Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT 35K Main Event – Flight 1B

DPT 35K Main Event: Shashank Mengade Leads 24 Survivors After Day 1B

shashank mengade me

Level 13

Blinds 1k-2k

Ante 2k


After 13 levels of play, Day 1B of the DPT 35K Main Event is in the books. A total of 58 entries were registered for this flight. Of those, only 24 players have survived and leading them is Shashank Mengade (147,500). Following Mengade are Gaurav Sood (146,400) and Syed Saif Ahmad (125,200).

Given below are the chip counts of the survivors:

  1. SHASHANK MENGADE – 147,500
  2. GAURAV SOOD – 146,400
  3. SYED SAIF AHMED – 125,200
  4. HIMANSHU CHHIKARA – 121,900
  5. SOHAM PAL – 119,600
  6. KUNAL PATNI – 95,800
  7. GAURAV KALRA – 95,100
  8. VIVEK RUGHANI – 89,500
  9. EKA VEDANTHAM – 83,300
  10. MYRON PEREIRA – 78,200
  11. SUNNY GHERWAL – 76,000
  12. AKSHAY JAIN -70,200
  13. VAIBHAV KHURANA – 68,300
  14. PRANAY CHAWLA – 68,200
  15. AMIT SUR – 67,600
  16. YUVRAJ SINGH – 66,500
  17. ADITYA J KULKARNI -59,000
  18. BINIT SARAF – 58,400
  19. RITESH KHATWANI – 57,300
  20. JAIRAM PURAB – 49,300
  21. SANJAY REDDY – 47,500
  22. OM GAHLOT – 41,100
  23. PIYUSH GOENKA – 35,400
  24. J RAJU – 27,000

Himanshu Chhikara Busts Kamal Joshi

himanshu Chhikara
Level 13
Blinds 1k-2K
Ante 2k

Pre-flop, Himanshu Chhikara open limped from UTG. Everyone else folded until it reached Kamal Joshi in CO who decided to shove his 60k stack holding Ac Jh.

Players in button, SB and BB folded and it went back to the limper Himanshu who called all-in with 10c 10h. The board ran out As 10d 5s 8s Jc where Himanshu got a set of tens to bust his opponent.

Piyush Goenka Doubles Up!

piyush Goenka

Level 12

Blinds 800-1600

Ante 1600

This hand was between Sanjay Reddy and Piyush Goenka who was short stack and had shoved all-in for 12k, which Reddy called from button.
Piyush Ah 7h
Reddy Ad 2d
Board 3c Qd Ac 6h 4c
Both players flopped an Ace pair but Goenka took it down with his kicker and double-up to survive.


Vaibhav Khurana Doubles-Up!

vaibhav khurana
Level 11
Blinds 600-1200
Ante 1200

A player from UTG open raises. Everyone else folds until action reaches the short Vaibhav Khurana in SB who shoves for 14.7k holding 3H 3D.

BB folds and action goes back to the first to act player in UTG who calls all-in holding Ac Kh.

The board runs 9d 6d 7d 7c 2s where pocket threes of Khurana hold up and wins the pot to double up.

Vidur Singhal Flops A Set to Double-Up!

vidur singhal me
Level 6
Blinds 200-400
Ante 400

Pre-flop, action reaches Vidur Singhal in BB who shoves all-in for his remaining 10.5k and gets called by a player.
Vidur 8s 8c
Unknown – Ac Kd
The board runs 4c 8c 2h 6d Ah where Singhal flops a set of eights to take down the pot and doubles up.


Shashank Mengade Busts Nikhil Chawla 

shashank mengade me
Level 5
Blinds 200-300
Ante 300
Four players are involved in the flop of Qd 3d Jx. The first to act among them, Nikhil Chawla from BB checks, MP2 bets 1800, HJ makes it 4.7k and Shashank Mengade from button calls.

Action folds back to Chawla who moves all-in for 15.7k holding 9s 10s. Both MP2 AND HJ fold and Shashank calls holding Qc Jh. The turn 2h and Kh change nothing and Shashank takes down the pot with flopped two pairs busting his opponent from the tournament.


Yuvraj Singh Takes It Down From Sharma

youraj singh 1b

Level 1

Blinds 100-200
Ante 0
On the flop reading 3s 3h 4s, Yuvraj Singh from BB checks, a player in UTG checks behind and Abhishek Sharma from CO bets 1.5k. While Singh calls, the player in UTG folds.
Turn 5d
Both players check
River Qd
Singh checks once again and Sharma bets 5k, which Singh calls.
Singh shows Ac 3c for flopped trips against 4h 10d of Sharma to take down the pot.


A Few Notables from Flight 1B include:

Level 1

Blinds 100-100

Ante 0

Meherzad Munsaf
Nishant sharma
Eka Vedantham
Kunal Patni
Vivek rughani
Zarvan Tumboli
Vidhur Singhal
Mitang Soni
Amit Sur
Shashank Mengade


‘Shuffle-Up & Deal’ – Flight 1B Begins 

With the announcement of ‘Shuffle-Up & Deal’, the flight 1B has started. As many as 30 players have registered so far but this number is bound to go up as the late registration continues till level 11.

Stay tuned in for the selected updates from the flight!


Welcome To DPT 35K Main Event – Flight 1B

Now it is time for DPT 35K Main Event Flight 1B, which is scheduled to begin here at the Deltin Royale in Goa at 9 pm. Each level for this flight will be of 25 minutes, while late registration will be open till level 11. Players start with 30k stack (300BB). Stay tuned for the live updates from the flight!

main event day 1b welcome pic