Pratik Mehta Takes Down WPT India 2019 SHIP IT Event For INR 2,07,446!

All the attention and focus of the 2019 WPT India series has been on the 3.25 Crore GTD Main Event, but there have been other exciting events taking place simultaneously. One such event was the INR 7k Ship IT Event, a single-day tournament that took place last night. Emerging triumphant amid 90 entries was Pratik Mehta who won his maiden WPT title at the event, pocketing INR 2,07,446 in top prizemoney after defeating his heads-up mate Karan Kapur who settled for INR 1,18,540 prize.

‘Shuffle-Up and Deal’ was announced and the tournament began with several notables players including Sahil Chutani, Ujjwal  Vishnani, and Ronak Agarwal. Eventually, a field of 90 runner sat down at 9 tables and each table had an open hand flip and one winner was declared from each table.

Since there was one winner from each table, 9 players made it to the Final Round with a starting stack of 12,000 chips each and they played levels of 15 minutes each, with all of them finishing in the money. The 9 survivors entering final round were Pratik Mehtra, Karan Kapur, Pankaj Kothari, Sahil Chutani, Amit Kumar, Abhay Bokadia, Ujjwal  Vishnani, Sanjay Sharma, and Ronak Agarwal.

Final Table Action

The first casualty of the last round was Ronak Agarwal who jammed holding Ks Qs and was called by Abhay Bokadia who held Qc Qd, which held up to win the pot for Bokadia and bust Ronak in 9th.

Next to leave was Sanjay Sharma who exited in 8th place. Going out in 7th place was Ujjwal  Vishnani whose Jh Kd ran into 3s 3h of Sahil Chatani. On a board of Jh Kd 3c 7c Ah,  Vishnani did flop two pairs, but Chutani got a set to win the pot and bust  Vishnani in 7th place from the Ship IT event.

A few hands later, it was Abhay Bokadia who exited in 6th place. He pitted his Ad 5d against Kd Qh of Pankaj Kothari. The board ran 10c 10h 5s 7d Qd where Kothari won the pot to bust Bokadia.

The next elimination came in Amit Kumar who shoved all-in from Cutoff position with Ah Jd and was called by Pankaj Kothari who held Kd 5d in the big blind. The board 7c 9s 6c 8d 4d gave Kothari a straight on the river to take down the coveted pot and bust Ankit Kumar in 5th place.

A little later, it was Sahil Chutani who shoved all-in for 18k with Kh Qd and Karan Kapur called with Ac 3d. The board opened 4h Js 9h 9d 8h where A3 of Kapur was good to win the pot and bust Sahil.

Finishing 3rd was Pankanj Kothari. He shoved all-in with Kc 5h and Pratik Mehta called with Ad 9h. An Ace fell on the river and it was enough for Pratik to win it and bust Kothari in 3rd place.

The final showdown took place between Pratik Mehta and Karan Kapur who fought well but could not go all the way eventually finishing runner-up for INR 1,18,540. The final hand of the tournament saw Karan Kapur shoving all-in with Qh 8h and Pratik Mehta called with Kc Qd. The board ran Kd 10c 2c 7c 4h where Pratik flopped a king pair to take down the pot as well as his first WPT India title.

Final Table Payouts:

1st-Pratik Mehta – INR 2,07,446

2nd-Karan Kapur – INR 1,18,540

3rd-Pankaj Kothari -INR 72,606,

4th- Sahil Chutani -INR 51,861

5th- Amit Kumar – INR 40,007

6th- Abhay Bokadia – INR 31,117

7th- Ujjwal  Vishnani -INR 26,671

8th- Sanjay Sharma -INR 23,708

9th- Ronak Agarwal -INR 20,744