Welcome To Live Coverage Of WPT India 2019 35K SuperStack Day 2

Asif Anis Takes Down WPT India 35k Superstack for INR 14,70,440 

Asif Anis wpt india superstack champ

Level 28 (Blinds 75k-150k & Ante 150k)

And it is over!

Asif Anis wins the WPT India 2019 35k Superstack title after besting a strong field of 168 entries. Anis came into final day as 5th largest stack with 304k chips and went on to steadily build his stack to reach the FT with the 3rd largest stack of 870k.

At the final table, he got off to a good start by winning some key pots. He busted Debashis Bal in 8th place and then continued to build his stack. He outlasted tough players in Vaibhav Sharma (7th), Raghav Bansal (6th), Ankit Jajodia (5th), Akshay Jain (4th) and Vidur Singhal (3rd) to take the lead into heads-up with the recent BPT Kickoff champ Abhijeet Shetty who began with 2.67m against 3.21m chips of Anis.

Shetty battled it hard in the heads-up but could not go all the way, eventually finishing runner-up for a good INR 9,63,380. The last hand of the tournament was a pre-flop all-in where Asif Anis held Kh 3d against Ah 7s of Abhijeet Shetty. While Shetty had a better holding, the board Kd Kc Jh 5c 2c ran out in favour of Anis who won the pot with King trips to claim his first-ever WPT India title for a hefty INR 14,70,440 in top prizemoney along with a beautiful WPT India trophy.


Heads-Up Chip Counts – Asif Anis Leads

heads-up superstack
Asif Anis – 3.21m
Abhijeet Shetty – 2.67m

Vidur Singhal Exits in 3rd Place for INR 5,67,570

vidur singhal super stack

Level 26 (BLinds 50k-100k & Ante 100k)
It is heads-up now! Vidur Singhal was on the button and he decided to shove his massive stack with 4h 4d and Asif Anis from SB who had him covered called with 9D Js. The board ran 3h Jh 3c 2c 10d where Asif won with better two pairs.

Akshay Jain Busted in 4th Place (INR 3,45,460)

Level 26 (BLinds 50k-100k & Ante 100k)
Abhijeet Shetty is on a roll!

After busting Jajodia, he has eliminated Akshay Jain who went out in 4th place.
Akshay Jain was in UTG and he open shoved for his remaining 95k stack holding Ks 5s. After giving it a little thought, Abhijeet Shetty called from SB holding 9s 10s.

The board ran out 7h 4d Js 4h 9c where Shetty won the pot to bust Jain.

Ankit Jajodia Heads-out in 5th place for INR 2,66,540

Level 25 (Blinds 40k-80k and Ante 80k)
It was a battle of blinds. Ankit Jajodia picked up a nice hand with As Ac and decided shove for 590k. After a slight pause, Abhijeet Shetty from BB made the call, holding 10d 10c. Unfortunately for Jajodia, the board opened Kc 10h 7h 7d 4h, giving Shetty a full house to bust Jajodia in 5th place (INR 2,66,540).

Raghav Bansal Finsihes 6th for INR 2,21,000

raghav bansal

Level 25 (Blinds 40k-80k and Ante 80k)

Vidur Singhal continues his hot run here at the final table. After busting Harshit Chopra in 9th, he has busted the start of the FT chip leader Raghav Bansal.

Bansal had become a short stack and he decided to shove his Qh 9d, putting his tournament life at risk. Vidur Singhal from the button who had Kc Ac called.
The board ran out Ah 8s Ks 10h 2d where Vidur paired both his King and Ace to take down the pot with two pairs, thus busting Raghav in 6th place.

Vaibhav Sharma Heads-Out In 7th Place for INR 1,91,415

vaibhav sharma

Level 23 (Blinds 20k-40k and Ante 40k)
Vaibhav Sharma is the latest causality from the final table.

He shoved all-in for 280k holding As Kc and was called by Ankit Jajodia who held Qd Qs. The board opened 6h 4h Qs Ax 5h, giving a set with queens to
Jajodia who took down the pot and busted Vaibhav in the process.

