of 303 entries (including 112 add-ons) in the tournament. Priya, who played pretty well but could not go all the way, eventually settled for a cool INR 2,50,000.

Aditya ran really good in the tournament. He was the only player to have not taken any add-ons. He played a role eliminator at the FT and was responsible for 5 eliminations, which included Shubham B, an unknown player in 5th place, Vijay Suneel Kumar and Archit Garg and finally Priya Agarwal.


Vijay Suneel Kumar and Archit Garg Finish 4th and 3rd 

pjimage - 2019-06-07T054526.804

Blinds 60k-120k

Level 24

Three-away pre-flop, Vijay Suneel Kumar from button shoves all-in with Jc 9s, Archit Garg holding 3h 3d shoves behind for 300k from SB and Aditya Sardana in BB calls all-in players with his 7c 5c.

The board runs 10c Ac 6s 9d 4c where Sardana rivers a flush to take down the pot and bust both his opponents. Archit finished 3rd for INR 1,45,750, while Suneel Kumar finished 4th for INR 90K.


Aditya Sardana busts a player in 5th (INR 70,000)

pjimage - 2019-06-07T054740.920

Blinds 50k-100K

Level 23

A player from UTG shoves all-in for his last 210k and Aditya Sardana from SB calls 210k.

UTG player – 10h 10c

Sardana – Ah 7h

The board runs Qh 6h Ac 2c Jd where Sardana flops an Ace pair to beat pocket tens and win the hand.

Abhinav Garg Finishes 6th for INR 55,000

Blinds 40k-80k

Level 22

Vijay Suneel Kumar R holding 5h 2h BB shoves all-in for 240k and Abhinav Garg holding Qc Ks in SB calls for his last 180k.

Board 6h 4h 2s 7s 4d

While Abhinav misses the board, Suneel Kumar makes two pairs to take down the pot and bust Abhinav in 6th place.

Gaurav Mehta Finishes 7th for INR 49,000

Blinds 40k-80k

Level 22

Gaurav Mehta shoves all-in for 310k with Ad Ks and Priya Agarwal calls with Qs Js.

The board runs 9s 5h 8d 8h Jh where Priya takes down the pot to bust Mehta in 7th place.

Shubham B. Finishes 8th for INR 42,000

Blinds 40k-80k

Level 22

Aditya Sardana raises to 110k from HJ and Shubham Barjatya shoves all-in from Co for 190k, which Sardana calls.

Shubham – Ac Qd

Sardana – Js Jc

The board runs 7s 4d 6h 3h 3d where Sardana’s pocket jacks hold up to win him the pot and bust Shubham in 8th place.

Anant Purohit Finishes 9th for INR 36,500 

pjimage - 2019-06-07T055006.827

Blinds 40k-80k

Level 22

 Anant Purohit in HJ shoves all-in for 135k and Priya Agarwal from Co calls 135k.

Anant 8c 8s

Priay Ac Kc

Board – 6c 5s Kh 5s 7d

Priya finds a king on the flop to beat pocket eights of Anant who gets busted in 9th place.

Sandeep Sharma Finishes 10th for INR 31,500


Blinds 40k-80k

Level 22

Sandeep Sharma holding Jd Jc in BB shoves all-in for 160k and Aditya Sardana calls 160k with 7C Kd.

Board – Qc Qd 3d Qh Qs

Sardana wins the hand and Sandeep Sharma gets busted in 10th place for INR 31,500.

Rajesh G. Finishes 11th for INR 31,500


Blinds 40k-80k

Level 22

Gaurav Mehta from CO shoves all-in with Ks Ac and Rajesh G in BB makes the call with 9s 9c.

The board runs Kd Jd Qd 8h 8c where pocket nines of Rajesh did not hold up and he got busted in 11th place.


Suamil Krishnani and Avinash Kumar Finish 12th and 13th Respectively for INR 26K.

pjimage - 2019-06-07T031148.076

Blinds 40k-80k

Level 22

In a three-way action pre-flop,Saumil Krishnani from UTG shoves all-in for 95k. While Priya Agarwal from BB calls, the short stack Avinash Kumar also shoves his entire stack, putting himself at risk.

Saumil 8s 9h

Priya Kd Kc

Avinash Qh Jh

The board opens 10c 6h 3c 6s 3h where Priya’s cowboys win the hand and both Saumil (12th) and Aninash (13th)get eliminated. They took home INR 26,000, each for their deep run in the tourney.


Jose Antonio Vivek Pintu Rosario in 14th place (INR 26,000).

pjimage - 2019-06-07T031437.057

Blinds 40k-80k

Level 22

With blinds running 40-80k, the eliminations have now become very quick. Just now we saw Jose Antonio Vivek Pinto R. busting from the tournament.

