Welcome To Live Coverage Of WPT India 2019 25K Big Bounty

Day 1 Ends With Only 29 Players Remaining!

Deepak Bothra bounty

Level 15 (Blinds 3k-6k & Ante 6k)

Following 15 levels of play, Day 1 of the WPT India 2019 25k Big Bounty is a wrap with only 29 players remaining out of 225 entries. Among the survivors, Deepak Bothra. (700,000) and Karan Kapoor (516k) will start Day 2 as the biggest stacks.

All remaining 29 are in the money. While each one is assured at least INR 19,500, they will be eyeing the title and the top prize of INR 6,63,830 when they return to the felts on Day 2 tomorrow (18th October) at 2pm. Tomorrow is going to be a big day with India’s biggest-guaranteed Main Event  – the 3.25 Cr. GTD WPT India Main Event starting at 3pm with its first of three starting flights- Day 1A.

1 RANJEET NEGI 4 1 173000
3 KARAN KAPOOR 2 1 516000
4 TANMAI RELWANI 1 1 86000
6 AMIT GAIKWAD 5 1 202000
7 DHIRENDRA KUMAR 9 1 387000
9 SRIHARSHA D 4 7 149000
10 SHRAVAN CHHABRIA 6 7 247000
11 MASOOD PEERU 8 7 140000
12 ALNOOR PUJANI 3 7 50000
13 KARAN GUPTA 2 7 53000
15 ABHISHEK GOINDI 9 7 55000
16 ADITYA SUSHANT 2 8 234000
18 ROBERT MIZRACHI 5 8 173000
19 ANSHUL GARG 9 8 229000
20 SRAVANTH REDDY 7 8 148000
21 DEEPAK SINGH 3 8 46000
23 AKASH DIWAN 1 2 217000
24 ABHISHEK KUMAR 1 2 60000
25 KAUSHAL SAMANT 9 2 125000
26 ARUN KARTHIK 3 2 130000
27 ANSHUL RAJPUT 2 2 91000
28 AKASH GUPTA 5 2 52000
29 DEEPAK B. 6 2 700000


Pradeep Sharma Bubbles WPT India 2019 25k Big Bounty!

Level 15 (Blinds 3k-6k & Ante 6k)

In a pre-flop action, Sarala Ramkrishna from UTG open raised to 10k and only Karan Kapoor from HJ and Pradeep Sharma from BB called.

All the three took to a flop of 8s Jh 4s and all of them checked it.
Turn 10h
Sharma from BB checked, Sarala from UTG bet 15k and Kapoor from HJ called. The action folded back to Sharma who shoved all-in for his remaining stack of 63k. While Sarala from UTG folded and Kapoor called all-in.

River Js.
Pradeep Sharma turned over 10c 4c for two pairs, while Kapoor showed 5s 3s for a rivered flush to win the pot and bust Sharma who  went out on the money bubble.

V. Vishnani Busted 

Level 14 (Blinds 2k-4k & Ante 4k)

It was a three-way action pre-flop where Vishnani from UTG open shoved for 14k. While UTG +1 and MP 1 folded, Shravan Chhabria from MP 2 re-raised it to 25k, which only Sriharsha D. in BB called.
Flop: 9c 3d 8c
Both Sriharsha and Chhabria checked the flop.
Turn 6c
Again, both players checked
River 3d
Sriharsha fired a bet of 40k and Chhabria called and tabled As 8s against Ac 5d of Sriharsha and Ad Js of Vishnani.

Both Sriharsha and Vishnani lost the pot to Chhabria. While Sriharsha lost a big chunk of his stack, Vishnani got busted from the bounty tournament.


Garvit GRP Busted by WSOP Bracelet Winner Aditya Sushant
Level 13 (Blinds 1500-3000 & Ante 3000)
In a pre-flop action, Garvit GRP from UTG +1 shoved all-in for 35,500 and got one caller in Aditya Sushant.
Garvit: As 3d
Sushant: Ah 5c
The board opened 5d 2h 3c 10c 10s where both players made two pairs but Sushant took it down with higher two pairs and busted Garvit in the process.


Faiz Alam Busted By Vikram Freeman

Level 11 (Blinds 1k-2k & Ante 2k)
Faiz Alam from UTG open shoved for 19k and was called by Vikram Freeman from CO.
Faiz: Ac 10h
Vikram: Qc Kh
Board: Qs 7D Jh 10c Qd
While Faiz found a ten on the turn, Vikram hit Three of A Kind to take down the pot and bust Faiz Alam.


Nishant Sharma Busted; Pot Chopped Between Patel & Arora!

Nishant Sharma bounty

Level 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & Ante 1600)
Pre-flop, Nishant Sharma from UTG open shoved for 25k and Jeevendra Arora from CO shoved behind for 40k. Sanjay Patel who was seated on the SB made the call.

And the cards were turned over:
Nishant: Ad 9d
Jeevendra: Ac Qd
Patel: Ah Qh
Board: 3h Qs 7c Jd 4d
While Nishant Sharma lost and got busted, Patel and Arora chopped the pot.


Payouts for WPT India 2019 25k Big Bounty!

bounty welcome

Level 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & Ante 1600)

Top 29 players are to be paid out in the Big Bounty event of WPT India 2019. The eventual winner takes home INR 6,63,830, while min-cashes start from 19,500.

