Welcome To Live Coverage Of WPT India 2019 100K High Roller Day 2

Yasheel Doddanavar Wins WPT India 2019 100K High Roller For INR 34,64,965!


Level 29 (Blinds 50k-100k & Ante 100k)

And it is over! Popular pro Yasheel Doddanavar emerges as the champion of the WPT India 2019 100k High Roller! He defeated a strong field of 127 entries to win the title for a hefty INR 34,64,965 in top prize and a beautiful WPT trophy.

In heads-up, he faced Aditya G. who battled it hard but could not go all the way and finished runner-up, taking home INR 21,50,670 for his runner-up finish.

The last hand of the tournament was a pre-flop all-in with both players putting their chips in the middle. Yasheel D.had Ah 5h, while Aditya G. held Qc 10c.

The board opened Kd 3c 9s 4s 5s where Yasheel rivered a five pair to take down the pot as well as the title. Yasheel is a renowned player on the live circuit. He has made several final table finishes on international felts though, he has been missing out on the title.  Finally, he gets monkey off his back by winning a WPT title for him. Congratulations Yasheel and we wish you good luck for future tournaments!

Now It Is Heads-Up!

Heads-Up High Roller
Level 27 (Blinds 30k-60k & Ante 60k)

Finally, we are down to the final two players in Aditya GS. and Yasheel D. Yasheel is far more experienced between the two and has already made several final table finishes on international felts. Stay tuned to watch out as to who takes it down!

Here their chip counts:

1. Aditya GS. – 25.90m
2. Yasheel D. – 24.90M.

Kuang Hung Lee Finishes 3rd for INR 12,84,425

Level 27 (Blinds 30k-60k & Ante 60k)

It was a pre-flop action where Kuang Hung Lee shoves all-in for 180k and gets called by Aditya G.

Kuang: 5s 6d
Aditya: 8c 10c
The board runs out Qc Kh 7h 10h 7c where Aditya makes two pairs to win the pot and bust Lee from FT!

Abhishek Rathod Eliminated in 4th Place (INR 806,500)

Level 26 (20k-40k and 40k)

Yasheel D. from UTG open raises to 100k and Abhishek Rathod from SB shoves all-in for 900k.

Yasheel makes a snap call and tables Ad Ac. Rathod turns over Ah Jh and is in bad shape against AA of Yasheel

The board runs Ks 9d 3c 8s As where Yasheel rivers a set with Aces to win the pot and bust Rathod from FT.

Raman Gujral Exits in 5th Place for INR 597,410

Level 26 (20k-40k and 40k)

Pre-flop, Raman Gujral from SB moves all-in for 650k and Aditya G. from BB makes a snap call.

Raman: Kd 4c
Aditya: Qh Qc
The board opens Qd 6c 9c As 9h, giving Aditya a winning fullhouse to win the pot and bust Raman.

Abhay Kumar Bokadia Heads out in 6th Place for INR 513,770
Level 26 (20k-40k and 40k)

It was a battle of the blinds where Abhay Kumar Bokadia from SB moves all-in for 240k with Kc 2d and the veteran pro Raman Gujral calls from BB holding Qh 9h.

The board opens 7d 3d 6s 9c 8c.

Gujral pairs his nine on the turn to take down the pot and bust Bokadia .
Akash Malik Finishes 7th for INR 445,070
Level 25 (Blinds 15k-30k & Ante 30k)

Pre-flop, Akash Malik from UTG open shoves for 285k and Yasheel D. calls with Ah Ad.
Akash turns over Kd Qd and needs to hit to stay alive in the tournament.
The board opens 10h 6d 4c 8h Jh where pocket Aces hold up for Yasheel and he wins the pot to bust Akash from the tournament.

Manish M. Gandhi Exits in 8th Place for INR 394,290

Level 24 (Blinds 15k-25k & Ante 25k)

Pre-flop, Yahseel D. from MP1 raises to 75k and Manish Gandhi from SB re-raises it to 245k. Yasheel calls.

Flop Jh 10s Ad

Manish checks and Yasheel bets 30k to which Manish shoves all-in for his remaining 10k stack.

Manish turns over 7d 7h and he needs to hit on the turn and river to hold up against As Qd of Yasheel

The turn 5c and the river 4s bring no help to Manish. Yasheel who pairs his Ace on the flop wins the pot to bust Manish.

