Welcome To Live Coverage Of DPT Xpress Main Event Day 1

Day 1 Ends- Kshitij Jain Leads Final 26 Players

The Day 1 of the DPT Xpress Main Event has come to an end as the players have finished 15th and final level of the day. While there were several challengers vying for the chip lead during the last level of the day, it was Kshitij Jain who ended as the chip leader. He bagged 5,69,000 to finish in the pole position and will lead final 26 players going into Day 2. Given below is the full list of the chip counts:

chip counts for 26 players

This Main Event has been a record-breaking success, attracting a record field with 205 entries. Out of these, the top 26 places are to be paid out, which means all remaining players are in the money and they will be returning back tomorrow at 3pm to battle it out for the top prize of INR 7,40,000.


Pratik Kaduskar Bubbles DPT Xpress Main Event!

pratik k 2

Blinds 4k-8k

Ante 8k

Level 15

We have money bubble here!! The shortstack Pratik Kaduskar pitted his Qd Jh against Kh 3d of Priyank Mehta. The board opened 6d Kd 4h 3h and Qh. While Pratik found a queen pair on the river, it was no good against K-3 of Priyank who made two pairs to take down the pot and bust Pratik in the process. Unfortunately for Pratik, he exited as Money Bubble, which means all the remaining 26 players are in the money now and they will return tomorrow at 3pm to battle it out for the title.


Tanmai Relwani Busted By Saumil Krishnani

Tanmai Relwani 2

Blinds 4k-8k

Ante 8k

Level 15

It was a pre-flop all-in between Tanmai Relwani getting in his 51k stack and Suamil Krishnani

shoving all-in for 56k.

Relwani Ks Js

Krishnani – Kd Kc

The board ran out Ad 10h 5c 8c 2c where pocket kings of Krishnani were good enough and he took down the pot. Relwani got busted from the tournament towards the close of the Day 1.


This Time, It Is Manish Kumar Doubling-Up Through Mitang Soni

manish kumar 2

Blinds 2k-4k

Ante 4k

Level 13

Manish Kumar holding Ac Ks shoves all-in for 45.5k and gets called by Mitang Soni holding Ah Qh.

The board runs out 10s 9s 10h 4h 10c and Manish takes down the pot with higher kicker.

Manish gets a much-need double-up through Soni who fails to improve to a flush.


Masood Shaikh Doubles-Up Through Mitang Soni

masood shaikh 2

Blinds 2k-4k

Ante 4k

Level 13


On the flop 5s 10d Kd, a player from SB, Masood Shaikh from BB, Mitang Soni from UTG and a player from MP1 check their options, while a player in CO bets 20k.

Everyone folds except Masood Shaikh in BB and Mitang in UTG.

Turn Ad

Masood checks and Mitang Soni bets 25k. While the player in CO folds, Masood calls.

River 4c

This time, Masood goes all-in for 84k and Mitang Soni makes the call.

Masood tables Qd 7d for a higher flush against Jd 9d of Mitang Soni. A much-needed double-up for Masood Shaikh to stack-up and he is now among the bigger stacks in this tournament!!


Saumil Krishnani Doubles-Up To Survive!

Blinds 1500-3000

Ante 3000

Level 12

Gautham Raju from MP1 raises to 6,200 and Saumil Krishnani shoves all-in for his last 38k, which Raju calls.

Saumil Js Jd

Gautham 4s 4h

The board opens 6c Ks 10h Qs Qh where both players make two pairs but Saumil takes down the pot with higher two pairs of Jacks and Queens. A much-needed double-up for Saumil to survive!!


Raj Juneja Busts Aditya Choudhary

raj juneja 2

Blinds 1200-2400

Ante 2400

Level 11

On the flop reading 7h 8d 2s, Aditya Choudhary from BB checks, a player from UTG bets 5k, which Raj Juneja on button calls. Action back on Aditya Choudhary who shoves all-in for 21,400. UTG folds and Juneja calls.

Aditya – 7d 4s

Juneja – 2h 2c

Board – 7h 8d 2s Ks 4c

While Aditya gets two pair with sevens and fours, Juneja flops a set to win the pot, thus busting Aditya from the tournament.


Suryabir Singh Doubles-Up Through Abhishek Grover!

suryabir Singh 2

Blinds 1k-2k

Ante 2k

Level 10

Pre-flop, Abhishek Grover from HJ raises to 6k and Suryabir Singh in CO shoves all-in for his last 27,700.

After giving it some thought, Abhishek calls 27,700 holding 10s Qs against Jh Jc of Suryabir.

