After A Gruelling WSOP Grind, Akshay Nasa Carves Out A Win With Big Slick

After a long and tiring WSOP grind, Akshay Nasa is back to the online felts and he has started on the right note. Yesterday, the Delhi-based player participated in Adda52’s Big Slick and Mega Suits and did amazingly well shipping Big Slick for INR 2,71,608 and finishing 6th in Mega Suits for INR 92,050.

Nasa is mainly known for his online exploits and has plenty of cashes and big wins to his name. While he has won tournaments on all major Indian sites, Adda52 has been his biggest hunting ground. He has won plenty of tournaments on Adda52, including Whale (won 2 times), Adda52 Millions (won 4 times), Beast (won 4 times), Juice, Judwaa, Maverick, Mega Suits, Sunday Masters, etc.

Although Nasa did not run pretty well at the 2019 WSOP except the Main Event where he finished 307th for $38,240, he has started on a good note on the online felts by winning Big Slick last night where he defeated a 763-entry field, which included a mix of the pros, regs and recreationals.

Nasa reached heads-up with ‘RatedR95’ who tried his level best but could not go all the way, eventually finishing runner-up for INR 1,99,088. The total field of the tournament generated INR 15 Lac + in the prizepool and the top 80 finishers were paid out with a min-cash being INR 6,400.

The 15 Lac GTD Big Slick saw many notable regs in contention and some of them to finish deep were Kunal Vohra (6th for INR 5,7472), Pranay Chawla (9th for INR 22634), Ashish Ahuja (15th for INR 12161) and Chandan Arora who exited in 19th place, earning INR 9,038 for his efforts.

Post his win, we caught-up with Nasa and he said, “It feels good to start on the right note for what will be another year long grind till next world series. Hopefully, we won’t have to do this after the next series.”

Talking about the field and the structure of the tournament, he said, “The field was normal with a mix of regs and recs. Structure was decent, but I would like to say that this in no way makes up for Adda52 Millions, which needs to be brought back right into the schedule.”

When asked about his WSOP experience, he said, “I ran pretty bad throughout the series except the main event where I managed to cash and give myself a little bit of sweat. Looking to go stronger and better next year and make it count.”

 Top 10 Payouts(INR):

1 vibaks 271608
2 RatedR95 199088
3 Lemonade 145931
4 MumbaiKing 106967
5 harprit_tuteja 78407
6 kvohra 57472
7 rishabh002 42127
8 rehan_k 30879
9 setmeup 22634
10 bloodworm4 16591

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