Welcome To Day 2 Of Adda52 65K High Roller Event

Nikunj Jhunjhunwala Wins Adda52 65k High Roller for INR 27,50,000

high roller winner

Level 28
Blinds 50k-100k
Ante 100k

And it is over! Nikunj Jhunjhunwala has emerged the winner of Adda52 65K High Roller Event after outlasting a strong field of 146 entries. On his way to the victory, the Mumbai pro eliminated several players, including Goonjan Mall (5th)and Ronak Vyas (3rd) from the final table. After busting Vyas,he eventually reached heads-up with the well-known pro Ashish Ahuja who fought hard and tried to use his experience but could not go all the way, eventually finishing runner-up. He earned a good INR 16,90,000 for his runner-up finish, while Jhunjhunwala took a whopping INR 27,50,000 for his win.

On the last hand of the event, Jhunjhunwala shoved all-in for 4.8m holding Ac 9h and Ashish Ahuja called all-in for 1.2m holding Kh 5s. The board came down 7h 5c Js 3s Ah. The 5 on the flop gave Ahuja some hope but it all ended when the river Ah landed and he was eliminated in second place.

ashish ahuja


Ronak Vyas Finishes 3rd for INR 10,10,000

ronak vyas

Level 28
Blinds 50k-100k
Ante 100k
Pre-flop, Nikunj Jhunjunwal shoves all-in for 1.2m holding Qh 7s and Ronak Vyas called for 520k holding 8c 3c.
The baord ran 2s 10s Jd 6d As where Nikunj’s Qh 7s was good enough to win him the pot and bust Vyas in 3rd place.


Shawn Chatterton Finishes 4th for INR 6,60,000

shawn HR

Level 28
Blinds 50k-100k
Ante 100k
In the pre-flop battle of blinds, Ashish Ahuja from SB shoved all-in for 1.2m holding Qd Js and Shawn Chatterton from BB called for 1.1m holding Kd 10d.

The board came down  5h Jc Ah 3h 4c. While Shawn missed the board, Ahuja  flopped a jack pair, which was enough for him to take down the pot and bust his opponent in 4th place.


Goonjan Mall Finishes 5th for INR 5,10,000

Goonjan Mall HR
Level 27
Blinds 40k-80
Ante 80k
Pre-flop, Goonjan Mall from button moves all-in for 1.2m holding Ax Qx and Nikunj Jhunjhunwala from SB shoves behind for 1.3m holding 10d 10c.

The board 9d 7h 2s 6c 10s gives Nikunj a set of tens to bust Mall in 5th place.


Ashish Kaushik Finishes 6th for INR 4,20,000

ashish kaushik 2
Level 27
Blinds 40k-80
Ante 80k
Pre-flop, Ashish Kaushik from Button shoves for 250k holding 10h Jh and Goonjan Mall from BB calls with 6c 6d.
The board runs Kd 9c 7h 6s 2x where Mall makes a set on the turn to bust his opponent in 6th place.


Prashob P.J Finishes 7th for INR 3,55,000

Prashob hr

Level 23
Blinds 15k-30k
Ante 30k

Pre-flop, Shawn Chatterton open raises from UTG TO 75K and Prashob P.J shoves all-in for 200k holding Jc Jh.
Shawn makes the call holding 10c Ah. The board runs 2s Qd 4h Ad 6c ending Prashob’s run in 7th place.


Final 7 From High Roller – Shawn Chatterton Leads! 

Final 7 for high roller

Level 23
Blinds 15k-30k
Ante 30k

1.Ashish Kaushik 8.45m

2. Ashish Ahuja 12.6m
3.Shawn Chatterton 15.7m
4. Ronak Vyas 2.85m
5. Prashob  2.10m
6. Nikunj Jhunjunwala 2.55m
7. Goonjan Mall 14.10m


Rishabh Vekaria Finishes 8th for INR 3,10,000

Rishab Vekaria


Level 24
Blinds 15k-30k
Ante 30k
Goonjan Mall busts another player, this time it is Rishabh Vekaria.

In this hand, Mall holding Qs 10h on the button raised 60k and the short stack Vekaria from SB shoved all-in holding Kh 5c. Mall tanked for a while and made the call.

