5 Important Tips By Tarun Goyal For Building Your Online Poker Bankroll

Adda52 Team Pro Tarun Goyal is a respected name on India’s poker landscape. A very consistent poker pro with plenty of FTs, Runner-Up Finishes and Wins, he is one of the best online players in the country. With his humble and helpful nature, he has gained immense respect in the community. His years of experience and solid knowledge of poker has made him a great adviser to many.

“Good Bankroll Management is a Risk Control System. It will provide cushion during losing times. Only playing good is not enough for online Poker. To be safe, you have to build a good Bankroll Management system. Always set what you can afford to lose and always make sure you don’t go above it.”- Tarun Goyal

Poker tips and lessons coming from the talented pro are always inspiring and useful, especially for the young talents. Recently, we caught-up with him to know about the strategies to build a solid online  poker bankroll. Here are the five important tips shared by him for building your bankroll:

  1. Separate your personal and poker finances. You should treat Poker as a business. Therefore, be smart and avoid spending your poker bankroll for other things as well.
  1. Always play within your bankroll. Play the stakes which are suitable for you. If you play the stakes which your bankroll cannot afford, then there are high chances you might go broke.  
  1. Keep your calm when downswings hit you. Always keep on playing your A-game, even during a downswing.
  1. Lead a good life style. By ‘good’ I mean a balanced life style that includes keeping diet proper, having exercise, etc. This eventually would help you to be more calm and composed on the table and make better poker decisions.
  1. Move down in stakes as and when required. This is very important. Remember, poker is also a game of confidence and there is no shame in moving down. Move down in stakes, crush the lower stakes, gain some confidence and then move up again.  

A Little About Tarun Goyal’s Poker Journey

Goyal started playing poker in early 2012 and immediately fell in love with the game. His online journey started from Adda52 where he started converting hundreds into thousands but later put in heavy volume and won big tournaments, which earned him hefty prizes. Driven by his roaring initial success, he decided to quit his job and become a professional poker player. In August 2016, he travelled to Goa to play his first Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT). And what a start! He went on to win the very first event of the series – DPT 10K Kickoff event, which earned him a good INR 6,35,000.

Immediately after his win in the DPT 10K Kickoff event, Adda52 signed Goyal as their Team Pro. Since then, there has been no looking back for the pro as he has been consistently posting big scores. While he has already scored several FT finishes on the live felts, he is mainly known for his online exploits. Both in 2017 and 2018, he was one of the highest earning players on Adda52. 2019 has been rewarding so far as the 2017 Adda52 POY title winner is going strong. He has already scored close to a dozen of FTs, earned seven runner-up finishes and won two major tournaments. His latest win came just a couple of days back when he shipped Adda52’s Hitman for INR 2,08,500.