‘pokergod56’ Wins Adda52’s Maverick; Priya Ranjan Das Takes Down Falcon!

Poker action on the virtual felts picked-up pace as we entered the midweek yesterday. Headlining the action on India’s no.1 poker site adda52.com was the 10 Lac GTD Maverick, which yet again wrapped up with a huge success, drawing a total of 749 entries and resulting in INR 17 + Lac prizepool. In the end, it was ‘pokergod56’ who emerged victorious in the tournament to walk away with INR 3.14 Lac, after a heads-up deal with ‘Pok3rking’ who banked INR 3.02 Lac for his deep run.

Total Entries – 749

Prizepool – 17,03,992

Places Paid – 82

Some notables to end their run on the final table were last night’s Falcon winner Priya Ranjan Das (4th for INR 1,15,870), Hardik Kumar (5th for INR 80,939),and Anuj Yadav (6th for INR 56,061). Other well-known names to finish deep were the AOPS Main Event winner Faiz Alam (10th), Sanish Chhabra (12th), Ritesh Tripathi (13th), Gaurav Sood (17th), Amar Mehta (18th) and Shravan Chhabria (20th).

5 Lac GTD Falcon

Adda52’s 5 Lac GTD Falcon turned out to be a grand success, pulling in a total of 233 entries and resulting in a guarantee-crushing INR 6 + Lac prizepool, which got distributed among the top 24 finishers. Coming out on top of the field was Priya Ranjan Das aka ‘priyaranjan2k12’ who eventually outlasted ‘vishal543215’ (runner-up for INR 80,000) in heads-up to bank INR 1.37 Lac prize.

Total Entries -233

Total Prizepool – 6,16,500

Placed Paid – 24

Some notables who posted deep finishes included the likes of Amit Sur (3rd for INR 43,000), Dhawal Makani (7th for INR 16,250) and Mithun Mahesh who ended his run in 8th place for INR 12,500).

2.5 Lac GTD Hexagram 

Another key tourney to conclude this past Wednesday on adda52.com was the Hexagram featuring INR 2200 buy-in. Once again, the tourney easily crushed its guarantee, attracting a total of 144 entries and generating INR 2.88 Lac prize pool shared by top 15 finishers. The lion’s share eventually went to a notable reg in Harshit ‘hashstack’ Chopra who earned INR 81,360 for shipping the event.

Total Entries -144

Total Prizepool – 2.88 Lac

Places Paid – 15

Some well-known regs to finish deep in the event were Anuj Yadav (3rd for INR 37,440), Vaibhav Sharma (4th for INR 27,360), and Tuesday’s Hexagram winner Naresh Veeravalli (6th for INR 12,960).

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With the 7 Crore + GTD Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS) getting underway, the action has picked up pace on Adda52. This is the third edition of AOPS and features a bigger guarantee of INR 7 Crores across 60 tournaments over 11 days. Additionally, there are 15 Lac prizes up for grabs in the AOPS Leaderboard. The surprises don end here only. The Mega Suits has got bigger with INR 60 Lac GTD, plus there is a 2 Crore GTD Main Event where the champion gets 50 Lac. Here is today’s schedule: