Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT 35K Main Event- Flight 1A

DPT 35K Main Event: MANOJ P M Leads 38 Day 1A Survivors 

Level 13

Blinds 1k-2k

Ante 2k

After 13 levels of play, the Day 1A of the DPT 35K Main Event is in the books. A total of 130 entries were registered for this flight. Of those, only 38 players have survived and leading them is MANOJ P M with a stack of 284,300. Following him in chips are SUNIL K SHAH ( 213,100) and ABHINAV JAIN (202,800). Given below are the chip counts of the survivors:

  1. MANOJ P M – 284,300
  2. SUNIL K SHAH – 213,100
  3. ABHINAV JAIN – 202,800
  4. MAULIK DESAI – 185,900
  5. RAMAN GUJRAL – 181,100
  6. ANUP PALOD – 171,100
  7. RHYTHM MORE -152,900
  8. DEEPAK RAINA – 150,300
  9. LALIT NANGIA – 149,100
  10. SIDDHARTH SINGHVI – 140,600
  11. VENKATA ANNE – 135,500
  12. AMIT KUMAR M – 116,700
  13. SAHIL MAHBOOBANI – 106,900
  14. AASTIK BHATIA-  101,400
  15. MANOJ PENTAKOTA – 100,900
  16. AAYUSH GARG – 97,800
  17. SANGEETH MOHAN – 96,700
  19. VARUN GULATI – 91,200
  20. GAURAV GUPTA – 89,900
  21. SANTHOSH SUVARNA – 88,200
  22. ARCHIT KHANDELWAL – 80,500
  23. APOORVA GOEL – 77,400
  24. ABHIJEET R SHETTY – 73,200
  25. SUDHIR NAGARAJAN – 72,300
  26. PADMENDU SACHAN – 71,700
  27. SHRAVAN CHHABRIA – 68,400
  28. LOKESH BUDHIRAJA – 66,400
  29. KRISHNA KUMAR M – 62,700
  30. PIYUSH CHITNIS -54,300
  31. ANKUR SEHGAL -54,200
  33. TANAY HARGUNANEY -37,700
  34. RANDEEP LATHER- 36,100
  35. SOMASHEKAR K M – 33,800
  36. AKSHAY GHORI -32,000
  37. TARUN GUWALANI – 21,600
  38. PRATIK AGARWAL – 3,600


Asif Anis Busted
Level 12
Blinds 800-1600
Ante 1600
Pre-flop, Abhinav Jain from CO raises to 3200 and Asif Anis from Button shoves all-in for 34,800 holding 10h 9s. Everyone else folds and Jain calls all-in with Ad Kc.

The board runs 6d Kd 6c 5s 4h where Jain takes down the busting Anis.


Siddarth Singhvi Doubles Up!

Level 12
Blinds 800-1600
Ante 1600
Pre-flop, Avinash Tauro from CO raises to 2.5k and Siddarth Singhvi from BB shoves all-in for 18.5k holding 6S 7s. Avinash calls with Ks Js.
The board runs 10d 9c Jd 8h 5c where Singhvi makes a straight to win the pot and double up.

DPT February 2019 ME Champ Ankit Kapoor Busted!

ankit kapoor

Level 12
Blinds 800-1600
Ante 1600
Pre-flop Varun Gulati from UTG +1 open raises and Ankit Kapoor from MP 1 calls.
Flop 8s 5d 9d
Gulati bets 5.5k and Kapoor shoves all-in putting him at risk. Gulati tanks for a while before calling all-in.
Gulati tables 6d 6c, while Kapoor shows As 5s.

The turn and river open 9c and Qh. Both players get two pairs but Gulati takes it down with higher two pairs of sixes and nines, thus busting Kapoor from the tournament.

Chip Counts from Level 11- Sunil Shah Among Biggest Stacks

Sahil Shah
Level 11
Blinds 600-1200
Ante 1200

Sunil Shah 200k
Abhinav Jain 180k
Amit Kumar 156k
Deepak Raina 155k
Lalit N. 134k
Sahil Mahboobani 122k
Varun Gulati 125k
Malik Desai 111k.