Roshan Rodrigues Finishes 9th for INR 346,495
Level 24 (Blinds 15k-25k & Ante 25k)
Pre-flop, Abhay Kumar Bokadia from MP2 raised to 55k and Roshan Rodrigues from button shoved all-in for 210k with Ac Kc. Bokadia called all-in with his As Ah

The board ran out 10s 3c 9d 2h Jh where pocket aces held up for Bokadia to win the pot and bust Roshan.

Final Table Set With Aditya G. And Yasheel D. In Lead!

high roller final table

Level 24 (Blinds 15k-25k & Ante 25k)

Finally were down to the final table and here the chip counts of final 9 players:

Roshan P. – 280k
Akash Malik – 275k
Aditya G. – 1.110m
Yasheel D. – 1.07m
Kuang Hung Lee – 545k
Abhishek Rathod – 505k
Abhay Bokadia – 380k
Raman Gujral – 450k
Manish M. Gandhi – 335k.

Pranay Chawla Bubbles WPT India 100k High Roller FT!
Level 24 (Blinds 15k-25k & Ante 25k)

It was a pre-flop battle of blinds where Pranay Chawla from SB shoved for 425k with Ad 8s and Aditya G. who had him covered called from BB with 9d 9h.

The board ran out 2c 9c 6s Jc 4x where Aditya flopped a set to win the pot and bust his opponent in 11th place for INR 304,680. Now we are down to the final table!

Gaurav Bhandari Exits in 11th Place for INR 304,680

Level 20 (Blinds 5k-10k & Ante 10k)
It was a pre-flop action where Gaurav Bhandari’s Ad 10c ran into Kd Qc of Yasheel D.
The board came Jh Ah 10d 7c 4s. Bhandari flopped two pairs bur Yasheel got a straight to win the pot and bust his opponent in 11th place.

Recent Eliminations From The High Roller!

Level 20 (Blinds 5k-10k & Ante 10k)

Abhinav Iyer – 12th for INR 304,680

Pradeep N. – 13th for INR 265,845

Guneet Kwatra Exits in 14th Place for INR 265,845

Level 19 (Blinds 4k-8k & Ante 8k)
Pre-flop, Guneet picked up Ah 10h and decided to shove all-in for his 56k and Aditya G. who held Kd Qc called from the small blind.
The board ran out 10c 2c Ks 8d Jd where Guneet flopped a ten pair, but Aditya paired his King to win the pot and bust Guneet in 14th place.

Shawn Chatterton Finishes 15th for INR 265,845

Level 19 (Blinds 4k-8k & Ante 8k)

Pre-flop, Abhinav Iyer bets 20k and Shawn Chatterton shoves all-in for 90k holding 8d 8s. Iyer calls  and turns over Ac Qd.

The board opens Qs 7d 6h 5d 7s where pocket eights don’t hold-up as Iyer makes two better pairs with queens and sevens to take down the pot and bust Shawn in 15th place.

Nikhil Kedia Finishes 16th for INR  232,990

Level 19 (Blinds 4k-8k & Ante 8k)
Pre-flop, Yasheel D. from button raises to 60k and Nikhil Kedia from SB calls. ‘
Flop Ah Jh 6c
Kedia checks and Yassheel bets 21k and Kedia shoves all-in for his remaining 80k stack. Yasheel calls and tables 6s Js. Kedia turns over Ad Qc and needs to improve on the turn and river to stay alive. The turn 4h and river 10h bring no help to Kedia.

While Kedia pairs his ace on the flop, Yasheel makes two pairs with Jacks and sixes to take down the pot and bust Kedia in 16th place.


Sumit Sapra Bubbles WPT India 2019 High Roller Event!

sumit sapra

Level 18 (Blinds 3k-6k & Ante 6k)

A player from UTG opens raises to 14k, Abhishek Rathod calls from SB, and Sumit Sapra from BB shoves all-in for 80k. While the utg player folds, Rathod calls and tables As Qd against 3h 3d of Sapra.
The board runs out Kh Qs 8h 8c Ad where pocket three don’t hold up for Sapra and he bubbles the tournament.  All remaining 16 players are in the money now.

Notable Chip Counts – Pranay Chawla Leads

Level 16 (Blinds 200-4000 & Ante 4000)

Pranay Chawla – 360k
Raghav Bansal – 360k
Sanjay Sharma – 290k
Pradeep Sharma – 270k
Guneet Kwatra – 260k
Yasheel D. – 250K
Manish Gandhi – 208k
Shawn Chatterton – 190k


Level 16 Begins; 33 Players Left!

