Sunday Majors: Vikas Yadav Denies Deepak Bothra Mega Suits Win; Saket Kumar Wins His 4th Big Slick

After a little slow Saturday, the tournament action picked up on yesterday. The day saw two big ticket events taking place on the site. The most prominent of the two was the 25 Lac GTD Mega Suits, which drew a total of 475 entries in its latest run. Coming out on top of the field this time was the tournament regular Vikas Yadav aka ‘Vikas267’ who took home INR 6,12,500 for his win.

Vadav eventually locked horns with the well-known reg Deepak Bothra aka ‘bothras’ who ended up finishing runner-up for INR 3,62,500. Other notables who final-tabled were Faiz Alam (3rd for INR 2,50,000), Vidur Singhal (4th for INR 1,87,500), Sahil Mahboobani (5th for INR 1,25,000), Sanchit Adukia (6th for INR 87,500), Vishal Madan (7th for INR 68,750) and Gaurav Sood (9th for INR 40,000).

Yadav has plenty of scores on Although the young talent has already won a few events, his Mega Suits win last night fetched his biggest score on the poker site. Some of his other notable scores include final table finishes in Mega Suits, Godfather 9.0 and some online satellites.

Post his win, we caught-up with Yadav and he said, “It feels awesome to win it. The field was pretty soft, I had a smooth ride till FT. On FT, I was card dead for a long time and was the shortest stack at the start of the FT. From there, I won a couple of flips and I was back in the game. Heads-up was a swingy, but this time I was able to take the title home with me as I finished 2nd in the same tournament in July this year.”

Top 49 finishers were paid out in last night’s Mega Suits on the site with a min-cash being INR 13,750. Others notable tournament regulars who finished deep included the likes of Raman Gujral (10th), last week’s Godfather winner Anuj Yadav (11th), Shravan Chhabria (15th), Srihari Bang (16th), Mihir Thakkar (17th), Naren Purohit (18th) and Abhishek Garg whose run finally ended in19th place.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 Vikas267 612500
2 bothras 362500
3 TheInternetKid 250000
4 bullgod89 187500
5 ImHighIshove 125000
6 sanchit1990 87500
7 IsnapUcry 68750
8 chinunew 56250
9 gauravarod 40000
10 thuscame 31250

15 Lac GTD Big Slick

The second major tournament on offer on yesterday was the Big Slick. The 2,500 buy-in event drew a field of 612 entries and paid out the top 62 finishers with a min-cash of INR 8,088. The tournament eventually ended with Saket Kumar aka ‘saker’ winning it yet again for INR 2.49 Lac.

A tournament regular, Kumar has been in amazing form this year and has picked up many notable scores. The online grinder has already won several big ticket tournaments and satellites on the poker site, including Godfather X and Big Slick. Last night’s win was his fourth Big Slick win as the player has won the same tournament three times before. His other major scores include final table finishes in Mega Suits, Beast, Big Slick, Go Goa, Holdem High, CrackJack, Hitman, Godfather, etc.

The runner-up to finish in the tournament was a known reg in Naresh Rathnam aka ‘FireExit’ who walked away with INR 2,25,564 after a heads-up deal with the eventual winner Saket Kumar. Other notable regs who final-tabled the event were MTT specialist Manish Lakhotia (3rd for INR 1,47,248), Chandon Arora (4th for INR 1,07,932), Sethuram Kannan (5th for INR 79,114), Abhishek Garg (7th for INR 42,507), and Vidur Singhal (8th for INR 31,157) who also final-tabled last night’s Mega Suits.

Like always, the event had many heavyweights and some of them to run deep were Faiz Alam (10th), Sahil Mahboobani (12th), Kamal Naruka (15th), Srihari Bang (19th), and Sandeep Rajora (21st).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 saker 249381
2 FireExit 225564
3 newkidpoker 147248
4 darkfish15 107932
5 acepoker7325 79114
6 gaganhyd 57990
7 thegrinder 42507
8 bullgod89 31157
9 KiRa 22838
10 TheInternetKid 16740

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