Ujjwal Narwal Wins Godfather 9.0 SNG; Bags 9 Lac Europe Package

After winning the National Poker Championship in April and his 2nd Godfather in June this year, Ujjwal Narwal is back in news, this time for winning the 9 Lac Europe Package in Godfather SNG. Playing under ‘fourteenk’, he pitted himself against some of the top players in last night’s Godfather SNG. His SNG opponents in ‘vexagon’ (won 2 Godfather events), ‘sailor85’, Sahil Mahboobani, ‘kshmas29’, Sahil Agarwal, Rubin Labroo and ‘Devilsangel’ were all aiming for the kill-shot.

After several hours of battles, it was Narwal who eventually managed to outlast all his opponents and bagged the coveted INR 9 Lac Package to Europe. Now that the talented player has won the Godfather SNG, he is looking forward to showcasing his poker talent in Europe, and given his current form, it can be easily said that the player will do pretty well and emerge with flying colours.

Inspired by the success of college senior Akshay Nasa, Narwal started playing poker about 2 years ago and his journey has been rewarding so far. The Delhi-based player has won tournaments on all major Indian sites. Narwal has plenty of cashes and a few big wins to his name on Adda52. While he has won several popular tourneys like Whale, Hitman, Blaze, Beast (won 3 times) and Godfather (won 2 times), his biggest score came when he won the National Poker Championship (NPC) for INR 16 Lac. Last night, he added one more win to his resume by shipping the Godfather SNG.

Post his win, we caught-up with Narwal and he was very excited about his Godfather SNG win.

“I’m very happy to take it down. I had completely forgotten about the SNG and for the first hour of SNG I was sitting out! I was relaxing before Sunday grind. But when I checked my phone, I saw a msg from Sahil Mahboobani, saying I’m sitting out. So, I logged in and started playing immediately. Big thanks to him!”

Talking about the competition in the Godfather SNG, he said, “The SNG was softer than usual. There were only two guys to watch out for – Rubin and Sahil. And Rubin had busted before I started play.”

Talking about his heads-up battle with ‘vexagon’, he said, “As far as I remember, both of us started as almost equal stacks in heads-up play. It was a good HU as my opponent played well too and gave a tough competition. I made a big fold in HU. I had 2 pair and my villain moved in on river with a slightly over-pot shove. That was the hand which crippled me in HU but I was able to run it up from there.”

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