AOPS Day 5: Mall & Narwal Among Biggest Winners; ‘runyrules’ Tops Survivors From Mini ME Day 1B & 1C!

The numbers continue to skyrocket at the 22 Crore GTD Adda52 Online Poker Series special edition that runs through July 5. Day 5 of the ongoing flagship series was yet another day of intense poker, with a total of 3173 entries and INR 72.80 Lac prizemoney paid out. While some of the biggest names took to the virtual felts, stealing the spotlight was ‘thepokerfaceblr’ who claimed the biggest score of the day by winning the AOPS Blizzard for INR 11.2 Lac. Let us dive into top results from the day!

45 Lac GTD AOPS Blizzard

The biggest tournament to crown a winner was the 45 Lac GTD AOPS Blizzard. The INR 9900 buy-in tourney pulled in a field of 488 entries. The biggest beneficiary of the 45 Lac GTD prizepool was ‘thepokerfaceblr’ who shipped it for INR 11.02 Lac prize. The well-known MTT crusher Goonjan Mall notched-up another runner-up as he finished 2nd for INR 6.52 Lac prize. His previous runner-up finish came in the 40 Lac GTD AOPS Rockets on Day 4 for which he walked away with INR 5.78 Lac. The final spot on the podium went to Ujjwal Narwal who finished 3rd for INR 4.50 Lac prize.

Everyone at the FT locked up more than INR 1 Lac. Other big names at the FT were 40 Lac GTD AOPS Super High Roller winner Shashank Jain (4th for INR 3.37 Lac), former Full House winner Chirag Sodha (6th for INR 1.57 Lac), Raghav Bansal (7th for INR 1.23 Lac) and Naren Purohit (8th for INR 1.01 Lac).

Top 49 were paid out with a min-cash of INR 24,750. As expected, the tournament saw some of the best players in business, with Anmol Mehta (9th), Ankit Wadhawan (11th), Gaurav Sood (12th), Vaibhav Sharma (14th), Anil Adiani (15th), Sahil Mahboobani (17th), Harsh Dembla (19th), former Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni (21st), Alok Birewar (24th), Kartik Ved (26th), 20 Lac GTD AOPS BigStack Turbo winner Ashish Ahuja (32nd), Pranay Chawla (33rd), and Sagar Choudhury (38th ) finishing ITM among them.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


1.5 Crore GTD AOPS Mini Main Event Day 1B & 1C

Friday also saw Day 1B and Day 1C of the 1.5 Crore GTD AOPS Mini Main Event. Day 1B attracted 136 entries, out of which only 21 advanced to the event’s finale on Sunday. Day 1C registered 242 entries with 31 players advancing to the finale. Online player ‘nabeel742102’ (220,490 chips) bagged the biggest stack on Day 1B, while ‘runyrules’ (341,450 chips) ended Day 1C as the chip leader.

Day 1B Top 10 Chip Counts:

Day 1C Top 10 Chip Counts:

Day 1D and Day 1E take place today, starting at 3pm and 6pm respectively. There will be several INR 750 buy-in AOPS Mini ME sattys running today at multiple times for players with smaller bankrolls. If  you have missed out on the previous two flights, enter either Day 1D or 1E today. Good luck!

7.5 Lac GTD AOPS Mini PLO

The second biggest tournament to conclude on AOPS schedule yesterday was the 7.5 Lac GTD AOPS Mini PLO sporting a buy-in of INR 7500. It saw PLO enthusiasts coming out in big numbers. With a total of 155 entries, the tournament generated a guarantee-crushing INR 10.57 Lac prizepool that was eventually paid out to the top 17 players, with a min-cash starting at INR 15,857.

In the end, it was ‘grind121’ who topped the field and walked away with INR 2.85 Lac prize. The top three finishers each won more than INR 1 Lac, with Srihari Bang banking INR 1.79 Lac for his runner-up finish and Anirban D Das earning INR 1.32 Lac for finishing third. Bang was on a blistering run last night as he scored three FTs, with two being non-AOPS FT finishes.

