Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT 35K Main Event – Flight 1D

Adda52 Team Pro Tarun Goyal Leads 41 Day 1D Survivors

Tarun Goyal DPT

After 13 levels of play, the Day 1D of the DPT 35K Main Event is in the books. A total of 117 entries were registered for this flight. Of those, only 41 players have survived and leading them is Adda52 Team Pro Tarun Goyal (293,200). Following him in second, third and fourth places are Deepak Singh (210,100), Abhijit Sanyal (166,800) and Jayjit Ray (163,800). Here is a quick look at the chip counts:

  1. Tarun Goyal 293,200
  2. Deepak Singh 210,100
  3. Abhijit Sanyal 166,800
  4. Jayjit Ray 163,800
  5. Ankit Wadhwani 141,600
  6. Varun Vohra 136,000
  7. Anik Ajmera 135,000
  8. Rohan Thakkar 132,700
  9. Vikas Singh 122,800
  10. Abhishek Sharma 122,600
  11. YasheelD 117,700
  12. Vikram Kumar 116,000
  13. Abhinav Garg 110,800
  14. Sanat Mehrotra 101,900
  15. Harjan Wadhwa 96,100
  16. Nikhil R 88,200
  17. Yogesh Thakur 78,400
  18. Vinod Hegde 77,700
  19. Tathagata Sengupta 72,200
  20. Vikas Hasija 71,700
  21. Shawn Chatterton 62,300
  22. Matthew George 61,700
  23. Jagmohan Singh 58,700
  24. Kanav Parwal 58,500
  25. Natesh Sirpaul 57,300
  26. Akshay Kamdar 55,500
  27. Dhiren Rupani 55,200
  28. Anand Bodke 51,800
  29. Mohit Gupta 51,300
  30. Amarendra Sahoo 49,300
  31. Abhishek Goindi 47,700
  32. Udit Baid 43,600
  33. Vaibhav Shah 36,700
  34. Zarvan Tumboli 36,600
  35. Gaurav Chauhan 36,500
  36. Pratik Mandevia 36,100
  37. Ashraf Ali 35,600
  38. Arun Karthik 31,600
  39. Nikunj Jhunjhunwala 22,700
  40. Kiran Kumar 20,000
  41. Piyush Baid 13,700



Anand Bodke Busts Pankaj Bhardwaj 

anand bodke

Level 13
Blinds 1k-2k
Ante 2k

It was a pre-flop action where Anand Bodke from MP1 open raised to 4.2k and Pankaj Bhardwaj in BB who was down to 16k stack shoved all-in with Kh 7c. Bodke made a snap call holding Kc Ac.

The board opened 6c 3h 8c 2s Kd. While both players paired their king on the river, Bodke won the pot with higher kicker, thus busting his opponent from this last flight.

Sandeep Singh Busted In Three Way All-in

sandeep Singh 

Level 13
Blinds 1k-2k
Ante 2k

It was three-way all-in pre-flop with the popular actor and model Sandeep Rajora all-in for 62k with Qh Qc, Abhijit S all-in for 49k with Kd Jd and Sandeep Singh all-in for 60k with Ac 5d.

The board ran Qd 4h 10d Ac 9h where Abhijit made a straight to win the main pot and Sandeep Rajora who made a set with queens to claim side pot. Sandeep Singh only paired his Ace and he got busted.


Jayjit Ray Busts Sagar Choudhury

jayjit ray

Level 12

Blinds 800-1600

Ante 1600

In the pre-flop battle of blinds, Sagar Choudhury from SB shoves all-in for 20k holding Kc Qd and Jayjit Ray from BB calls holding Kh As.
Board 5d Js 9h 2s 5c 

KA of Ray was good and he collected the pot busting Sagar from the last flight.


Chip Counts After Late Registration – Vikas Singh Among Biggest Stacks 

Vikas Singh

The late registration for the last flight -1D has closed with a total of 117 entries. It is Vikas Singh who is one of the biggest stacks among the survivors after the late registration. With 130 from Flight -1A, 58 from flight 1B and 141 from flight 1C and 117 from this last flight, the total field has reached 446 entries.

Level 11

Blinds 600-1200
Ante 1200

Vikas Singh 150k
Rohan Thakkar 118k
Deepak Singh 116k
A. Ajmera – 90k
Vaibhav Shah 88k
Sanat Malhotra 80k
Vikas Hasija 70k
Kiran Kumar 60k


Minissha Lamba Busted by Ashish Kaushik

minissha lamba 1c
Level 11
Blinds 600-1200
Ante 1200
Pre-flop, Minissha Lamba from HJ was down to 16k and she shoved it with Kh Jd and was called by Ashish Kaushik in BB who had Ad 4d.

The board ran 4c 8d 6d 2c As where Ashish made two pairs to win the pot and bust Lamba.


Devang Yadav Busted by Vaibhav Shah

devang yadav 1d
Level 10
Blinds 500-1000
Ante 1000

Devang Yadav was the short stack and he from MP1 shoved all-in for his remaining 11k stack holding 2h 2d and the only player to call was Vaibhav Shah who held Qd Kd in SB. The board ran 10s 8d 8c 6c 6d where pocket deuces of Yadav did not hold up and Shah took down the pot to chip up.