From UTG, he shoved all-in for 55k with Qc 9c and Anant Purohit holding 6c 8c in utg +1 called.

Board – Jc 10c 9d 7d 2s giving a straight to Purohit to take down the pot and bust Jose Antonio (14th)


Vinit Kore Exits in 15th place for INR 26,000)

pjimage - 2019-06-07T031626.501

Blinds 30k-60k

Level 21

Aditya Sardana wins yet another pot, this time by busting Vinit Kore! Sardana picked up Kc Ks in MP2 and raised to 105k. The short stack Vinit Kore thought for a while and shoved all-in for 51k holding 6d 4s.

Board -10d Kd Jd 4d Jc.

Sardan rivered a full house to bust Vinit in 15th place (INR 26,000).


Ankit Dave Finishes 16th for INR 22,500

pjimage - 2019-06-07T031824.960

Blinds 30k-60k

Level 21

Anant Purohit has been running good in the tournament and he just busted Ankit D. Pre-flop, the short stack Ankit D. shoves all-in for his remaining 31k and Anant Purohit makes the call.

Ankit – 10c 2s

Purohit – Qs 3s

Board – Jd Qc Jd 5h 4d

Purohit found a queen on the flop to make two pairs to win the pot and eliminate Ankit in 16th place (INR 22,500)


Ashit Sharma Finishes 17th for INR 22,500

pjimage - 2019-06-07T031959.294

Blinds 20k-40k

Level 20

Ashit Sharma holding Ah Kc in UTG shoved all-in for 170k and a player from CO made a snap call with Ad Qc.

Board – 9h As 8c 3h Qh

While Ashit flopped an Ace Pair, the player in CO rivered two pairs with Ace and Queen to win the pot. Ashit Sharma got busted in 17th place and took home INR 22,500.


Ankit Takle Finishes 18th for INR 22,500.

pjimage - 2019-06-07T032501.551

Blinds 20k-40k

Level 20

Aditya Sardana is running hot! A short while ago, he open raised to 110k from UTG holding Ks Qc and

Ankit Takle from MP1 shoved all-in for his remaining 114k with Ad 2d. Action folded back to Sardana who called.

The board opened 4 10 Q 3 7 where Sardana flopped a queen pair to take down the pot and bust Takle.

Takle finished 18th, taking home INR 22,500 for his deep run in the tournament.


Gaurav Gupta Finishes 19th for INR 18K

pjimage - 2019-06-07T032715.994

Blinds 20k-40k

Level 20


Gaurav Gupta holding Jc 10s in Button moved all-in for 123k and a player having Qs Jh in SB called.

The board ran out 10d Ks 5d 9c 5h where the player in SB hit a straight to win the hand and eliminate Gupta who finished in 19th place for INR 18,000


Masood Shaikh finishes 20th for INR 18K.

pjimage - 2019-06-07T032846.017

Blinds 20k-40k

Level 20

In the battle of SB and BB, Masood from SB shoved all-in for 39k and Rajesh G. made the call from BB.

Masood Ad Qc

Rajesh – 10c 8d

Board – 8c 9h 4c 3d 6s

Unfortunately for Masood, the player missed the board and Rajesh flopped a pair of eights to win the hand eliminate his opponent from the tournament. Masood finished in 20th place for INR 18,000.


Abhishek Sharma and Twinkle Arora Exit in 22nd and 23rd places for INR 14K.

pjimage - 2019-06-07T033057.481

Blinds 20k-40k

Level 20

It was pre-flop where Aditya Sardana open raises to 75k. Abhishek Sharma from MP2 shoves all-in for 12k and Twinkle Das Arora shoves behind for 147k. The action goes back to Sardana who calls all-in players.

Sardana – Ac Qc

Sharma – Kc 5d

Arora – 7s Ad

Board – 10h Jd 7c 10d Qs

Sardana found a queen on the river to make two pairs to win the pot and bust both his opponents.

Sharma exited in 23rd place for INR 14K, while Arora went busto in 22nd place for the same amount.


Anand Soni Busted (24th for INR 14K)

pjimage - 2019-06-07T033238.332

Blinds 15k-30k

Level 19

In a pre-flop action, we saw Anand S shove all-in for his last 30k and Anant Purohit made the call.

Anand As Jc

Purohit -Jh 10h

Board – Qh 10s 6s 7c 4c

While Anand missed the board, Purohit flopped a 10 pair to win the hand and bust Anand in the process. Anand went out in 24th place for INR 14K.


