AOPS Day 4: Anurag Srivastava, Chetan Jalan, Srihari Bang & Rahul Gupta Emerge Winners!

Once again, it was a good day for poker players registering themselves in the 5.2 Crore GTD Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS), with several high-value tournaments taking place on the platform and each of them crushing the advertised guarantee. Players were seen coming out in big numbers to join Day 4 of the poker fiesta and more than 1180 entries were registered for the day. An impressive 19 + Lac in cumulative prizes were given away and the biggest winner to emerge was Rahul Gupta aka ‘sharptooth’ pocketed a good INR 3,25,376 for his efforts. Here is a summary of AOPS Day 4:

Event #1 – 2.5 Lac GTD AOPS Warm-Up

The day began with online crusher Anurag Srivastava aka ‘NormanBates’ outlasting 233 entries to win another tournament of the ongoing series after already winning AOPS Millions on Day 3. The buy-in for the first tournament of Day 4 was INR 1,250 and the event easily surpassed its guarantee, generating INR 2.65 Lac prizepool, which was shared by top 24 with a min-cash being INR 2,254.

Event#2 – 2 Lac GTD AOPS Knockout

The next in line was INR 2 Lac GTD AOPS Knockout featuring INR 1200 +300 buy-in. The bounty tournament pulled in 171 entries to crush its advertised guarantee and create 2 + Lac prizepool. Top 17 made money with a min-cash of INR 3,000. The largest share of the prizepool went to Chetan Jalan aka ‘jalanchetan’, who walked away with INR 54,000 after beating ‘aksinha97’ in the heads-up.

Event#3 – 1.5 Lac GTD AOPS Siesta

The third event on yesterday’s AOPS schedule was the 1.5 Lac GTD AOPS Siesta with INR 9,90 buy-in. The tournament pulled in 185 entries to easily crush its specified guarantee and create INR 1.66 Lac prizpool, which eventually got distributed among the top 19 players with a min-cash of INR 1,665. The winner to emerge in this particular tournament was none other than online crusher Srihari Bang aka ‘zombieballs’ who eventually defeated ‘aks809’ in heads-up to walk away INR 46,620 prize. It was second win for Bang as he had won the 20 Lac GTD AOPS Whale on Day 1 of the series.

Event#4 – 12 Lac GTD AOPS Inception

The last event to declare a winner on Day 4 was the 12 Lac GTD AOPS Inception featuring 3500 buy-in. The biggest event of the day logged in 410 entries (216 unique and 194 re-entries) and generated a prize pool of INR 13.12 Lac. Coming out on top of the field was Rahul Gupta aka ‘sharptooth’ who outlasted ‘emperor457’ in heads-up and collected a winner’s payout of INR 3.25 Lac for his win.

The top 43 were paid out and some notables to finish ITM were Ayush Garg (5th), Vaibhav Temani 8th), WSOP bracelet winner Abhinav Iyer (10th), Uttam Kumar Sinha (14th), Sreekanth Narayan (22nd), Arsh Grover (28th), Sanat Mehrotra (29th), Srihari Bang (34th), Honey Bijlani (36th) and others.

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Event# 5 – 25 Lac GTD AOPS Freeze Day 1B

The AOPS Day 4 also saw the second starting flight – Day 1B of the 25 AOPS Freeze where a total of 90 entries were registered. Following 22 levels of play, the eventually day ended with Deepak Singh aka ‘Peacelover’ who ended the day with the largest stack of 222,088 chips. Following were in second and third places were Vaibhav Sharma ‘alienrobot’ (187668) and ‘pirateking7′ (162640).

Combined with 92 entries on Day 1A of the event, the total field has now reached 182 entries, which have taken the prizepool to INR 9 + Lac. With two more flights yet to play out, the 5500 buy-in tournament is expected to crush its 25 Lac GTD. Don’t miss Day 1C starting at 9:30 pm today!

Top 5 Chip Counts From Day 1B:

  1. Peacelover – 222,088
  2. alienrobot – 187,668
  3. pirateking7- 162,640
  4. emperor457 – 147,429
  5. badtameez_donk – 113,574
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