Monday-Tuesday Majors: Kamal Naruka Wins Adda52’s Goa Fest; Sreekanth Narayan Ships Hitman

After a super Sunday on, Monday saw several high-value tournaments taking place on the platform. The most prominent among them all was the 8 Lac GTD Goa Fest, which took place on Monday night and drew a total of 222 entries. In the end, coming out on top was the young talent Kamal ‘ksn123’ Naruka, who defeated ‘abhisekchem86’ in heads-up to earn INR 2.21 Lac.

Kamal is no stranger to winning big on The online grinder has already won several tournaments including Judwaa, The Roar, Hexagram and Beast to name a few. This past Monday, he added one more win to his fast-growing poker resume by taking down Goa Fest on the poker site.

Top 24 were paid in the tournament with a min-cash of INR 6,869. The latest Mega Suits winner Sagar Choudhury (3rd for INR 96,970), Sandeep Varma (5th for INR 48,485), Gaurav Sood (6th for INR 34,343), Abhishek Garg (8th for INR 20,202) were some notables who made it to the final table of the event. Other notables who made money were Guneet Kwatra (23rd) and Dhaval Mudgal (24th).

Goa Fest Top 10 Payouts (INR)

1 ksn123 221818
2 abhisekchem86 129293
3 alwaysnutz 96970
4 TheProDino 69495
5 effuno 48485
6 gauravarod 34343
7 Rohitcool756333 26263
8 thegrinder 20202
9 Nik989 16162
10 Aarchit 14141


7.5 Lac GTD Hitman

Adda52’s Hitman took place yesterday and it was eventually won by online regular Sreekanth’ n0thing’ Narayan who outlasted a field of 213 entries to win INR 2.08 Lac. Online regs like Nikhil Rawat (4th for INR 67,500), Guneet Kwatra (5th for INR 46,875), and Abhishek Garg (6th for INR 32,250) were some notables who final-tabled the event.Rishi Mundhra (10th), Laksh Pal Singh (12th), Abhishek Gubba (13th), and Vaibhav Sharma (14th) were other notable players who finished ITM in the event.

Like all serious grinders, Narayan has plenty of cashes to his name. The talented player has already won several tourneys on Adda52, apart from making plenty of FT finishes. A few months back, he had shipped Big Slick and last night he added one more win to his name by winning Hitman.

Hitman Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 n0thing 208500
2 jigmet8888 121875
3 flipper1 92625
4 Nik989 67500
5 guntz 46875
6 thegrinder 32250
7 Nit2Donk 26625
8 thepokerfaceblr 20625
9 chirandh 16875
10 ronaldo94 13875