Welcome To Live Coverage Of WPT India 2019 Main Event Final Table

Ashish Munot Takes Down WPT India Main Event For INR 63,48,641!

Ashish Munot - Victory
Ashish Munot – Victory

Level 34 (Blinds 125,000-250,000 & 250,000 ante)

And it is over! Ashish Munot is the latest WPT India Main Event champion. He defeated a strong field of 630 entries, including Yuvraj Chaudhary in heads-up. Ashish began final table second in chips but entered heads-up as chip leader against Yuvraj. Both players battled it hard, with Yuvraj taking the lead at one point but Ashish regained his lead and eventually went on to win his first-ever WPT India Main Event title for a hefty INR 6,348,641 along with a beautiful WPT trophy. In addition to the top prize, Ashish earned Passport worth $3,500, which can be used for entry into any WPT global main tour events until the end of next season. Yuvraj Chaudhary who fought well but could not go all the way settled for INR 4,277,605.

The last hand of the dual saw Ashish Munot raising to 550,000, Yuvraj Chaudhary from BB who held Qh Qc moved all in  for 5,575,000, and Munot called with 10h 10c. The board ran out Ac 7s 4h 8d 10s where Munot rivered a set to take down the pot as well as his first WPT India Main event title.

Ashish Munot Takes It Down To Further Extend His Lead!

Level 34 (Blinds 125,000-250,000 & 250,000 ante)

Ashish Munot raises to 550,000, and Yuvraj Chaudhary calls from the big blind.

Flop Jh 5d 2c

Chaudhary checks, Munot bets 400,000, and Chaudhary calls.

Turn 3d

Both players check.

River 2d  

Both players check.

Chaudhary turns Qx 5x for two pair, but Munot turns over 9d 9c to win the pot with a higher two pair.

Ashish Munot  –  12,000,000  (48 bb)
Yuvraj Chaudhary  –  6,700,000  (27 bb)

Ashish Munot Takes It Down This Time!

Level 33 ( Blinds 100,000-200,000 & 200,000 ante)

Yuvraj Chaudhary raises to 400,000, and Ashish Munot calls from the big blind.

Both players check to the turn on a board of 10c 7d 4h 8d, Munot bets 400,000, and Chaudhary calls.

River Qd

Munot bets 800,000, and Chaudhary folds. Munot takes down the pot to regain the chip lead.

Yuvraj Chaudhary Takes It Down Early!

Level 33 ( Blinds 100,000-200,000 & 200,000 ante)

Yuvraj Chaudhary from SB raises to 450,000, and Ashish Munot calls from BB.

Flop: Qc 6h 4h.

Chaudhary checks, Munot bets 250,000, and Chaudhary check-raises to 850,000. Munot calls.

Turn 6s

Chaudhary bets 1,500,000, and Munot folds. Chaudhary takes the pot.

Now It Is Heads-Up Between Yuvraj Chaudhary and Ashish Munot!

heads-up main event

Level 33 ( Blinds 100,000-200,000 & 200,000 ante)

Level 34 begins and blinds increase to 125,000-250,000 with a bb ante of 250,000. With two players remaining from a field of 630, it is now heads-up between Yuvraj Chaudhary and Ashish Munot.

Here are their heads-up chip counts:

Ashish Munot – 11,000,000 (55 bb)

Yuvraj Chaudhary – 7,675,000 (38 bb)

Payouts for the final two players:

1st:  INR 6,348,641*

2nd:  INR 4,277,605


Jai Saha Exits In 3rd Place For INR 2,753,290

Level 33 (Blinds 100,000-200,000 & 200,000 ante)

In the very next hand, both Yuvraj Chaudhary and Jai Saha battle it out again. Pre-flop,  Jai Saha shoves all-in from the button for 2,725,000, and Yuvraj Chaudhary makes the call from SB with Ah Jd.

Saha tables Ac 8d and he needs to improve to survive in the tournament.

The board comes Qd 10s 3c 2c 9d where Yuvraj wins the pot with his kicker and busts Jai Saha in 3rd place. Saha takes home INR  2,753,290 for his deep run.

Yuvraj Chaudhary Doubles-Up Through Jai Saha!

Level 33 (Blinds 100,000-200,000 & 200,000 ante)

Jai Saha who has bigger stack moves all in from the small blind, and Yuvraj Chaudhary calls all in from the big blind for 2,025,000 with As 8h.

Saha tables 5h 5d and Yuvraj needs to hit to stay alive.

The board comes down Ac 7h 4d 7s 9s where Yuvravj pairs his ace on the flop to take down the pot and double up.

Chip Counts of Remaining Three Players

Level 32 (Blinds 75,000-150,000 & 150,000 ante)

With Rajeev Kanjani going out in 4th place, there are just three players remaining in the Main Event. Here is a quick look at their chip counts:

Seat 1.  Ashish Munot  –  4,700,000  (31 bb)
Seat 2.  Jai Saha  –  10,475,000  (70 bb)
Seat 3.  Yuvraj Chaudhary  –  3,525,000  (24 bb)

Rajeev Kanjani Exits in 4th Place for INR 1,987,220

Level 32 (75,000-150,000 & 150,000 ante)

Eliminations have been quick on the final table. A while back, we lost Rajeev Kanjani from the final table. Rajeev shoved for 1,700,000 with As 8d and he needed to improve against Ashish Munot’s Ad 7d.