The board ran out 2h 6c Qd 10d 8h where Mall made two pairs to take down the pot and bust his opponent.


Anil Adiani Busted in 9th place (INR 2,70,000)

anil adiani
Level 24
Blinds 15k-30k
Ante 30k
Shawn Chatterton has been running hot in this tournament. A short while ago, he busted Abhishek Kumar, now he busts Anil Adiani in 9th place.

In this hand, Chatterton from UTG open shoved FOR 900K and Anil Adiani called for his last 200k stack from BB holding As Qc against Ac 5c of Chatterton.

Unfortunately for Aiani, the board bricked for him and Chatterton found a 5 on the flop to take down the pot and bust his opponent in the 9th place.


 Abhishek Kumar Finishes 10th for INR 2,42,000

Level 23

Blinds 15k-25k
Ante 25k

It was a pre-flop action where Shawn Chatterton from CO raised to 44k and Abhishek Kumar from SB moved all-in for 300k holding Kd Js. Chatterton made a snap call with Ah As.

The board ran 4d 8s Ac 2s 5h bringing bad news for Kumar. He completely missed the board and Chatterton flopped a set to take down the pot and bust his opponent in 10th place.


Digvijay Lamba Finishes 11th for INR 2,42,000

digvijay lamba HR
Level 22
Blinds 10k-20k
Ante 20k
Pre flop, Goonjan Mall from CO raised to 50k. While a player in Button called, Digvijay Singh Lamba shoved all-in for 206k holding Ac 10h. While Mall called with 10c 10d, the player in button got out of the way.

The board ran out 2h Js 6s 3c 10c where Mall hit a set on the river to take down the pot and bust Lamba in 11th place.


Amit Tejura Finishes 12th for INR 2,42,000

amit tejura

Level 22
Blinds 10k-20k
Ante 20k
It was a prre-flop action where Amit Tejura from button shoved all-in for 136k holding Ah 5h. After a slight pause, Ashish Ahuja from BB called all-in with Ks 2h.

Tejura was favourite to double up, but the board delivered Kd 4c 6c 9s 4d where Ahuja took down the pot with two pairs of Kings and fours, busting his opponent in 12th place.


Guruprasad S Exits in 13th Place for INR 2,15,450

guruprasad S HR
Level 22
Blinds 10k-20k
Ante 20k
Pre-flop, Guruprasad S from UTG shoves all-in for 200k holding Qc Jc and gets called by Abhishek Kumar from button who held 6H 6D.

The board runs out 6s 7g Qh 5h 5s where Kumar makes a runner-runner full house to bust his opponent.


Bobby Wazalingpa Finishes 14th for INR 2,15,450

bobby wazalingpa hr
Level 22
Blinds 10k-20k
Ante 20k
It was a pre-flop action where Bobby Wazalingpa holding 2d 2s in Button shoved for 180k and the only player to call was Ronak Viyas in BB who held Ks Ac.

The board ran out Ah 10d 6h Kc 10d where pocked deuces of Bobby did not hold up and he was busted in 14th place for INR 2,15,450


Minissha Lamba Bubbles Adda52 65k High Roller!

Minissha Lamba HR
Level 22
Blinds 10k-20k
Ante 20k

It was a pre-flop action. Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba was on the button and she shoved for 110k holding 9c Kc. The only player to call was Anil Adiani from BB who held Ad 10d.

The board ran out 5d Kh 7s Ah 3c. While Lamba flopped a king pair, it was no good against Ace pair of Adiani. Unfortunately for Lamba, she exited as the ‘Money Bubble’!


Ronak Vyas Busts Shashank Mengade

ronak vyas
Level 18
Blinds 4k-8k
Ante 8k

Pre-flop, Shashank Mangade shoves from CO shoves all-in for 100k holding 5d 5h and only Ronak Vyas seated in BB calls with Qc Jc.
The board runs 6c 2c Qd Ah 4s where pocket fives of Shashank don’t hold and he gets busted from the tournament. Vyas takes down the pot with a Queen Pair to stack up in the tournament.


