Mid-Week Majors: Utsav Sharma Wins Adda52’s Maverick; Kunal Chaudhary Ships RPS Big Game 3

We hit the mid-week yesterday and it saw several high-value tournaments on Adda52. The most prominent among them all was the 10 Lac GTD Maverick, which registered a total of 413 entries and topping the field in this event this time was Utsav Sharma aka ‘utsisharma’ who eventually defeated ‘Carlo3004’ in heads-up battle and walked away with a cool INR 2,16,550 in the top prizmeoney.

Utsav Sharma has plenty of scores on adda52.com. While the young talent has already won more than a dozen of tournaments here, his Maverick win seems to be his biggest score on the platform.

Top 43 were paid out in the tournament with a min-cash of INR 5,500. The final table had a number of notable regs including Divik Arora (4th for INR 80,000), Manish Lakhotia (5th for INR 52,000), Ram  Kakkar (6th for INR 35,000) and online crusher Shravan Chhabria ( 7th for INR 27,500).

Some other notables who finished ITM included Prateek Pandey (11th for INR 12,500), Anurag Srivastava (18th for INR 8,500), Anuj Yadav (19th for INR 8,500, Shardul Parthasarathi (20th for INR 8,500), Adda52 Team pro Kunal Patni (26th for INR 7,500), Adda52 Team Pro Tarun Goyal (29th for INR 6,500),Sriharsha Doddapaneni (31st for INR 6,500), Ritam Bhattacharya (32nd for INR 6,500), Siddhanth Kapoor (38th for INR 5,500) and Bharat Vasan (39th for INR 5,500) to name a few.

Top 10 Payouts (INR)

1 utsisharma 216550
2 Carlo3004 181450
3 Kiran2811 105000
4 luckysinghh 80000
5 newkidpoker 52000
6 mowgumotu 35000
7 sweatmyass13 27500
8 supernuts 22500
9 duksh92 16000
10 vikram_poker 12500

2 Lac GTD RPS Big Game 3

Another high-value event happening on Adda52 yesterday was the 2 Lac GTD RPS Big Game 3 of the ongoing Rising Poker Series (RPS). It was was won by Kunal ‘Charsilaladka’ Chaudhary who outlasted a field of 167 entries to win INR 48,479. Top 17 finishers made money and notables among them included Deepak Choudhary (7th for INR 7,500) and Kapil Chaudhary (14th for INR 2,500).

Top 10 Payouts (INR)

1 Charsilaladka 48479
2 erkarunbansal 42521
3 riverbet1 26000
4 nitkat 18500
5 tageja 13000
6 alokd 9000
7 Deepak32145 7500
8 somen3 5500
9 Sagar28389 4500
10 Vibhuiit17 4000

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