Welcome To Live Coverage Of WPT India 2019 100K High Roller Day 1

WPT India High Roller Day 1 Ends With 48 Players Advancing To Day 2!

Level 10 (500-1000 & Ante 1000)

The high roller began today and there were a number of challengers vying for the chip lead during the last levels. However, it was  Armaan Kochhar (165,500) who ended the day as chip leader. He is closely followed by Pavan Garapati (165,300). The other big stacks include Sanjay Sharma (160,000), India’s first female pro Muskan Sethi (139,300) and  Pradeep Sharma (138,800) who rounds top five stacks.

Some notables still in contention include Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni, veteran pro Meherzad Munsaf,  latest WPT India Big Bounty champion Sriharsha D., Yudhishter Jaswal, Samay Parikh, WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant, Raman Gujral, the first-champion of this high roller event – Rajnish Kumar, Abhishek Rathod, Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba and Raghav Bansal, Abhishek Goindi, Nikunj Jhunjhunwala, Sumit Sapra, Yasheel D, Akash Malik, and WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer. Here is a quick look at the chip counts of the remaining 48 players:

1 Kunal Patni 94,200
2 Meherzad Munsaf 35,500
3 Kuang Hung Lee 120,300
4 Rohan Bhasin 101,300
5 Nikhil Kedia 62,000
6 Abshay Jain 63,600
7 Sriharsha D 54,300
8 Armaan Kochhar 165,500
9 Shawn Chatterton 93,400
10 Vijay Reddy 15,200
11 Yudhishter Jaswal 60,300
12 Vikaash Shah 40,000
13 Abhay Kumar Bokadia 44,300
14 Manish Gandhi 95,300
15 Samay Parikh 18,700
16 Sanjay Sharma 160,000
17 Guneet Kwatra 129,000
18 Aditya Sushant 85,900
19 Raman Gujral 97,300
20 Ujjwal Narwal 76,200
21 Charli Vikram Kavshik 106,500
22 Muskan Sethi 139,300
23 Somashekar KM 83,600
24 Rajnish Kumar 76,500
25 Abhishek Rathod 111,700
26 Asif Anis 68,000
27 Asheque Elahi 66,100
28 Vaibhav Sharma 32,900
29 Minissha Lamba 70,100
30 Raghav Bansal 72,800
31 Abhishek Goindi 69,200
32 Yogesh Choudhary 42,500
33 Nikunj Jhunjhunwala 97,500
34 Jyoti Ranjan Nayar 64,800
35 Anshul Rajput 78,100
36 Sumit Sapra 89,,100
37 Pradeep Sharma 138,800
38 Bharat Kumar 86300
39 Pavan Jain 29200
40 Karan Kapur 138,500
41 Aditya GS 110,600
42 Yasheel D 40,500
43 Ashish Kasaraneni 60,400
44 Roshan Rodrigues 22,300
45 Akash Malik 85,,100
46 Pavan Garapati 165,300
47 Nitish Gupta 68,700
48 Abhinav Iyer 58,400

Day 2 of this High Roller event begins at 2 pm (21st October). Late registration on Day 2 will remain open until the start of level 13.  Now it is time to sign off for us! Good luck to all of you for Day 2!

97 Entries  Recorded On Day 1!

Level 10 (500-1000 & Ante 1000)

Day 1 is a wrap! A total of 97 entries were registered on Day 1 of this WPT India 100k High Roller event. After 10 levels of play, Day 1 has ended with only 48 players making it to Day 2 of the event.

Prizepool and payouts will be announced tomorrow after the late registration ends!

Kunal Vohra Busted by Yudhishter Jaswal

Level 10 (500-1000 & Ante 1000)

Pre-flop, Yudhishter Jaswal from MP2  raises to 1600, while three players call and Kunal Vohra from BB shoves all-in for 9200. While Jaswal calls, the other three players gets out of the way.
Jaswal: Ah 7h
Vohra: Kc 5c
The board runs Ad 6d Js As 6s where Jaswal hits full house to win the pot and bust Vohra.

Anshul Rajput Takes It Down From Raghav Bansal

Level 10 (500-1000 & Ante 1000)

Pre-flop, Anshul Rajput opens to 2500 and Raghav Bansal from button re-raises it 7500. Rajput tanks for a while and calls.
Flop 10d Qs 7c 
Rajput bets 5k and Bansal calls.
Turn 8s 
Both players check the turn
River 2s 
Again, both players check.
Rjput turns over 9c 10c for a flopped ten pair and takes down the pot as Raghav mucks his hand.

Paul Fernandes Flops A Set To Take It Down

Level 9 (Blinds 400-800 & Ante 800)

On the flop reading 4c 10s Ad, Aditya G. from BB checks and Paul Fernandes from button bets 1200. Aditya G. calls.
Turn 2s
Aditya bets 2k and Paul makes it 7k, which Aditya calls after tanking for a while.
River Ks
Both players check the river.
Aditya shows As 9d for a flopped top pair, while Paul turns over 10h 10h for a set to take down the pot.


