Two New Court Filings Against Alleged Poker Cheat Mike Postle

Mike Postle’s saga of cheating allegations continues and gets even more complicated with two new filings. The Northern California poker pro is facing two separate multi-million-dollar lawsuits. On Tuesday morning, plantiffs’ counsel, Mac VerStandig filed two new motions against the defendant. The first was a motion for sanctions against Postle regarding documents not written by Postle but signed by him. The second was related to Postle evading service for Cordeiro’s pending lawsuit. .

Postle Using A Ghostwriter

VerStandig alleges Postle, who is representing himself, of filing documents signed by the poker pro himself but not written by him. VerStandig believes that Postle is using a ghostwriter. He argues that someone like Postle with no formal legal training could not have written a filing as perfect as he did.

The filing against Postle read, “Unfortunately, it now appears his approach to this litigation is identical, as he purports to be a pro se litigant but is, in fact, having his court papers ghostwritten by one or more unidentified attorneys.” While Postle claims to be representing himself in the case, the plaintiffs  cited Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and alleged that he is not abiding by the court rules and procedures by filing and signing a document that Postle hasn’t himself written.

Counter To Postle’s Motion To Dismiss

In the second filing, the plaintiffs challenged Postle’s motion to dismiss. One of Postle’s arguments is that he cannot be sued for “negligence per se,” under the California law. That means that what was done by Postle is automatically deemed negligence under the law. The plaintiffs’ side challenged the same, arguing that by cheating in poker, he is inherently liable to the other players.

The gaming attorney – VerStandig, who is representing the poker player Marle Cordero in Southern Nevada, also filed a Motion for Alternative Service. He alleged that Postle avoided service for Cordeiro’s pending lawsuit on nine occasions. He ignored emails and messages via Twitter.