Kumaresh DevenDran Bubbles 5K Burn N Turn!

pjimage - 2019-06-07T003841.932

Blinds 15k-30k

Level 19

And we have  money bubble here in the 5K Burn N Turn of the DPT Xpress Goa. Action folded to the big stack Aditya Sardana in HJ position who raised to 75k. Everyone folded until the action reached Kumaresh DevenDran (KD) in BB who shoved his remaining 71k holding 7c 9s against Ah 10d of Sardana.

Unfortunately for Kumaresh. His hand failed to beat A10 of Sardna and he exited as the money bubble.



Fullhouse Over Fullhouse – Aman Shetty Wins!

Blinds 8k-16k

Level 17

It was a pre-flop all-in where Someshekar holding 7c 7s in UTG open shoved for 90,900 and Aman Shetty from CO made a snap-call with his Kc KH.

Board 7s 5c 5s 2d Ks.

While both players hit a full house, Aman Shetty rivered a bigger full house to bust Someshekar from the tournament. A big pot for Shetty to double-up and join the list of big stacks!



Payouts for the 5K Burn N Turn of the DPT Xpress

late registration add on 3

Blinds 6k-12k

Level 16

Payouts have been announced for the opening event -5K BurnNTurn. A total of 24 places to be paid out. The eventual winner of the event takes home INR 3,65,000 with a min-cash being INR 14K.

Here is a quick look at the payouts (INR):

1st- 3,65,000

2nd – 2,50,000

3rd- 1,45,750

4th – 90,000


6th- 55,000

7th – 49,000

8th – 42,000

9th – 36,500

10th – 31,500

13th-15th – 26,000

16th-18th – 22,500

19th-21st -18,000

22nd-24th -14,000



Chip Counts At the 2nd Break- Aditya Sardana Leads With 305K

pjimage - 2019-06-06T233854.101

Blinds 6k-12k

Level 16

  1. Aditya Sardana – 305k
  2. Anant Purohit – 295k
  3. Gaurav Gupta – 285k
  4. Vijay Sunil – 270k
  5. Abhinav Garg – 213k
  6. Aman Shetty – 210k
  7. Twinkle Das Arora – 201k
  8. Priya Agarwal – 180k
  9. Ankit Takle -125k.


Ankit Takle Doubles with Pocket Tens

pjimage - 2019-06-06T232639.085


Blinds 5k-10k


Level 15


Twinkle Das Arora from UTG +1 raises to 35k and Ankit Takle from MP2 shoves all-in for 55.2k, which Das calls.

Arora – Jc Kh

Takle – 10s 10d

The board runs 6h 8c 7s 3c Qs where Takle’s pocket ten hold up to win him a double-up.



Pranay Chawla Busts Shivam Shukla

pjimage - 2019-06-06T232512.710

Blinds 1k-2k


Level 10

Pranay Chawla from CO raises to 4,400 and Shivam Shukla from SB shoves all-in for 9,700 with Ah 2s.

The action then folds back to Chawla who tank-calls all-in holding 6s Js.

The board runs 6c 9h 5d Kc Kd and Chawla takes down the pot with two pairs, busting Shukla.



Nihaar Uchil Busts Suhas N

pjimage - 2019-06-06T224421.524

Blinds 800-1600


Level 9

Pre-flop, Suhas N from UTG open raises to 3,500 and Nihaar Uchil from SB re-raises to 10,400.

The action folds back to Suhas who shoves all-in for 28,900 and Nihar makes the call.

Suhas – Jh Jc

Nihaar – As Ad

Players request Run It Twice and the board runs twice Kh 3d 4c 2c 9c and 5h Kc 3s 10c 5s.

Nihar Uchil wins the hand to bust Suhas and picks up another crucial pot to stack up.


Ashwin Prabhu Hits Full House To Double-Up

pjimage - 2019-06-06T222256.506

Blinds 800-1600


Level 9

Ashwin Prabhu from UTG open raises to 4k with Jd Ah and Pratik kaduskar from BB shoves all-in for 12k holding Ad Ac.

Board – 9d 9s As 7h Qh

While Prabhi gets two pairs, Pratik hits a full house to claim a much-needed double-up to survive.


Late registration closes with 303 Entries in Total!

pjimage - 2019-06-06T185210.671

Blinds 800-1600


Level 9

A strong start for DPT Xpress Goa! The opening event -5KBurnNTurn of the series registers 303 (including 112 add-ons) entries as compared to 130 entries coming from the March 2019 edition.

Sanket Deshmukh Eliminates One

pjimage - 2019-06-06T222611.042

Blinds 600-800


Level 8

Pre-flop, Thomas Thomas from CO shoves all-in FOR 7500 and Sanket Deshmukh from BB calls all-in.

Thomas – Ac 10h

Sanket- Qs Kh

Board – 7h 5d 2d Kc 9c

Sanket finds a King on the turn to win the hand and bust Thomas in the process.