‘Nalasoopara’ Wins Godfather X To Claim His Best Score Of INR 5 Lac On Adda52

Yesterday saw Adda52 hosting its Godfather X, which is currently in its 10th series. The 20 Lac GTD tournament that also offers a chance to win 9 Lac Europe Package began at 8 PM and ran close to 8 hours, drawing 343 entries. Topping the field was relatively a less known ‘Nalasoopara’ who defeated ‘ChupaRustam2901’ in heads-up to win his first Godfather for an impressive INR 5 Lac.

This time around, Godfather X paid out to the top 34 finishers with a min-cash of INR 14k. Some notables who finished deep were ‘cheetah929’ (4th for INR 1,67,000), ‘Vickyarikeri’ (5th for INR 1,15,000), ‘Zonas’ (6th for INR 75K), last week’s Godfather X winner – ‘FireExit’ (7th for INR 60K), ‘HaanMeinFlipHoon’ (9th for INR 40K), ‘vibaks’ (10th for INR 30K), ‘rohanrishi’ (12th for INR 26K), ‘darkfish15’ (13th for INR 26K) and ‘NormanBates’ who finished 15th for INR 22K prizemoney.

Coming back to the eventual winner ‘Nalasoopara’, he has been playing on Adda52 for several years and the journey has been good so far. The player has already cashed out in several tourneys, including Godfather, Judwaa, Beast, Roar and several other online events. Last night’s Godfather X win was his biggest online score on Adda52. Prior to this, he had finished runner-up in Judwaa and Roar. While ‘Nalasoopara’ was not available for the comment, he must be very happy to win a seat to the 9 Lac Europe SNG on adda52.com and add INR 5 Lac prizemoney to his growing bankroll.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 Nalasoopara 500000
2 ChupaRustam2901 303000
3 rg90 220000
4 cheetah929 167000
5 Vickyarikeri 115000
6 Zonas 75000
7 FireExit 60000
8 pickpockets 50000
9 HaanMeinFlipHoon 40000
10 vibaks 30000

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