Anmol Mehta Doubles Up

anmol mehta
Level 8
Blinds 300-600
Ante 600
Pre-flop, Anmol Mehta from HJ shoves all-in for 17k holding Jc Kh and only Devang Yadav from BB makes the call holding  7c 7s.
The board comes down Qh 10h 2c 6h Jh where Mehta rivers a flush to take down the pot and doubles up.


Rohit Shetty Busted by Nikhil R.

Level 7
Blinds 300-500
Ante 500

Pre-flop, Nikhil R. from MP1 calls the big blind. Everyone else folds until the action reaches the last to act player Rohit Shetty from BB. He shoves his 13k with Ah Kh and Nikhil makes the call with Ad Qd.

The board runs 3d 2s 9d 5d Ac where Nikhil gets a flush to win the pot and bust his opponent.


Devang Yadav Doubles-Up
Level 6
Blinds 200-400
Ante 400

It was a pre-flop action where Gaurav Chauhan from HJ raised to 1.3k and the short stack Devang Yadav from button shoved all-in holding Kd 10d. While everyone else folded, Chauhan called with Ad Jc.
The board ran 4c 10h 9d 5c 9h where Yadav made two pairs with tens and nines to double up.


Vidur Singhal Busted

vidur singhal 1d
Level 5

Blinds 200-300
Ante 300
In the battle of the blinds, Vidur Singhal from SB went all-in for 15k holding Kc 9h and Kiran Kumar from BB called with Jh Ah.

The board ran out 8h Kd Jd 5c Jc, giving Kumar three of a kind to best K9 of Singhal who got busted.


Adda52 66K High Roller Champ Nikunj Jhunjhunwal Busts Gandhi

nikunj 1d
Level 4
Blinds 100-200
Ante 200

Nikunj Jhunjhunwal is in the zone. Just last night, he won the Adda52 65k High Roller and now he is doing pretty well in the Main Event. Just a while ago, he busted J. Gandhi.

Nikunj opened the action from UTG and Jai Gandhi from HJ made it 2k. Nikunj shoved all-in holding 10d 10s and the short stack Gandhi having Qd 9d called for his 12k stack putting him at risk.

The baord ran out 2s 7d Ad 10c 3h, which gave Nikunj a set of tens to take down the pot and bust his opponent.


Mohit Gupta Flops Broadway Straight To Double Up!

Mohit Gupta ME 1D

Level 3
Blinds 100-200
Ante 100
On the flop reading Ac Qd Jc, a player in SB checks, Mohit Gupta from BB checks behind, a player from UTG +1 Bets 2.6k which a player in HJ calls. Back on SB, he folds and Mohit from BB makes the call.
Turn 8d
Mohit bets 9k and UTG +1 makes it 30k and HJ folds. Back on Mohit who shoves all-in and UTG +1 calls.
Mohit: Kd 10s
UTG+1: As Js
The river come down 9d.
Mohit Gupta flops a Broadway straight and takes down the pot to double up.


Mathew George Doubles-Up!

mathew george 1d
Level 3
Blinds 100-200
Ante 100

Pre-flop, Shardul P. from UTG opens to 700 and gets two callers in Mathew George from HJ and a player in BB.

Flop Qs Jc 6c
The player in BB checks, Shardul leads out with a 6k bet and Mathew shoves all-in for 28.5k.
BB did not want to go further and he opted for a snappy fold, while Shardul from UTG made the call.
Shardul: Ac Qh
Mathew: As Ad
The turn and river brought Jd and 3d
Mathew’s pocket Aces were good and he collected the pot with two higher pairs to double up.


Mohit Gupta Busts Aditya Kumar

Mohit Gupta ME 1D
Level 2
Blinds 100-200
Ante 0

On the flop reading 5d 2h 4s, Mohit Gupta from SB checks, BB and MP2 check behind and Aditya Kumar in CO bets 2.2k, which all SB, BB and MP2 call.
Turn Jd
Gupta bets 7k, both BB and MP2 fold and CO shoves all-in for his remaining 9.7k, which Gupta calls and the cards are turned over.
Gupta: 2s 2c 

Kumar: 8c 8d

The river comes down Jc, giving Gupta a runner-runner full house to win the pot and bust Kumar.


A Few Notables In The Field 

Level 1

Blinds 100-100

Ante 0

Zarvan Tumboli

Nikunj Jhunjunwala

Ankit Kapoor

Shyam Jogi

Meherzad Munsaf

Nishant Sharma

Dhaval Mudgal

Rajat Sharma


‘Shuffle-Up & Deal’ – Flight 1D Begins!

The cards in the air as we begin the first level of the final flight. Players start with a 30K stack (300BB). As many as 30 players can be seen now but this number is bound to go up soon as a lot of players are in line at the registration desk. The late registration will be open till Level 11.



Welcome To DPT 35K Main Event – Flight 1D

day 1d welcome post pic

After an impressive turnout across the 1A (130 entries) and 1B flights (58 entries), it is time for the fourth and final flight – 1D of the 1 Cr. GTD  DPT 35K Main Event, which is scheduled to begin here at the Deltin Royale in Goa in a while from now at 9 pm. Each level for this flight will be of 25 minutes, while the late registration will be open till level 11. Players start play with a 30k stack (300BB).

Stay tuned in to catch the live updates from the flight right here !