Shashwat Agarwal Busted 

shashat Agarwal
Level 17
Blinds 3k-6k
Ante 6k

Pre-flop, Shashwat Agarwal from SB shoves all-in for 70k and gets called by Mayank Agarwal.
Shashwat 3d 3c
Mayank Ad 10s
The board runs 10x 4x 7x 2x Kx where pocket threes of Shashwat don’t hold up and he gets busted.



Piyush Goenka Busted

piyush Goenka
Level 17
Blinds 3k-6k
Ante 6k
Short stack Piyush Goenka from UTG open shoves holding Ad 10d and Rishab Vekaria from SB calls with Jd Kd.
The board runs Ks 2d Js 2s 6h where Vekaria flops two pairs to bust Piyush from the tournament.



Adda52 Team Pro Nikita Luther Busted
Level 16
Blinds 2k-4k
Ante 4k
On the flop reading 3d 10d 6s, Ashish Kuashik from BB checks and Nikita Luther from button checks behind.
Turn 4s
Ashish checks and Luther bets 16k. Ashish responds with a bet of 48k, which Luther calls.
River 5s
Ashish bets 75k and Luther shoves all-in for her remaining 330k,which Ashish calls.
Ashish tables 5d 7c and Luther shows 2h 5c.

Both players get straight but Ashish takes it down with a bigger straight.

Luther gets busted from the tournament.

Santhosh Suvarna Busted by Bobby Wazelingpa
Level 16
Blinds 2k-4k
Ante 4k

Pre-flop, Santosh Survarna from BB moves all-in for 55k and Bobby Wazelingpa calls all-in.
Santosh Kc 6
Bobby As Jh
The board runs  4h 4s 8h Ac 6h, giving Bobby two higher pairs to win the pot.

Santosh gets busted from the event.


Rishabh Vekaria Doubles Up!

Rishab Vekaria
Level 15
Blinds 1500-300
Ante 3000
Vinay B. from button raises pre-flop to 16000 and the short stack Rishab Vekaria from SB shoves all-in for 52k, which Vinay calls.

Rishab – 9c 9h

Vinay 5c 5s

Board 7d 8s kd 2c Qc
The board misses both players and Vekaria takes down the pot with pocket nines to double-up.


Payouts for Adda52 65K High Roller – Winner Gets INR 27,50,000!

Level 14

Blinds 1500-2500

Ante 2500


The level 14 is currently underway and there are 52 players remaining in the field. Meanwhile, the payouts have been announced. A total of 14 places are paid with a min-cash of INR 2,15,450.

The eventual champion gets a whopping INR 27,50,000 out of the 92 Lac total prizepool.

Payouts (INR):

1st – 27,50,000

2nd – 16,90,000

3rd – 10,10,000

4th – 6,60,000

5th – 5,10,000

6th – 4,20,000

7th – 3,55,000

8th – 3,10,000

9th – 2,70,000

10th -12th – 2,42,000

13th -14th – 2,15,450



Late Registration Closes With 146 Entries

welcome post for hr


Level 14

Blinds 1500-2500

Ante 2500

With the end of Level 13, the late registration for the Adda5265K High Roller Event has closed. The tournament has attracted a total 146 entries, which happens to be the biggest field for the event this year. In February this year, the event had registered a strong 86-entry field, which was eventually bested by the Punjab Bluffers Captain Abhishek Goindi to win his first DPT High Roller title.

Notable Chip Counts- Nikunj Jhunjhunwala Among Biggest Stacks!

nikunj j

Level 14

Blinds 1500-2500

Ante 2500
Nikunj Jhunjhunwala -325K
Prashob – 280k
Nikita Luther – 270k
Piyush Goenka – 260k
Kunal Patni – 250k
Syed Saif – 240K
Mayank Agarwal – 220k
Shawn Chatterton -175k
Abhishek Kumar 170k

Dhaval Mudgal Busted by Kunal Patni

dhaval hr

Level 13
Blinds 1k-2k
Ante 2k

In the battle of SB and BB, Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni from SB raises 50k and the short stack Dhaval Mudgal from BB announces him all-in for his last 32k holding Ks 9s. Patni makes the call with his As Jh.

The board runs 3h 7s 3s Qc 3d and Dhaval gets busted.