The flop runs out 6d 8s 5s, giving Abhishek some hope with a flush draw.

The turn opens 6c, giving Suryabir two pairs with Jacks and sixes.

The river comes 5d, bringing no help for Abhishek.

While Abhishek fails to improve to a flush, Suryabir wins the pot to double-up.


Payouts For DPT Xpress Main Event – The Winner Gets INR 7,40,000!

Blinds 1k-2k

Ante 2k

Level 10

1st – INR 7,40,000

2nd – INR 5,15,000

3rd – INR 3,10,000

4th – INR 1,85,000

5th – INR 1,45,000

6th – INR 1,20,000

7th – INR 1,04,750

8th – INR 85,000

9th – INR 75,000

10th -12th -INR 65,000

13th -15th – INR 55,000

16th -18th – INR 45,000

19th -22nd – INR 37,000

23rd -24th – INR 30,000

25th – 26th – INR 24,000


Late Registration Closes with a Record 205 Entries!

total field for me 1

Blinds – 800 -1600

Ante 1600

Level 9

With the level 9 already underway, the late registration for the Main Event has ended. The showstopper has attracted a total of 205 entries, thus crossing total entries coming across its last two editions in Sikkim.

Only 99 players remain in the field out of 205 entries. Watch out for our updates right here!


TOP CHIP COUNTS AFTER 2nd BREAK – Akshay Khubchandani Leads

Blinds – 800 -1600

Ante 1600

Level 9

  1. Akshay Khubchandani- 120k
  2. Tanmai Relwani- 104k
  3. Shivam Shukla- 104k
  4. Mitang Soni- 100k
  5. Sidhart K.- 100k
  6. Amit Tejura- 80k
  7. Anant Purohit- 80k
  8. Sreeram Immadi- 70k
  9. Arjunn Agarwal- 60k
  10. Suryabir Singh- 57k


Goonjan Mall Busts Thomas

Goonjan Mall 2

Blinds 500-1000

Ante 1000

Level 8

Pre-flop, it came to Goonjan Mall in SB who shoved all-in for 17,700. While everyone else in the hand folded, Thomas Thomas decided to call it for his last 11,300.

Mall – Ac 9h

Thomas – 7s Ks

The board opened 6s 2d 4s Qc 10c where A9 of Mall came out as the best against 7K of Thomas. Unfortunately for Thomas, he failed to hit a flush and exited from the tournament in the level 8.


Full House for Abhishek Sharma, He Busts Mahipal Vala!

abhishek SHARMA 2

Blinds 400-800

Ante 800

Level 7

Pre-flop, a player from UTG open raises to 1,600 and Mahipal Vala in CO shoves all-in for 3,900, which Abhishek Sharma in button call. Action back on the player in UTG and he also calls all-in.

Flop Qh 5d 2s

UTG checks and Abhishek shoves all-in for his remaining 14,800. UTG does not want to go further and folds.

The river and turn open Js and Jh.

Abhishek Sharma shows 2d 2c for a winning full house against 7c 8c of Mahipal Vala.

Unfortunately for Vala, he gets busted and Sharma collects a decent pot.


Deepak Aggarwal Doubles Up Through Mahipal Vala 

deepak aggarwal 2

Blinds 300-600

Ante 600

Level 6

Mahipal Vala from UTG open raises to 1,300 and Deepak Aggarwal in CO shoves all-in for 10,600, which Vala calls.

Vala 10d Qd

Aggarwal – As Ks

The board opens 8s 9h Qs 2s 8c where Aggarwal gets a winning flush to double up through Vala.


Chip Counts After First Break- Tanmai Relwani Leads The Way

Tanmai Relwani 2

Blinds 200-400

Ante 400

Level 5

The level 5 begins after the first break of the day and here are the notable chip counts:

  1. Tanmai Relwani – 67.1k
  2. Masood Shaikh  – 63.5k
  3. Akshay K Dani – 58k
  4. Mandor M – 57.5K
  5. Shivam Shukla – 47k
  6. Ashish Choudhary -42k
  7. Anant Purohit – 34.8k
  8. Arjun Mehta – 31.6k


Sreeram Immadi Doubles Up With Flush

sreeram immadi 2

Blinds 150-300


Level 4


On the flop reading 2c Ac Jc, the two players in SB and UTG check-fold to a bet of 4k by Somashekar in MP2, while Sreeram Immadi from CO shoves all-in for his last 4k.

Somashekar As 5d

Sreeram Kc 9s

The turn brings 4s and the river comes 4c, giving Sreeram a flush and he doubles-up.