A Walk Through Deltin Experience 

Abhishek Rathod Adds Some More To His Growing Stack
Level 9 (Blinds 400-800 & Ante 800)
Bharat Kumar from MP1 raises to 1500, Abhishek Rathod from MP2 calls, and everyone else folds.
Flop Js Jc 3c
Kumar fires a bet of 10.5k and Rathod calls.
Turn Ad
Both players check
River 8d
Again, both players check.
Rathod turns over Ks Ac for 2 pairs with Aces and Jacks and takes down the pot as Kumar  mucks.

WPT India 2019 Main Event By Numbers!


Arun Kochhar Doubles-Up Through Nikita Luther

Level 8 (Blinds 300-600 & Ante 600)
Pre-flop, a player from MP2 raised to 20k, Arun Kochhar from SB shvoed all-in for 32k, Adda52 Team Pro Nikita Luther called from BB and MP2 folded his hand. Both players turned over their cards:
Nikita: Ah Qh
Arun: Js 6S
The board ran out Jd 5h 10c 9d Js where Arun rivered trip with Jacks to take down the pot and double-up.

Notable Chip Counts After Second Break

Level 8 (Blinds 300-600 & Ante 600)
Shawn Chatterton – 115k
Abhishek Rathod – 120k
Aditya G. – 110k
Pranay Chawla -94k
Vikram B. 85k
Anshul Rajput – 74k
Minissha Lamba – 75k
Mayank Agarwal – 72k


Kuang Hong Lee Chipping Up!

Level 7 (Blinds 300-500 & 500)
Kuang Hong Lee from MP 2 raises 1200 and Pawan Jan from BB makes the call.
Flop Js Qd 5h
Pawan checks and Kuang Hong bets 1k, which Pawan calls.
Turn As
Pawan checks again and Kuang bets 2500 this time. Pawan calls again
River 7c
Both players decide to check the river.
Kuang Hong turns over Ad 6h for a top pair with Aces, and Pawan mucks his hand. Kuang Hong takes it down.


Notable Chip Counts After First Break
Level 5 (Blinds 200-300 & Ante 300)

Yohan Chawla – 154k
Rohan B. – 111k
Aditya G. 104k
Shwan Chatterton – 95k
Abhishek Rathod – 90k
Meherzad Munsaf – 72k
Pranay Chawla – 78k


Raman Gujral Vs. Gaurav Sood!

Level 4 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 200)
A player opens the cutoff and Gaurav Sood from SB and Raman Gujral from BB, both players call.
Flop 10c Qd 3h
Sood from SB checks, Raman checks behind and the player in CO bets 2k. Both Sood and Raman call.
Turn 2c
Sood checks again, Raman bets 3.1k. While CO folds, Sood calls.
River Ks
Both players check the river
Sood turns over 7d 7s, which fail to best 10d Kd of Raman who takes down the pot with two pairs.

Kunal Patni Takes It Down From WPT India 2017 HR Champ Rajnish Kumar

Level 3 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 100)

Pre-flop, Rajnish Kumar opens to 600 and Kunal Patni from Cutoff position calls.
Flop 8c Ad 8s
Rajnish bets 500 and Patni calls
Later, both players check the last two streets – 10s and 6h.
Rajnish Kumar tables 2d 2h, which lose to Patni’s 3s 3c and with this, Patni takes down the pot.


Abhishek Rathod Drops A Pot!
Level 2 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 0)
Pre-flop, a player from UTG opens to 600 and Abhishek Rathor from MP 1 re-raises to 2k, which UTG calls.
Flop: Jc Ad 9d
UTG bets 2k and Rathod calls.
Turn 6d
UTG continues to fire and bets 35k this time, which Rathod calls.
River 7s
Both players slow down and decide to check.
The UTG player shows Qd Kd for a winning flush, while Rathod mucks his hand.

Hands, Chip Counts & Other Stuff Will Be Updated Soon!

We have a limited team. Our reporter is busy covering the Main Event and so the hands and chip counts for the high roller will be updated a little later. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates !


A Few Notables In The Field 

Level 1 (100-100 & Ante 0)

As of now, around 40 players are in the field and some notables among them include:

Pranav Bagai
Meherzad Munsaf
Sriharsha D
Sumit Sapra
Ankit Kapoor
Vivek Rughani
Kunal Patni
Mitang Soni
Abhishek Goindi



Shuffle-Up & Deal – Day 1 of 100K High Roller Begins

Level 1 (BLinds 100-100 & Ante 0)

With the announcement of Shuffle-Up & Deal, the tournament has started. Players start with 40k stack and blinds are 100-100 with 0 ante for the first level. Good luck to all the participants!

Welcome To WPT India 2019 100K High Roller Day 1  

After an impressive 630 in entries in the Main Event of WPT India 2019, now it is time for the biggest buy-in event – 100k High Roller, which kicks off in a while from now at 7pm here at the Deltin Royale, Goa. Last year, it was Kalyan Chakravarthy who won the High Roller title for INR 37.53 Lac after beating a strong field of 142 entries, including Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba in heads-up.

The 100k High Roller is a max- 2-re-entry event with Day 2 entry available (with late registration open until the start of level 13 on Day 2). As the name suggests, it is a 100k buy-in event and players start with 40k stack. Each level for this high roller event will be of 40 minutes. There are 10 levels scheduled for Day 1 and late registration will remain open until the start of level 13 on Day 2.

Stay tuned for the latest updates!