Jason Mercier Takes Down 2019 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $50,000 High Roller

Jason Mercier has emerged victorious in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $50,000 Super High Roller to win $715,860 in top prizemoney. The player defeated a field of 41 entries, including Franklin Fok in heads-up who earned $457,355 for his runner-up finish. This win was seventh largest score of Mercier’s live tournament career and it brought his earnings to $19.4 million.

Mercier took a massive chip lead into the final day of the event with seven players left. He had 2.635 million in chips to start the day and the next closest stack was Giuseppe Iadisernia with 550,000 chips. Mercier had eliminated Dan Shak on the bubble to win a huge pot and secure the chip lead.

Mercier scored his first elimination of the day when he called Albert Daher’s all-in with A-10. Daher held K-Q, and was unable to improve on a nine-high board. Daher earned $79,540 for his seventh place finish. On the very next hand, Sam Sweilem got all-in with 5h 4d on a 9d 4s 2d flop. Iadisernia called with Ad 5d for a flush draw. The turn and river cards came down 8d and Qc. Iadisernia got a flush on the turn and took down the pot busting Sweilem in sixth place ($109,370).

Later, Manig Loeser got his last chips in with Kd 9d against As 8d of Mercier. The board came down 8c 5d 2d 4s Qs and Mercier’s pair of eights was enough to bust Loeser in fifth place ($139,195). Franklin Fok continued his rise. He first doubled up through Iadisernia and finally eliminated him in fourth place with A-Q to Iadisernia’s A-9. Iadisernia earned $198,850 for his fourth place finish.

The next to fall was Thomas Boivin who shoved all-in holding 10d 8s and was called by Fok holding Kc Qc. Neither player improved and Boivin was eventually eliminated in third place ($288,330).

In heads-up, Mercier had nearly a 7-1 chip lead against Fok. The heads-up lasted only 9 hands. On the final hand, Fok holding As Js in button limped in for 25,000 and Mercier opted to shove his 5d 5c. Fok called for his last 515,000 chips and the board ran out 10d 6h 2h 3s 8h where Mercier’s pocket fives were enough to earn him the pot and the title. Fok earned for $457,355 for his runner-up finish.

A Look At Payouts:

1st: Jason Mercier – $715,860

2nd: Franklin Fok – $457,355

3rd: Tom Boivin – $288,330

4th: Giuseppe Iadisernia – $198,850

5th: Manig Loeser – $139,195

6th: Sam Sweilem – $109,370

7th: Albert Daher – $79,540