Poker Crushers Talk About Common Mistakes Beginners Make at Online Poker!

Online poker has become hugely popular and we see more and more new online poker players entering the scene. While an element of luck is there, it is the skill that prevails in the long run. There is a plenty of skill involved in poker but if you are new to the game, you may find yourself falling foul to the same mistakes again and again. There are some mistakes you must not do. That is why we got in touch with some online poker crushers to understand some common beginner mistakes that may end up costing you big money. So, read on and make note of the message they are trying to convey. 

Anant Purohit

A beast on the online felts, Purohit, whose tryst with poker started in 2011 during his college days, is one of the most consistent online players in the country at the moment and has been crushing it on all major Indian poker sites. While he has won plenty of big tournaments, his IOPC Super High Roller win is by far his biggest online score. We got in touch with the DPT Xpress Main Event champion to discuss common mistakes made by online poker beginners and he came out with these points:

1. Playing too many hands specially OOP. This gives some advantage to opponent, reduces payoff on value hands, and often results in inefficient bluffs with no/less information about villains range.

2. Not defining their hand ranges for open and 3-bet as value and as bluffs as per each position and stack.

3. Not keeping bet sizes in consistency with the game play, rather keeping it in consistency with their hand strength, which makes it easier for the observant opponent to predict their hands.

4. Playing games beyond their bankroll, which alters the decision making process to take sub-optimal decisions due to the pressure of buy-in on mind.

Rubin Labroo

Delhi-based Rubin Labroo is a big name in Indian online poker circuit. He has been making the most of the online offerings and has won big on almost all major Indian poker sites, including several Mega Suits and Godfather tournaments on He has been in a terrific form in 2020 and had started the year on a big note by winning the IPC Main Event that fetched him the 2020‘India Poker Champion’ title along with 61.80 Lac prize. According to him, the most common mistake made by online poker beginners is ‘Bankroll Management’ as many of them often play out of their bankroll.

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Sagar Choudhury

Another big crusher on India’s online poker landscape is Sagar Choudhury. The poker phenom plays almost on all major sites in the country though, his biggest hunting ground seems to be as he has won plenty of big money events here, including Godfather, Godfather SnG, Whale 6-Max, Mega Suits, Adda52 Millions, Big Slick, Blaze, Hitman, CrackJack, Maverick and many other events. According to him, some common mistakes beginners make at online poker include the followings:

1. Not playing according to bankroll, playing way off their stakes

2. Playing too tight in the late stages of an online tournament

3. Playing high-stakes cash after winning big in a tourney, sheer out of excitement

4. Ignoring the importance of studying and learning the basics of the game

Anish Patra

Anish Patra is a well-known name in poker community and has been a dominating presence on the online felts. The Millionaire Legends champion has several big wins and numerous FT scores to his name. He has won several marquee tourneys on, including The Ballers, Mega Suits, Godfather, etc. According to him, common mistakes made by newbies in online poker include:

1. Chasing losses and hence losing more

2. Getting married to their hand

3. Chasing draws without getting the right odds

4. Improper/inconsistent bet sizing

5. Bluffing without a story or not with the right frequency

6. Playing too many hands and not paying heed to player positions

7. Blaming luck/sites RNGs etc for their losses

8. Getting ego and emotions involved while playing and continuing to play even when tilted

So, playing too many hands, playing scared poker, making improper bet sizes, chasing losses, overvaluing marginal hands, playing out of position, playing when tilted, playing too many poker tables, bluffing too much, or treating each player equally are some common mistakes that beginners seem to make at online poker. If you avoid these mistakes, your game will improve and you will have edge over other beginners looking to play online poker at the same table where you are seated.

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