Puducherry Government Looking To Allow Casinos; Kiran Bedi Raises Objections!

The Indian casino industry is on its way of getting a big boost with the government of Puducherry is planning to legalize casinos. The Congress government headed by Chief Minister V Narayanasamy has been working hard since 2016 to promote tourism industry and increase the state revenue.

On 27 December, the state CM – Narayanasamy said, “Puducherry is a tourist destination. We will do all that’s required to attract tourists. There are casinos in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, and in India, Nagaland, Goa, and Sikkim have casinos. We will bring in regulations if you want.”

While many supported the idea, the retired IPS officer and present LG Governor Kiran Bedi raised objections saying that the government should keep the ‘wolf of gambling’ away from a spiritual and pristine Puducherry. Bedi also stated that introducing casinos in the Union territory will not only affect the quality of domestic and international tourists but it will also cause social problems.

Narayanasamy countered Bedi by saying that she does not have the authority to decide whether the casinos will be allowed in the territory. The CM also claimed that Bedi is working with a revengeful attitude towards the elected government. Adding more, Narayanasamy told that the plan would be beneficial as Puducherry is in dire need of funds and allowing lotteries, casinos, and breweries will solve the problem. Talking about his achievements as a CM, Narayanasamy claimed that the Union Territory under his leadership has taken big strides and has been placed in the top ranks in governance, public health, human resources development, law and order, and security.

The State Health and Tourism Minister Malladi Krishna Rao also stated that the government is looking to allow casinos in Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe, and Yanam. The government officials from the state also proposed taking an official trip to Goa to evaluate the model of allowing casinos.