Amit Tejura Doubles Up!
Level 12
Blinds 800-1600
Ante 1600
Pre-flop, Bharat K Chhunchha from CO raises to 3700 and Amit Tejura from button re-raises it to 10k, which Bharat makes it to 25k. It comes back to Amit who eventually announces all-in for 42k and Bharat quickly calls with Qs Qh against As Kh of Amit.

The board runs 3d Js 2h 2s Kc where ladies of Bharat don’t hold up and Amit wins the pot to double up.


Chip Counts For Day 2 Start- Ashish Kaushik Begins As Chip Leader 


Ashish Kaushik 253,700

Prashob 201,100

Vikaash Shah 184,600

Mayank Agarwal 183,700

Aditya Kinemka 178,400

Nikunj Jhunjhunwala 166,700

Abhishek Kumar 159,900

Shawn Chatterton 155,400

Nikhil Chawla 151,200

Krishna Kumar 139,500

Abhishek Goindi 135,400

Syed Saif 134,100

Sanjay Reddy 117,800

Dishant Soni 117,000

Kunal Patni 115,900

Rishabh Vekaria 115,500

Jai Gandhi 113,600

Digvijay Singh 110,300

Manoj Pentakota 108,600

Bharat K Chhunchha 104,900

Asif Anis 101,600

Eloy Quirogo Noggeira 96,400

Ronak Vyas 95,000

Romit Advani 94,900

Bobby Wazelingpa 90,300

Rohit Tiwari 83,400

Rachit Prakash 82,000

Eka Vedantham 81,600

Jairam Parab 79,500

Ashish Ahuja 79,100

Prashant Malik 77,300

Amit Tejura 76,800

Shravan Chhabria 74,800

Paawan Bansal 69,500

Santhosh Suvarna 68,700

Guruprasad S R 67,000

Roshan Bharadwaj 60,800

Ashish Munot 58,100

Jasven Saigal 58,000

Anil Adiani 57,600

Nikita Luther 57,500

Samit Mehta 57,000

Piyush Goenka 55,000

Aseem Jain 53,000

Jeeran D 52,000

Goonjan Mall 51,400

Bhuvan Bansal 50,000

Madan Kumar 47,700

Raman Gujral 46,100

Siddharth Singhvi 45,200

Meherzad Munsaf 43,500

Pranav Bagai 40,900

Abhinandan Sarda 37,000

Binit Saraf 35,800

Yogesh Choudhary 33,400

Dhaval Mudgal 31,000

G Harsha Vardhan 28,900

Zarvan Tumboli 28,300

Anil Gulati 24,200

Manish M Gandhi 23,200

Minissha Lamba 21,000



Shuffle-Up & Deal – Day 2 Begins 

With the announcement of the ‘Shuffle-Up & Deal’, Day 2 of the High Roller has started. All the players have  taken their seats and play begins at level 12 at 800-1600 blinds and ante of 1600. Late registration is open till level 13 today.


Welcome To Day 2 Of Adda52 65K High Roller Event


Yesterday saw Day 1 of the Adda52 65K High Roller and a total of 137 entries were registered on the day. Of those, only 65 players survived and they will be returning to the felts shortly to begin their march to ITM stage.
Ashish Kaushik will start the day as the chip leader with a stack of 253,700. Prashob (201,100) is second in chips and following him in chips are Vikaash Shah (184,600) , Mayank Agarwal (83,700), Aditya Kinemka (178,400) and 2018 WPT India ME Champion Nikunj Jhunjhunwala (166,700).
Some notables in contention include defending champion Abhishek Goindi (135,400), Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni (115,900), Romit Advani (94,900), Eka Vedantham (81,600), Ashish Ahuja (79,100), Paawan Bansal (69,500), Anil Adiani (57,600), Adda52 Team Pro Nikita Luther (57,500), Meherzad Munsaf (43,500), Pranav Bagai (40,900), Dhaval Mudgal (31,000) and Zarvan Tumboli (28,300).
Yesterday, play was paused at the end of level 11 and today players start at level 12 with blinds at 800-1600 and BB ante of 1600 Today, play will continue until the winner is crowned. It kicks off at 3 pm in a while from now and we will be here with you to bring live updates!