Vaibhav took home INR 1,91,415 for his 7th place finish.

Debashis Bal Exits in 8th Place for INR 1,68,720

debashis bal
Level 23 (Blinds 20k-40k and Ante 40k)
Debashis Bal who had started the day as the chip leader is no longer in the running. He was on the button and raised to 100k. The action reached Asif Anis in SB who shoved all-in for 740k. While everyone else folded, Debashis called for his tournament life and tabled Ah Js against 6d 10d of Anis.
The board ran out Qh 2d 7s 10c 9d where Asif made a ten pair to bust Debashis in 8th place.

Harshit Chopra Finishes 9th for INR  1,47,040

Level 22 (Blinds 15k-30k & Ante 30k)

Harshit Chopra becomes the first eliminaiton of the final table.

Pre-flop, he called a raise of 55k by Vidur Singhal from CO who held Ad Ah against 7s 10h of Chopra. The flop cam down 10d 8s Js, giving some to Chopra.
On the flop, Chopra from BB checked, Vidur shoved all-in and Chopra called for his tournament life.
The turn Kd and the river  6c brought no help to Chopra and he got busted from the tournament in 9th place.

Final Table Set – Raghav Bansal Leads


After Kshitij Kucheria going out in 10th place, we are down to the final table where the well-known pro Raghav Bansal leads and following him is Debashis Bal.

Final Table Chip Counts:

  1. Ankit Jajodia – 445,000
  2. Abhijeet Shetty -740,000
  3. Raghav Bansal – 990,000
  4. Vidur Singhal – 415,000
  5. Akshay Jain – 770,000
  6. Debashis Bal – 940,000
  7. Harshit Chopra – 375,000
  8. Asif Anis – 870,000
  9. Vaibhav Sharma – 335,000

Payouts for the final table players:

1st – 14,70,440
2nd – 9,63,380
3rd – 5,67,570
4th – 3,45,460
5th – 2,66,540
6th – 2,21,000
7th – 1,91,415
8th – 1,68,720
9th – 1,47,040

Kshitij Kucheria Is The FT Bubble!
Level 22 (Blinds 15k-30k & Ante 30k)
In a pre-flop action, Raghav Bansal from UTG open raised to 70k holding Ac Qh and Kucheria who had As 4c called for his remaining stack of 320k. The board ran out 5c Qh 9d 5s 2d where Raghav found a queen on the flop and won the pot.

Abhinav Jain Heads Out in 11th Place for INR 1,27,230

Level 22 (Blinds 15k-30k & Ante 30k)

We are close to the final table with Abhinav Jain exiting 11th place.

Jain had 7s 7c in HJ and he decided to shove all-in. The only player to call was Debashis Bal holding As Ad in BUTTON.
The board ran out 9d Jh 8s 9s 6d where Bal took down the pot to add to his growing stack and Jain got busted in 11th place.

Mayank Agarwal Finishes 12th for INR 1,27,230

Level 21 (15k-25k & Ante 25k)

Another notable eliminations comes in and this time it is Mayank Agarwal hitting the rail.
In a pre-flop action, Mayank Agarwal holding 5s 5c shoved all-in for 120k and was called by Kshitij Kucheria who held Ad 3s in BB.

The board ran out 10c Qd 8D 6S Ac where an Ace on the river gave the pot to Kucheria and Mayank got busted. Mayank took home a cool INR 1,27,230 for his deep run.

Mukunda D. Busted in 13th Place for INR 1,07,870

Level 21 (15k-25k & Ante 25k)

Akshay Jain from UTG +1 raised to 55k holding As 9c, Mukunda from BB decided to shove his remaining stack of 95k with Qd 6d putting his tournament life at risk and Akshay Jain made the call.

The board ran 7d Jc Js 7h 5s where Jain won the pot, busting Mukunda in 13th place.

Rohan Pinto Exits in 14th Place for INR 1,07,870

rohan pinto superstack

Level 21 (15k-25k & Ante 25k)

It was a battle of blinds pre-flop.