Complete Payouts (INR):

1st- 6,63,830
2nd- 4,66,150
3rd- 2,88,740
4th- 1,75,640
5th- 1,35,640
6th- 1,12,400
7th- 95,780
8th- 81,700
9th- 66,400

Late Registration Ends With 225 Entries!
Level 9 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)
With the end of level 8, the late registration has officially come to a close for the Big Bounty. The event has attracted a good total of 225 entries and out of those, there are approximately 80 players remaining in the race for the payouts.


Notable Chip Counts – Sriharsha D. Among Leaders

Sriharsha bounty

Level 9 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)
Sriharsha D – 154k
Abhishek Goindi – 106k
Deepak Singh – 105K
Rajesh Negi -90k
S. Ramkrishna – 89k
Tanmai Relwani -81k
Pankaj Kothari – 74hk


Rahul Melwani Takes It Down

RAHUL MELWANI Rahul Melwani Bounty

Level 9 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

Rahul Melwani opens to 2500 and Aditya Kumar from button re-raises it to 15300. While everyone else folds, Melwani calls. Both players take to the flop of Qh 7C Kd. Later, both both of them go on to check the remaining streets – Kc and 4h.

At showdown, Melwani tables Jc Js against Ac 8d of Kumar to take down the pot.


Vikram Kumar Busted by Abhishek Sharma

Vikram Kumar bounty
Level 9 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)
Pre-flop, Vikram Kumar from UTG holding 7d 7c decides to shove all in for 27k and Abhishek Sharma from Button who held Ac 9C makes the call.
The board runs 5c 8s Ad 2d 8c where Kumar’s pocket sevens don’t hold up against A9 and he gets busted. Sharma collects the pot to add to his growing stack.


Poker Legend Robert Mizrachi In The House!

Level 8 (Blinds 500-1000 and Ante 1k)
It was a three-way pre-flop action where some well-known players were involved in the hand, including Romit Advani, Mohit Kalra and poker legend Robert Mizrachi.

Romit opened to 2.2k, Mohit seated on the button went all-in for 8k
and Robert from SB shoved behind for 16k. Romit called all-in players.
Romit: Kd Jd
Mohit: 8d 8h
Robert:Ah Ks

Board: 10d 8s Kc 3h 10s 
Kalra took down the main pot with full house, while the side pot went to Mizrachi.


Quads for Akash Gupta!
Level 8 (Blinds 500-1000 and Ante 1k)
In a pre-flop action, a player from UTG opens to 2200 and Raman Gujral from UTG +1 re-raises it to 6.5k. While the rest of the players fold, Akash Gupta from BB shoves all-in for 54k. The initial raiser from UTG folds and Raman calls all-in.
Raman: Qc Qh
Akash: Jd Js
Board: 9c Jh 3d Jc 8d
Akash Gupta takes it down with four of a kind.


Notable Chip Counts- Ranjeet Negi among biggest stacks!

ranjeet neg bounty chip leader at level 5

Level 5 (Blinds 200-400 & Ante 400)
Ranjeet Negi – 91k
Abhishek -90k
Leo S. 89k
Anshul Rajput – 71k
Shashikany K. – 66k
S. Ramakrishna – 55k
Tanmai Relwani – 47k
Deepak Singh – 45k
Rohan Pinto – 40k


Rajat Singh Dhingra Doubles-Up!

Level 4 (Blinds 200-300 & Ante 300)
After busting the 35k Superstack, Rajat Singh Dhingra entered Big Bounty where he is off to a good start.
A while back, he got a double-up. He shoved with pocket tens from HJ and was called by a player holding Jd 9d in BB.
The board ran out 7d Qh 2h Kc 6h where pocket tens of Rajat held up and he won the pot to double up.


Mohit Kalra Doubles-Up Early
Level 2 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 0)
In this hand, the UTG Rishav Gupta opened to 400 and a player in UTG +1 raised to 1100. The next to act was Mohit Kalra in MP 2 who shoved all-in for 4k. After everyone folded till BB, the action came back to Gupta who called, while UTG +1 folded.
Gupta: 7s 7h
Mohit: 8h 8s
The board ran out 5h 3c 3s Qs Ks where pocket eights won the pot for Mohit and he doubled-up.


Notables In the Field!

Level 1 (Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0)

Kunal patni
Meherzad munsaf
Nishant sharma
Maria kirloskar
Tanmai Relwani
Aditya sushant
Anil gulati
Abhishek goindi
Siddarth singhvi
Gautam Sachdeva
Rajeev Raut


Welcome To  WPT India 2019 25K Big Bounty!

Good afternoon and welcome back to the Deltin Royale in Goa! After a healthy turnout of 168 entries on Day 1 of the 35K Superstack event, the WPT India 2019 has moved on to the third tournament on the schedule – the 25k Big Bounty NLHE. Back in 2018, it was the young talent Alok Birewar who won the WPT India Big Bounty title for INR 7,80,000 after besting a strong field of 276 entries.

Now the race for the coveted title begins again as the tournament kicks off at 3pm today. It is a 1-reentry event featuring a starting stack of 20k and 11k per bounty. Each level for this 25k buy-in event will be of 30 minutes, while the late registration will remain open till the end of level 8, approximately at 6:40pm this evening. Stay tuned in for the latest updates!