Anil Adiani, Bhavit Arora And Rajat Sharma Among Biggest Winners From Last Week!

Another action-packed week in the books meant another bunch of the big winners on The week saw several exciting poker tournaments taking place on India’s No. 1 poker site, including RDX, Go Goa, Maverick, Godfather X, Whale-6 Max, CrackJack, Big Slick and Mega Suits tournaments.

The week saw several big winners though, the biggest prize went to none other than the well-known pro – Anil Adiani who outlasted a 505-entry field in Mega Suits to take home INR 6,06,000, his best online score on till date. It was really a big week for Bhavit Arora who not only shipped Godfather X for INR 5 Lac but also made a couple of deep runs across other online tournaments.

Another player who won big last week was the well-known reg in Rajat Sharma who shipped Whale 6-Max to earn INR 4,17,000. Sharma has plenty of scores on He has won several big tournaments including Rich Race, Adda52 Millions, Whale, Mega Suits and several other popular events.

Given below is a quick round of all major tournaments that took place last week on

6 Lac GTD RDX (Monday)

The major tournament to take place on Monday was the 6 Lac guaranteed RDX . The INR 2,750 buy-in event logged in 215 entries (121 unique and 94 re-entries). Topping the field in this particular tourney was none other than the well-known female poker pro Smita ‘coconik’ Agarwalla. With the top six players assured INR 1 Lac each, Agarwalla took home INR 1 Lac for her RDX victory. An avid poker player from Gurgaon, Agarwalla is one of the most successful female players in India and has already won Adda52’s Godfather, apart from scoring several FT finishes in various other events.

  1. Smita ‘coconik’ Agarwalla – INR 1,00,000
  2. Shankar ‘stormshadow’ Choudhary – INR 1,00,000
  3. saker – INR 1,00,000
  4. deepesh2727 – INR 1,00,000
  5. Vibhuiit17 – INR 1,00,000
  6. Aarchit – INR 1,00,000

5 Lac GTD Go Goa (Tuesday)

Tuesday brought Go Goa. The INR 2,750 buy-in event drew a field of 174 entries. After several hours of tough fights, it was Madhab Pal aka ‘madhabpal2015’ who championed the event for INR 1.35 Lac. Top 17 finishers were paid with a min-cash of INR 7,500. Some notable regs to finish in the money included Sagar Choudhury (7th) and recent Big Slick winner Sajjan Barnwal (10th ).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1. madhabpal2015 – 135000

2. joey114114 – 85000

3. Jorhat1985 – 62500

4. chetraj1000 – 46250

5. lildice666 -33750

6. Stackattack -7 23750

7. alwaysnutz – 18750

8. Warning87 – 15000

9. KRSMRK01 – 12500

10. HaiTohHai  – 10000

10 Lac GTD Maverick (Wednesday)

Wednesday saw Adda52’s 10 Lac GTD Maverick. The INR 2,500 buy-in tournament drew a total of 427 entries. Coming on top was Anisha Bhardwaj aka ‘TRAP_’ who emerged victorious after defeating ‘rishabh16’ in heads-up and took home INR 1,93,310 in top prize. Top 43 places were paid out with a min-cash of INR 5,500. Some notable regs to finish in the money were Sagar Choudhury (15th), Chandan Arora (18th) and the well-known pro Jaydeep Dawer who finished 39th.

Top 10 Payouts (INR)

1 TRAP_ 193310
2 rishabh16 131781
3 zook666 130161
4 coconik 127748
5 Oshoswami 52000
6 Masterroshi 35000
7 xoredvoid 27500
8 Ydc1234 22500
9 paulite 16000
10 dstar 12500


 20 Lac GTD Godfather X (Thursday)

Thursday saw Godfather X and it drew a total of 340 entries. Topping the field was relatively a less known Bhavit Arora aka ‘Bhavitarora97’ who defeated Harshit Chopra in heads-up to take home an impressive INR 5 Lac. Chopra settled for INR 3,03,000 for his runner-up finish. Top 34 players were paid with a min-cash of INR 14K. Some known players to finish deep were Ayush Garg (11th for INR 30k), Chandan Arora (14th for INR 22k), Sagar Choudhury (19th for INR 19k), Siddarth Singhvi (21st for INR 19K) and the Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba (14th for INR 14K).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 Bhavitarora97 500000
2 hashstack 303000
3 paulite 220000
4 narcoss 167000
5 samir108 115000
6 chinunew 75000
7 believe 60000
8 atineq 50000
9 vivloc 40000
10 ho9ey 30000

15 Lac GTD Whale (Friday)

Friday then brought 15 Lac GTD Whale. The 7,500 buy-in tournament drew a total of 202 entries. The player to come on top in this tourney was the well-known reg in Rajat Sharma who defeated ‘vishalkumar1270’ in heads-up to take home INR 4,17,000. Top 21 finishers were paid with a min-cash of INR 13,500. Some notable regs to finish deep were the recent Big Slick winner Sajjan Barnwal (4th for INR 1,35,000), Manish Lakhotia (5th for INR 93,750), Deepak Bothra (7th for INR 53,250), Ujjwal Narwal (8th for INR 41,250), Ankur Sehgal  (11th for INR 27,750), Chandan Arora (18th for INR 13,500) and the India’s online poker star Shravan Chhabria (20th for INR 13,500).

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Rajat ‘OshoSwami’ Sharma – 4,17,000
  2. vishalkumar1270 – 2,43,750
  3. piyushverma – 1,82,250
  4. Sajjan ‘HaiTohHai’ Barnwal – 1,35,000
  5. Manish ‘newkidpoker’ Lakhotia – 93,750
  6. Ayush ‘lazyman’ Garg – 64,500

5 Lac GTD CrackJack (Saturday)

The major tournament to take place on Saturday was the 5 Lac GTD CrackJack featuring INR 2,750 +1,000 buy-in. The tournament drew a total of 169 entries. The winner to emerge in this tournament was Sagar Choudhury aka ‘alwaysnutz’ who beat ‘PARASJAIN1717’ in heads-up to earn INR 1,35,000. Top 17 finishers were paid out with a min-cash of INR 7,500. Some notables to finish deep  were latest Whale winner Rajat Sharma (5th for INR 33,750) and Chandan Arora (11th for INR 10,000).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 alwaysnutz 135000
2 PARASJAIN1717 85000
3 Enaar 62500
4 4AcesClub 46250
5 Oshoswami 33750
6 Aryan60 23750
7 iamaluksack 18750
8 taffys 15000
9 lilfishy1224 12500
10 captain2727 10000

Sunday Majors: 15 Lac GTD Big Slick & 25 Lac GTD Mega Suits

The last day of the week – Sunday saw two major tournaments taking places. The first one was the15 Lac GTD Big Slick, which drew a field of 678 entries and was won by Saket Kumar who had won the same event in August as well. Saket earned a good INR 2,10,119 for outlasting 678-entry field and ‘nishkab’ in heads-up. The second major tournament to take place on Sunday was the 25 Lac GTD Mega Suits, which crowned a winner in none other than the well-known pro Anil Adiani who outlasted a strong field of 505 entries to claim INR INR 6,06,000 in top prizemoney.

For the details of Sunday Tournaments on, click this link HERE!