Akshay Khubchandani Busts Mitul Mehta

akshay khubchan 3


Blinds 150-300


Level 4


Pre-flop, the action begins with an open from UTG and two players (MP1 and HJ) call. Then, the action reaches Akshay Khubchandani in SB who raises to 650.

Action back on UTG who calls 650, MP1 also calls but Mitul Mehta from HJ re-raises to 3k, which only Khubchandani calls.

Flop 4h 8s 5d

Khubchandani leads out for 4500 and Mehta calls.

Turn 8h

This time, Kubhchan Dani slows down by checking his option and Mehta goes all-in for 9k, which Kubhchan calls.

River 7s

Kubhchandani tables Kc Kd against Qs 5s of Mehta to take down the pot and bust his opponent.

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A Winning Straight for Last Night’s Burn N Turn Champ Aditya Sardana!

pjimage - 2019-06-07T054740.920

Blinds 100-200


Level 3


Last night’s Burn N Turn champion Aditya Sardana is off to a good start here in the main event. Just now he won a decent pot from Somashekar. On the flop reading 5d 10h 4c, Aditya Sardana from MP1 bet 600, which Somashekar from MP2 called, while a player from BB check-folded his hand.

Turn 6d

Sardana check-called a bet of 2.1k from Somashekar.

River 7c

Sardana check-called again, this time a bet of over 5k.

Sardana shows 5c 3c for a winning straight and Somashekar mucks his hand.


Pratibh Saluja Busts Sagar Naik


Blinds 50-100


Level 2

A player in UTG open limps and Pratibh Saluja from MP 2 raises to 400,which Sagar Naik from CO calls. The action back on UTG who raises to 3k, Pratibh shoves all-in for 18,700 and Sagar calls all-in for 17,600.UTG gets out of the way by folding his hand. Then, the two show their cards:

Pratibh Ad Kc

Sagar  Kc Kh

Board – AS Qh Ah 10c 8c

With two aces falling on the board, Pratibh crushes cowboys of Sagar Naik who gets busted after that hand. Since late registration continues, Sagar still has the chance to re-enter the event.


Abhishek Gupta Takes It Down Early

abhishek gupta2

Blinds 25-50


Level 1

Pre-flop, action came to Abhishek Gupta in SB who raised to 1275, Ankit Takle and three other players made the call.

Flop 2h 6d 6c

Gupta continued for 3700, Takle called and the rest folded their hands.

Turn 4s

Gupta upped the sizing, this time betting 7k and Takle called once again.

River Jd

The river went check-check.

Abhishek Gupta tabled 10d 10h to take down the pot, while his opponent mucked.

Familiar Faces in the Field!

The DPT Xpress Main Event Day 1 is already underway and there around 60 players in the field now. A few familiar faces who can be seen in action include the following players:

pjimage - 2019-06-07T180335.215

  1. Karan Sawhney
  2. Vinit Kore
  3. Mitang Soni
  4. Aditya Sardana(last night’s burn n turn winner)
  5. Akash Kakar
  6. Ankit Takle
  7. Vineet Kumar
  8. Masood Shaikh
  9. Kali Zhou
  10. Nikhil Arora


Shuffle-Up & Deal

The cards are in the air for the 15K Main Event here at the beautiful Deltin JAQK in Goa.

The level one of the main event gets underway and players start with the 20K stack.

There are around 20 players in the field but this number is bound to go up as the late registration is open till the end of level 8. Stay tuned in for updates, pics, chip counts, payouts and a lot more!


Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT Xpress Main Event!

welcome pic for day 1

Good evening and welcome back to Deltin JAQK, which is all geared up for the 15K Main Event, the highlight event of the DPT Xpress, which is being hosted for the first time at the beautiful casino.

The buy-in for the second event of the series is INR 15K and players will start with a stack of 20K (400BB). This is a 2-retnry event with the late registration open till the end of level 8. The tournament will feature 25 minute levels for Day 1, while level time for the FT scheduled for tomorrow will be 30 minutes. There will be short breaks after level 4, 8 and 14 for the biggest event of the series.

The cards will be in the air at 5pm local time. And after a record-breaking participation with 303 entries in the 5K BurnNTurn, we are expecting an impressive field for the main event today.

Two DPT Xpress editions have been hosted so far. The main event of the first edition was won by Bhola Sharma, while Ankit Jajodia emerged as the champion of the second Main Event. The race for the title begins again today and to watch out as to who takes it down this time, stay tuned in.