Also at the final table were Vaibhav Sharma (7th), Deepak Singh (8th) and Sahil Mahbooani (9th).  

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


5 Lac GTD AOPS Brunch

Another Major tourney to conclude was the AOPS Brunch that pulled in a field of 433 entries and topping the field in this particular tourney was ‘anaconda79’ who walked away with INR 1.24 Lac prize, after outlasting his final opponent Anshul Bagai aka ”Anshbag’ (runner-up for INR 75K).

Other notables at the FT were Pratibh Saluja (3rd for INR 52,500), and Jairam Parab (4th for INR 40,000).

Top 43 players shared the INR 5 Lac prizepool, with online regs like Manas Nayak(17th), the current AOPS Mini Leaderboard topper Dinesh Singh (24th), Alok Kumar (26th), Neeraj Kumar (33rd), former AOPS Main Event champion Faiz Alam (42nd) being the notable ITM finishers among them.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


3 Lac GTD AOPS Siesta

Jairam Parab aka ‘Keyser_Soze’ topped a field of 273 entries to win the tournament for INR 78K. Parab was in his peak form yesterday as he won AOPS two tournaments on Another event he shipped was the 2.5 Lac GTD AOPS Dusk where he won INR 69,680 for his victory.

Parab also final-tabled the AOPS Brunch (4th for INR 40K), apart from finishing deep in other AOPS events as well. In this tourney, he outlasted ‘jmdpanku’ (2nd for INR 46,500) in the heads-up.

Another notable who deserves a special mention is Pratibh Saluja aka ‘MrGTO’ who made two final-table finishes. Saluja currently sitting at 3rd place on the AOPS Mini Leaderboard started the day with a 3rd place in AOPS Brunch and then final-tabled this tourney, finishing 6th for INR 12,750.

Top 27 players were paid with a min-cash of INR 2700, with Anirudh Agarwal (14th), Dinesh Singh (19th), Sanish Chhabra (20th), and Puneet Mishra (22nd) being the notable ITM finishers.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


3 Lac GTD AOPS AfterParty DST

The final tournament on yesterday’s AOPS schedule, the AOPS AfterParty DST offered an incredible value with 3 Lac GTD prizepool at just INR 880 buy-in. The tourney wrapped up with a grand success, pulling in 490 entries that generated INR 3.92 Lac prizepool which was shared by top 49 players.

In the end, an unknown player ‘ybiitr’ shipped the tournament for INR 77,962, while ‘Warning87’ finished runner-up for INR 74,918, following a heads-up deal with the eventual winner , ‘ybiitr’ .

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


2.5 Lac GTD AOPS Dusk

The AOPS Dusk also did well, pulling in a total of 268 entries and resulting in INR 2.68 Lac prizepool that was eventually shared by the top 27 finishers with a min-cash starting at INR 2,412.

Coming out on top was Jairam Parab aka ‘Keyser_Soze’ who shipped it for INR 69,680. It was the second win of the day for Parab who started the day on a high note by winning the AOPS Brunch.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


Other Winners From AOPS Day 5

Among other players who walked away with victories, ‘Kushalz’ shipped the first tournament of the day – the 1.5 Lac GTD AOPS Wake-Up Call that drew 303 entries to generate INR 1.81 Lac prizepool. He banked INR 46,541, while ‘Kidpoker077’ walked away with INR 27,725 as the runner-up.

The 1 Lac GTD AOPS Byte was won by ‘pokerkingsachin’ who beat out 336 entries to win INR 28,577 from the INR 1.05 Lac prizepool. Another 1 Lac GTD tourney was the AOPS Punch, which was eventually shipped by ‘prakhargupta0808’ who bested a field of 316 entries to win INR 39,500.

Here is a quick look at the current the AOPS Leaderboard top 10 players

What is coming up?

Saturday is going to be a massive day for the MTT grinders with several big money events on the schedule, including the 1.5 Crore GTD AOPS Mini ME Day 1D and 1E and 15 Lac GTD AOPS Big Bounty.