Level 16 (Blinds 200-4000 & Ante 4000)

Level 16 begins and blinds increase to 2k-4k with a bb ante of 4k. There are 33 players are remaining out of 127 entries, with the average stack being around 153,939.

Pranay Chawla and Raghav Bansal are the top stacks at the moment.

Sagar Choudhury Busted by Abhishek Rathod

Level 15 (Blinds 1500-3000 & Ante 3000)
In a recent hand, Abhishedk Rathod from UTG open raised to 6k and Sagar Choudhury from BB called.
Flop Jc Qs Ah
Sagar Choudhury shoved all-in for 13k holding Qh 3s and Rathod called with Qd Kh

Sagar needed to hit to to improve further to stay alive and the turn and river cards opened 10c and Qc.

Sagar did get a three of a kind but Rathod hit a straight on the turn to take down the pot and bust Sagar.

Lvel 15 Beings (37 Remaining)
Level 15 (Blinds 1500-3000 & Ante 3000)
Level 15 begins and blinds increase to 1500-3000 with a bb ante of 3000. There are 37 players remaining with the average stackbeing around 137,297.

Rghav Bansal and Sanjay Sharma and Pradeep Sharma seems to be holding top stacks.

Stay tuned for our chip count update ahead!

Nikhil Kedia Wins In Three-Way All-in; Sam Anand Busted!

Nikhil Kedia HR

Level 14 (1500-2500 & Ante 2500)

It was a three-way all-in action where Kunal Patni from UTG open raised to 5k, Nikhil Kedia from button re-raised it to 10k and Sam Anand in SB moved all-in for 32k.

Action back on Kunal who shoved behind for 70k. Nikhil shoved behind for 50k.
Kunal: 9s 9c 
Nikhil Ad Ac 
Sam: Qs Qh
The board opened 4c 6s 2h 3c 8d where pocket Aces held up for Nikhil and he won the pot to double-up.
Sam Anand got eliminated, while Kunal Patni lost a big chunk of his chips and stacked down.

Payouts for WPT India 100K High Roller

Level 14 (1500-2500 & Ante 2500)
Level 14 has begun and blinds now increase to 1500-2500 with a bb ante of 2500. 127 entries in total and there are around 41 players remaining. Meanwhile, payouts have been announced. Top 16 finishers are to be paid. The winner takes home INR 34,64,965, the min-cashes start from 2,32,990.

Payouts (INR)
1st – 3,464,965
2nd – 2,150,670
3rd – 1,284,425
4th- 806,500
5th – 597,410
6th – 513,770
7th – 445,070
8th – 394,290
9th – 346,495
10th-12th – 304,680
13th-15th- 265,845
16th – 232,990

Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba Busts Vaibhav Sharma
Level 13 (Blinds 1k-2k & 2k)
It was a pre-flop action between the blinds where Vaibhav Sharma from SB shoved all-in for 30k and
Minissha Lamba (bb) called and tabled Ad 10h against Ad 9c of Vaibhav who needed to hit to stay alive.
The board ran out 4d 4h 5h Qc 7d where Vaibhav failed to beat A10 of Lamba and got busted.


Late Registration Closes With 127 Entries

Level 13 (Blinds 1k-2k & 2k)
Level 13 is underway and that means the late registration already closed. There are 127 entries coming in for this high roller event of the WPT India 2019. Around 50 players remaining in the field. Payouts and prizepool will be released soon.  Stay tuned for our payout update!
Yudhishter Jaswal Eliminated by Abhinav Iyer!

Abhhinav Iyer was in UTG and he open raised to 4.5k and Yudhishter Jaswal from BU shoved all-in for 25k holding Qh Qd.
Abhinav Iyer made a snap call with Ks Kh.
The board opened 6x 7d Jc 10s 9c where pocket queens of Jaswal did not hold up against pocket kings and he got busted.

Nitish Gupta Takes It Down From Eka Vedantham 

Level 13 (Blinds 1k-2k & 2k)

Pre-flop, Eka Vedantham opened the cutoff to 4500 and Nitish Gupta from SB called.
Flop 10d 6h 2c
Both players check the flop.
Turn 8d
Again, both checked
River 10h
Nitish Gupta from SB fired a bet of 6k this time and Eka called.
Nitish turned over Kd 5d, while Eka mucked his hand. Nitish took down the pot.

Aditya Agarwal Eliminates Yogesh Choudhary

aditya agarwal high roller
Level 12 (Blinds 800-1600 & Ante 1600)
Pre-flop, Aditya raised to 3k holding 8h 8d and Yogesh Choudhary shoved all-in for 13k with 10s Ks.
The board opened 8c Ah 9c 6h 6s where Aditya hit full house to take down the pot and bust Yogesh.