Ankit Jajodia from SB shoved for 300k holding 9d 4c and Rohan Pinto who from BB who had a nice hand in As Qd called with 215k stack for his tournament life. Unfortunately for Rohan, the board ran out 10d 8d 4s Qc 9h. Jajodia made two pairs with fours and nines to win the pot and bust Rohan.

Varun Vohra Exits in 15th Place for INR 1,07,870

varun vohra

Level 20 (Blinds 10k-20k & Ante 20K)
Varun Vohra had 255k stack. He picked pocket Aces, which were cracked by Kh Qh of Raghav Bansal.
Bansal hit two pair on a rundown of Qs Js 2c Ks 5h to win the pot and bust Vohra in 15th place.

Sahil Mahboobani Finishes 16th for INR 89,610

sahil mahboobani super stack

Level 20 (Blinds 10k-20k & Ante 20K)
Quite a few notables made it Day 2 and one of them was Sahil Mahboobani whose run in the tournament came to an end a while back. He was in the button and shoved his 150k stack holding Jd 8h and was called by Harshit Chopra who had  Ks Kc in SB.
The board ran out 6s 9c 10s 10c 4h where pockets kings won the pot for Chopra and Mahboobani got busted in 16th.


Bibkek Karki Goes Out In 17th Place for INR 89,610

bibek karki

Level 20 (Blinds 10k-20k & Ante 20K)
It was a battle of blinds. Bibek Karki from SB shoved for 110k holding Ad 3h and Vaibhav Sharma from BB
called with As 10c. The board 6s Ks Qh 4H 10d brought no help for Karki and he hit the rail in 17th place.


Sahil Nevatiya Exits in 18th Place for INR 89,610

sahil nevatiya superstack

Level 20 (Blinds 10k-20k & Ante 20K)

It was a pre-flop battle between two Sahils! Sahil Nevatiya from MP1 shoved all-in for 125k holding 9H 7H and was called by Sahil Mahboobani who had Kh Kd in SB.
The board opened 9d Jh 8h 3s 2d and Sahil Nevatiya failed to crack pocket kings of Sahil Mahboobani.

Sahil Nevatiya hit the rail in 18th place, taking home INR 89,610 for his run.


Vijay Dua Hits The Rail in 19th Place for INR INR 72,030

Vijay Dua

Level 19 (Blinds 8K-16k & Ante 16k)

With ITM stage is on, eliminations are quick. Another elimination comes in Vijay Dua.
Dua from UTG open shoved for 135k and two players shoved behind – Asif Anis (all-in for 300k) and Debashis Bal (all-in for 150k).
Vijay: Ad Jc
Asif: Jh Qd
Bal: As Qc
Board: Qd 5d 7d 7c 7S
Bal won the pot with full house and Vijay who had the lowest stack among the three got busted.

Rajat Singh Dhingra Exits in 20th Place for INR 72,030


Level 19 (Blinds 8K-16k & Ante 16k)

Here comes another elimination and this time it is Rajat Singh Dhingra going out in 20th place.
It was a pre-flop action where Rajat open shoved his 76k stack holding Qc 10h and Harshit Chopra called with Jc Js.
The board ran 10c 3d Kh 6s 3h. While Rajat found a ten on the board, it was no good to beat pocket Jacks of Chopra.

Abhishek Rathod Finishes 21st for INR 72,030

abhishek rathod

Level 19 (Blinds 8K-16k & Ante 16k)
The first ITM elimination comes in Abhishek Rathod.
He held 93k stack and had called a shove from Debashis Bal.
Debashis Bal who had started Day 2 as chip leader held Qc 9h, while  Rathod had Ad 3s.
The board ran 8h 5c 6h 7h Jh, giving a flush to Bal and busting Rathod in 21st place.

The Money Bubble Bursts in Akshay Nasa

akshay nasa super stack



Level 19 (Blinds 8K-16k & Ante 16k)
Finally, we have reached the money bubble and it is Akshay Nasa going out as the Money Bubble.

Nasa had pocket nines against Jd Qh of Mukunda. He shoved for 55k and Mukunda from SB called.

