King’s Casino To Remain Closed To All Visitors Until 1st September 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has grown into an  unprecedented global crisis and has already impacted over 206 countries, with over a million positive cases and 45,000 deaths so far. This has resulted in mass lockdowns all over the world and casinos in most countries have been shut down.

Europe’s largest poker room, King’s Casino located in Czech Republic today announced that it will remain close to all visitors until 1 September 2020. It was only last month that the casino banned all Italian players to curb the spread of the Coronavirus but now it has been shut down to all visitors. This is due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases and deaths. The Czech Republic was one of the first countries to go for a complete lockdown, closing its borders quickly to curb the spread of coronavirus. On March 22, there were 1,000 cases but that number has now crossed 3,000 mark.

The Czech Republic casino sits on the Czech/German border in Rozvadov, which is a very popular destination especially among poker players coming from various parts of the world, including India. The stunning casino has been home to the world’s prestigious poker festivals and it was two months ago that some Indian players flew to the casino to compete in TIPS 2020. Apart from that series, it also played a host to WSOP Europe, MILLIONS Main Events and various other poker events.

The Czech crisis team who are managing the outbreak response have announced that the border closure would be subject to a “multi-month ban… but at least six months.”

While the casino will remain closed due to the deadly coronavirus, Leon Tsouklernik announced that all staff would be paid out in full until at least September the 1st. “Unfortunately, we also have to assume that it can still take a few months before we can welcome our guests from abroad, especially from the German-speaking region, again at King’s.” the latest statement on King’s Facebook page said. “We will definitely keep you posted as soon as we know more! Stay strong and healthy!”