The board came Ks 6s 4h 5d 3c where Munot rivered a straight to win the pot and bust Kanjani in 4th place.


Sami Sipila Eliminated in 5th For INR 1,524,970

Sami Sipila

Level 32 (75,000-150,000 & 150,000 ante)
It was a pre-flop all-in where Sami Sipila shoved all-in for 200,00 holding 6h 2c and Rajeev Kanjani called with  Kh 9c.

The board  8d Kd As Ad 9s did not help Sami and Kanjani took down the pot with two pairs, busting his opponent in the process.


Sahil Nair Finishes 6th for INR 1,228,645

Level 32 (75,000-150,000 & 150,000 ante)
Sahil Nair open shoved for 550k with Ks 7h and Rajeev Kanjani from BB made a snap call with Qh Qc.
The board came 4s 10s Qd 3s 4h where Kanjani hit a full house to win the pot and bust Sahil in 6th place.

Yash Punjawat Exits in 8th Place For INR 813,010; Nishant Sharma Busted in 7th 

Level 31 (75,000-125,000 & Ante 125,000)
Pre-flop, the short stack Yash shoved all-in and two players called – Ashish Munot from CO and Yuvraj Chaudhary from SB.
Fop 4d 9d Kh.
Yuvraj shoved all-in for 235k and Ashish Munot gave it some thought before eventually folding.

The turn 8d and the river Jd were of no help.

Yuvraj: Ac Kc
Yash: Ah 2h

Yuvraj flopped a king pair to take down the pot and Yash who was shortest got eliminated.

After Yash, it was Nishant Sharma who was eliminated by Yuvraj Chaudhary. Sharma exited in 7th place, taking home an impressive INR 1,020,340  for his deep run in the tournament.

Sami Sipila Doubles-Up Through Sahil Nair

Level 31: (Blinds75,000-125,000 &125,000 ante)

Sami Sipila moved all-in for 525,000 holding As 2d and Sahil Nair who had 1,075,000 chips called with Ad 3s. The board opened 10d 9h 5c 3c 4c where paired his three to win the pot and double-up.

Shardul Parthasarathi Finishes 9th for INR 609,920

Level 31 (75,000-125,000 & Ante 125,000)

Here comes the first elimination from the final table and it is Shardul becoming the first causality.
Pre-flop, Shardul shoved all-in for 270k with Ad Ks and Ashish Munot made a snap call holding Qh Qs
The board ran 7d 10s 5c 3c Js where pocket queens held up for Munot who won the pot and busted Shardul.


Rajeev Kanjani Doubles-Up!

Rajeev Kanjani

Level 31 (75,000-125,000 & Ante 125,000)

Final table has just started and Rajeev Kanjani is off to a great start. Just a while back, he secured a doubleup. Pre flop, Rajeev Kanjani shoved all-in for 985,000 holding Ah Jc and Sami Sipila called with Ad 8c. The board came Kc Qc 7c 9h Kh and Kanjani took down the pot with his jack kicker to double-up.


WPT India 2019 Main Event By Numbers!

Level 31 (75,000-125,000 & Ante 125,000)

Shuffle-Up & Deal – Final Table Gets Underway. 

Level 31 (75,000-125,000 & Ante 125,000)

The final 9 players have already taken their seats and the final table for the Main Event has got underway with Jai Saha in lead. Players have started at level 31 with blinds of 75,000-125,000 and Ante 125,000.


Welcome To WPT India Main Event Final Table – Day 3 Action!

Level 31 (75,000-125,000 & Ante 125,000)

With Manoj Singh going out in 10th place yesterday, the final table of the WPT India 2019 Main Event was set with Jai Saha in lead. He bagged up a stack of 3,940,000 last night and will start final table today (2:30 pm) as chip leader. Here is a quick look at the final table chip counts and payout for the final 9 players:

Seat 1.  Yash Punjawat  –  2,050,000  (16 bb)
Seat 2.  Ashish Munot  –  3,400,000  (27 bb)
Seat 3.  Jai Saha  –  3,940,000  (32 bb)
Seat 4.  Yuvraj Chaudhary  –  2,120,000  (17 bb)
Seat 5.  Nishant Sharma  –  1,550,000  (12 bb)
Seat 6.  Rajeev Kanjani  –  1,330,000  (11 bb)
Seat 7.  Sahil Nair  –  1,290,000  (10 bb)
Seat 8.  Sami Sipila  –  1,210,000  (10 bb)
Seat 9.  Shardul Parthasarathi  –  1,780,000  (14 bb)

Payouts for Final 9 Players

Each of the final tablist is guaranteed at least INR 609,920 and the winner takes home a whopping INR  6,348,641*. here is a quick look at the payouts for the final 9 players from the Main Event!

1st:  INR 6,348,641*
2nd:  INR 4,277,605
3rd:  INR 2,753,290
4th:  INR 1,987,220
5th:  INR 1,524,970
6th:  INR 1,228,645
7th:  INR 1,020,340
8th:  INR 813,010
9th:  INR 609,920

Final day of the Main Event is going to be exciting  one with several tough pros in contention for the coveted title and the top prizemoney of a whopping 6,348,641*, so stick with us for the updates!