Nasa’s pocket nines could not hold up as  Mukunda found a queen on the board and won the pot busting Nasa in the process. Now all players in the money.

A Quick Look at Payouts for the 35K Superstack

Level 18 (Blinds 6k-12k & Ante 12k)
1st – 14,70,440
2nd – 9,63,380
3rd – 5,67,570
4th – 3,45,460
5th – 2,66,540
6th – 2,21,000
7th – 1,91,415
8th – 1,68,720
9th – 1,47,040
10th-12th – 1,27,230
13th-15th – 1,07,870
16th-18th – 89,610
19th-21st – 72,030

Abhinav Jain Doubles-Up!

Level 17 (BLinds 5k-10k & Ante 10k)
In a pre-flop battle a while ago, we saw Abhinav Jain Double Up through the start of the day chip leader Dabashis Bal.
Jain opened to 25k holding Ac Kc and Debashis holding AH Jh in BB shoved for 450k, which Jain called.
The board missed both players and Jain won the pot with better kicker, getting himself a much needed double-up to survive.


Savvy Ranchal Busted Early
Level 17 (BLinds 5k-10k & Ante 10k)
Ranchal is one of the early eliminations today.

It was a pre-flop action where Kshitij K. from MP1 opened to 23k holding As Kh and Savvy Ranchal from button shoved all-in for 94k with his Kc Qc. While everyone else folded, Kshitij decided to call all-in.
The board ran out Qh 10h 4h 2d Jc where Kshitij rivered a straight to win the pot and bust his opponent.

Welcome To WPT India 2019 35K SuperStack Day 2

day 2 super stack

We are back with the final day coverage of the WPT India 2019 – 35K Superstack event here at the Deltin Royale in Goa. The 29 finalists from last night will resume play within a few minutes with the DPT Xpress 5K Burn ‘N’ Turn winner Debashis Bal returning as the start of the day chip leader with a massive stack of 437,000. Trailing him is Vaibhav Sharma holding a stack of 431,000 chips.

Other big stacks returning for Day 2 play include the likes of Bibek Karki (338k), Mukunda Dasharathy (311k) and Asif Anis (304k). Some big names still in contention include 2017 WPT India Kickoff champ Kanishka Samant (135k), Raghav Bansal (252k), Akshay Nasa (186k), Sahil Mahboobani (163k), Mayank Agarwal (198k) and Anil Gulati (50k), who will start the day as the shortest stack.

Play for Day 2 begins at 2:30pm at Level 16 (Blinds 4k-8k & BB Ante 8k). The prizepool and payouts have been announced and we are just 8 eliminations away from the money line, which meas the money bubble will burst on Day 2 today. Stay tuned in for the latest live updates right here!

Chip Counts For Start of Day 2:

  1. Vidur Singhal– 284,000
  2. Mukunda D. – 311,000
  3. Rohan Pinto – 112,000
  4. Abhishek Rathod-88,000
  5. Vijay Dua – 167,000
  6. Bibek Karki – 338,000
  7. Abhijeet Shetty – 76,000
  8. Kanishka Samant-135,000
  9. Savvy Ranchal – 125,000
  10. Asif Anis –304,000
  11. Kshitij Kucheria – 240,000
  12. Debashis Bal –437,000
  13. Prashanth Sekar – 117,000
  14. Harshit Choprra – 132,000
  15. Abhinav Jain – 210,000
  16. Akshay Jain – 266,000
  17. Anil Gulati– 50k
  18. Rajat Dhingra – 111,000
  19. Raghav Bansal– 252,000
  20. Ankit Jajodia – 228,000
  21. Vaibhav Sharma –431,000
  22. Sahil Nevatiya -214,000
  23. Varun Vohra – 268,000
  24. Akshay Nasa– 186,000
  25. Sahil Mahboobani– 163,000
  26. Mayank Agarwal – 198,000
  27. Sasi Kanth K. – 127,000
  28. Abhishek Kumar – 148,000
  29. Amit Tejura – 163,000