Late Registration Ends With 130 Entries

Level 11

Blinds 600-1200

Ante 1200
Registration has closed for the Flight 1A of the Main Event. There has been an impressive turnout of 130 entries. With 3 starting flights still remaining, the tournament is well on its way to cross its 1 Crore guarantee. Out of 130 entries, there are only 50 remaining and Sahil Shah is one of the chip leads.


Yogesh Choudhary Doubles-Up!
Level 9
Blinds 400-800
Ante 800
Pre-flop, Lakshpal Singh from MP 2 raises to 2.6k and the short stack Yogesh Choudhary CO shoves all-in for 8.2k, which Lakshpal calls.
Lakshpal – Ks QS
Yogesh – Ah 2h
The board runs 5c 4d 10h 5d 3s where Yogesh rivers a straight to take down the pot and double up.

Chip Counts After First Break – Deepak Among Big Stacks!


Level 8

Blinds 300-600

Ante 600

A Look at Chip Counts:
Sunil Shah – 87k
Sudhir Nagarajan – 88.4k
Saumil Krishnani – 108k
Deepak Raina -122k
Lokesh Buddhiraja -84.5k
Abhinav Jain -112k
Lalit Nangia – 86k



Anand Babu Takes It Down From Akshay J.

anand babu
Level 7
Blinds 300-500
Ante 500
On a flop of 8s 4c 6c, Anand Babu from BB check calls a bet of 3k from Akshay J in MP1.
Turn Qh
Both players check the turn
River 10d
Anand bets 3.2k and Akshay calls.

Akshay shows 7s 8c and Anand tables Jc Jd which are good enough to win him the pot.


Full House for Defending Champion Ankit Kapoor!

ankit kapoor me
Level 7
Blinds 300-500
Ante 500

On the flop reading 7c Jd Qd, defending champion Ankit Kapoor from BB bets 1.5k and Rajnikanth Thakkar from UTG +1 calls.
Turn Qs
Kapoor bets 2.5k this time and Thakkar calls again
River 7d
Kapoor bets 2.5k again and Thakkar calls for the last time.

Kapoor tables 7h 9c against Jc Kd of Thakkar to take down the pot with a rivered full house.


Sudhir Nagarajan Wins A Big Pot
Level 6
Blinds 200-400
Ante 400
On the flop reading 4c Kd 6d, Sudhir Nagarajan from SB and Archit Sarrogi from UTG decide to check.
Turn 8d
Sudhir bets 2.2k and Archit raises to 6.4k, which Sudhir calls.
River 9h
Sudhir bets 3.7k and Archit fires a big bet of 30k, which Sudhir calls.
Archit shows Kc Jh for a pair and Sudhir tables Ks 9c for two pairs and takes down the pot

A few notables who can be seen in action in the Main Event include:

  1. Abhijit Shetty
  2. Avinash Tauro
  3. Rahul Marwaha
  4. Vidur Singhal
  5. Vaibav Shah
  6. Ankit Kapoor
  7. Vineet Kumar
  8. Mihir Thakkar
  9. Shyam Jogi
  10. Gaurav Gupta

‘Shuffle-Up & Deal’- The Main Event Begins 

With the announcement of the ‘ Shuffle-Up and Deal’, the level number 1 of the event starts at 100-100 blinds and 0 ante. The players start with 30K stack and the late registration is open till level 11.


Welcome To DPT 35K Main Event- Flight 1A

main event welcome pic 2

Now it is time for the showstopper of the series – DPT 35K Main Event here at Deltin Royale, Goa. Running in parallel with Adda52 65K High Roller, the 35K buy-in main event guarantees INR 1 Crore* GTD and we are expecting a huge turnout today after impressive participation across the DPT Deep Dive, Bounty and High Roller Event, which will play down to a winner today.

Coming back to the Main Event, this time around it features 4 starting flights – Day 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D. The two starting flights will be played today with Day 1A starting at 2pm in a while from now and 1B scheduled to start tonight at 9pm. The rest of the two flights will be taking place tomorrow. Day 2 takes place on 4th August 2019, while the final day will take place on Monday, 5th August 2019.

As for Day 1A, players start with stack of 30K stack (300BB). Each level will be of 35 Minutes and the late registration is open till level 11. The tournament starts at 100-100 blinds and ante 0.

In February this year, Ankit Kapoor won the Main Event title to take home INR 22,50,000. Now the race for the title begins once again. Stay tuned in to watch out as to who steals the show this time!