Aditya Agarwal Among WPT Vietnam Main Event Final Six; Four Indians Scored ITM Finishes

After 5 days of intense action, only 6 players are remaining out of the total 373 entries in the 2019 WPT Vietnam Main Event. Leading the final 6 is Vietnam’s Huynh Tan Dung with 5,265,000 in chips. Following him in second and third are Australia’s Michael Seymour (3,920,000) and New Zealand’s Hamish Crawshaw (2,090,000). From Team India, Poker Stars Team Pro Aditya Agarwal is the sole Indian remaining in contention for the top prize of VN₫ 3,782,723,000 ( INR 1.17 Crore ) and the prestigious title. Agarwal had made it to Day 3 among the 32 survivors as the second biggest stack with 1,137,000, only behind Hamish Crawshaw (1,281,000) who had ended the day as chip leader.

Five Indians – Aditya Agarwal (1,137,000), Jaideep Sajwan (821,000), Rubin Labroo (544,000) and Sumit Sapra (391,000), and AIok Birewar (178,000) had entered Day 3. While Agarwal managed to carry his stack to the final day, the rest of the four Indians finished in the money. The first Indian to exit was Sapra. He exited in 22nd place for INR VN₫ 150,151,000 when his Ac 4s was bested his opponent’s As 5d. The next Indian to fall was Birewar who finished 18th for VN₫ 219,438,000. Birewar had pitted his 8c Jh against Ks Jd of Zhao Jia Jun who found a king the board to win the pot.

Rubin Labroo who had started the day as the third biggest stack among the Indians exited in 17th place for VN₫ 219,438,000. Labroo had check-raised all-in on a flop of 4d 9d 2h and was called by Huynh Tan Dung. Labroo had 9h 8c for top pair but Dung had As Ah for overpair. The turn 5s and river 6c did not help Labroo and his run came to an end in 17th place. The last Indian to fall on Day 3 was Jaideep Sajwan who narrowly missed the final table, exiting in 13th for VN₫ 267,739,000).

Sajwan has been running hot at the festival and had cashed at the Kickoff event. He did brilliantly well in the Main Event cashing at a respectable 13th place. Sajwan had pitted his Qs 9s against Kd Qh of Crawshaw who won the hand to climb to 2.3m and eliminate his Indian opponent in 13th place.

The 9-handed final table of the event was reached during level 25 on Day 3 after Zhao Jia Jun was railed in 10th place ( VN₫ 316,222,000) by Huynh Tan Dung who later started the FT as chip leader with 6,005,000. The only Indian to make it to the final table was Aditya Agarwal and he was 6th largest stack with 6,005,000 chips. The first player to exit the FT was Nguyen Nam Duong who fell in 9th place for VN₫ 378,272,000 when his Qd 8d failed to improve against pocket threes of Chen Da Jia. The next player to fall was Nguyen Van Dung who finished 8th for VN₫ 488,081,000. Finally, the day ended with Vietnam’s Tung Nguyen exiting in 7th place for VN₫ 596,986,000 prizemoney.

With Nguyen exiting in 7th place, there are only 6 players are remaining in contention for the title today. While each of the remaining players is guaranteed VN₫ 712,404,000, they all will be eyeing the top prize of VN₫ 3,782,723,000 and the prestigious title. Here is a look at the final 6 chip counts:

  1. Huynh Tan Dung – 5,265,000
  2. Michael Seymour – 3,920,000
  3. Hamish Crawshaw – 2,090,000
  4. David Erquiaga – 1,490,000
  5. Aditya Argawal – 1,205,000
  6. Chen Da Jia – 980,000

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