Level 12 Begins; 117 Entries Registered

Level 12 (Blinds 800-1600 & Ante 1600)

Level 12 begins and blinds increase to 800-1600 with a big blind ante of 1600. There are 117 entries on and 63 players are remaining in the field with an average stack being around 74.5k. Late registration remains open untill the start of level 13 and we expect some more entries by the end of this level.

115 Entries & Still Counting

Level 11 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)
The high roller event day 2 is currently underway. Yesterday, it drew a total of 97 entries and now there are 115 entries. Out of these, 70 players are remaining with the average stack being around 74,285.

The late registration remains open until the start of level 13 for this event!


WPT India 2019 Main Event By Numbers!

Level 11 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

A Quick Look at Chip Counts For Day 2 Start:

Level 11 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

1 Kunal Patni 94,200
2 Meherzad Munsaf 35,500
3 Kuang Hung Lee 120,300
4 Rohan Bhasin 101,300
5 Nikhil Kedia 62,000
6 Abshay Jain 63,600
7 Sriharsha D 54,300
8 Armaan Kochhar 165,500
9 Shawn Chatterton 93,400
10 Vijay Reddy 15,200
11 Yudhishter Jaswal 60,300
12 Vikaash Shah 40,000
13 Abhay Kumar Bokadia 44,300
14 Manish Gandhi 95,300
15 Samay Parikh 18,700
16 Sanjay Sharma 160,000
17 Guneet Kwatra 129,000
18 Aditya Sushant 85,900
19 Raman Gujral 97,300
20 Ujjwal Narwal 76,200
21 Charli Vikram Kavshik 106,500
22 Muskan Sethi 139,300
23 Somashekar KM 83,600
24 Rajnish Kumar 76,500
25 Abhishek Rathod 111,700
26 Asif Anis 68,000
27 Asheque Elahi 66,100
28 Vaibhav Sharma 32,900
29 Minissha Lamba 70,100
30 Raghav Bansal 72,800
31 Abhishek Goindi 69,200
32 Yogesh Choudhary 42,500
33 Nikunj Jhunjhunwala 97,500
34 Jyoti Ranjan Nayar 64,800
35 Anshul Rajput 78,100
36 Sumit Sapra 89,,100
37 Pradeep Sharma 138,800
38 Bharat Kumar 86300
39 Pavan Jain 29200
40 Karan Kapur 138,500
41 Aditya GS 110,600
42 Yasheel D 40,500
43 Ashish Kasaraneni 60,400
44 Roshan Rodrigues 22,300
45 Akash Malik 85,,100
46 Pavan Garapati 165,300
47 Nitish Gupta 68,700
48 Abhinav Iyer 58,400


‘Shuffle-Up & Deal’ – Day 2 Begins!

With the announcement of Shuffle-Up & Deal, Day 2 play has started. All the remaining 48 players have returned to the felts and play has begun with blinds running at 600-1200 and 1200 ante!


A Walk Through Deltin Experience 


Welcome To  WPT India 2019 100K High Roller Day 2

high roller day second image

The WPT India 2019 reaches its exciting conclusion today, with three events playing down to a champion. We’ll have a limited coverage on the 20K Megastack NLH as our focus will be on the 100K High Roller event and the 55k Main Event Final table, which are scheduled to start at 2pm in a while.

For the High Roller, there were 97 entries yesterday and players can still jump into the action today until the start of level 13, at 3:20pm. Play for Day 1 yesterday ended at level 10 with the blinds of 500-1000, which means Day 2 will begin from level 11 with the blinds of 600-1200 and 1200 ante.

48 players come back today after surviving a tough day of competition yesterday. Armaan Kochhar (165,500) will begin Day 2 as chip leader. Other big stacks include Pavan Garapati (165,300), Sanjay Sharma (160,000),Muskan Sethi (139,300) and Pradeep Sharma (138,800) to name a few.

Some of the big names in contention today include Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni, veteran pro Meherzad Munsaf, latest WPT India Big Bounty champion Sriharsha D., Yudhishter Jaswal, Samay Parikh, WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant, Raman Gujral, the first-champion of this high roller event – Rajnish Kumar, Abhishek Rathod, Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba and Raghav Bansal, Abhishek Goindi, Nikunj Jhunjhunwala, Sumit Sapra, Yasheel D, Akash Malik, and WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer. So, it should be an exciting day of play today, so stick with us for updates!