Longtime Senior Poker Advocate Johnny Hale Dies At 92

Born in Pittsburgh, Oklahoma in September 1927, Johnny Hale has died at the age of 92. Longtime senior poker advocate Hale had worked as a home builder in Tulsa before taking up the skill game of poker. Starting his live career in 1980, he went on to win more than a dozen of poker titles and scored plenty of FT finishes, including seven final tables at the world’s most popular event – WSOP.

Hale worked with Benny Binion to promote the WSOP Seniors Event. Although he never won a WSOP event officially, he was awarded a bracelet for being the best all-around player at the 1980 WSOP where he made three final table scores, finishing second, third, and then once again third.

Apart from working towards promoting and popularizing senior’s event at the WSOP, the world class player also created the Seniors Poker Hall of Fame, and chronicled his life in his biography – The Life And Times Of A… Gentleman Gambler: “Oklahoma Johnny” Hale on poker & Las Vegas.

To know more about Johnny Hale’s poker achievements, check out this link HERE!