144 Players Have Already Qualified. Grab Your Last Chance To Qualify For AOPS ME Finale Today!

The 11K buy-in AOPS Main Event offering incredible value with a whopping guaranteed prizepool of 2.5 Crores is already up and running but there’s still time to enter it and win what will be a gigantic first-place prize. Several Day 1s are already done and dusted. Some 1300 + entries have enrolled so far and created 1.30 Crore + prize pool but this figure is set to rise with two more flights still to go.

The total number of entries on Day 1A of the marquee tourney was 161 which, combined with the 160 entries from Day 1B, the 253 from Day 1C, 88 from Day 1D, 204 from Day 1E, 185 from Day 1F and 252 from Day 1G, means the tournament is inching towards touching its lofty guarantee.

The final two flights take place today with Day 1H starting at 1pm. Day 1I kicks off at 4pm and it is your last chance to make it through to the epic Main Event Finale kicking off tonight at 10:15pm.

Let us have a quick look at the summary of the seven starting flights that are already in the books!


Day 1A of the marquee online event attracted a total of 161 entries, out of which only 12 players could progress to its epic finale to be played out tonight. It was anonymous user ‘jimmyadams’ who ended up the day as the chip leader with a stack of 432,103 chips. ‘mv141995’ (334,930), Gagandeep Malik (332,182), Abhishek Gubba (221,933) and Shagun Jain (184,170) rounded out the top 5 stacks.

Day 1B

The second starting flight of the event logged in a total of 160 entries and only 20 players could qualify for the event’s epic finale. Former Godfather winner Vishal Tulsyan aka ‘amarkhatri999’ emerged as the chip leader with a stack of 255,311. Gaurav Sood (208,282), ‘bullgod89’ (179,960), Ayush Garg (159,789) and ‘phanthom’ (157,051) rounded out the top five stacks.

Day 1C

The third flight drew an impressive 253 entries and only 30 players could progress to the event’s epic finale. Adda52 Team Pro Tarun Goyal (312,518 chips) ended up the day as the chip leader among the 30 survivors. Online MTT regs in Avadh Shah (287,761), former AOPS Main Event Runner-Up Ashish Garg (251,601), ‘peushup’ (233,709) and ‘Jacksback’ (222,447) rounded out the top five stacks.

Day 1D & 1E

Day 1D pulled in only 88 runners, and only 8 of them survived. ‘Eurekaaira’ ended up the day as the chip leader with 340,442. Shashank Jain (283,625) and Deepak Raina (235,629) were other big stacks.  

Day 1E did pretty well, drawing in a total of 204 entries. Only 21 players survived to make it to the finale. Ankur ‘aceleration’ Sehgal (315,950)emerged as the chip leader, with Prabhat ‘nagarbhavininja’ Kiran Mukherjea (309,530) and Shekhar ‘Brat_Poker’ Singh (287,909) being among other big stacks.

Day 1D Top 10 Stacks

Day 1E Top 10 Stacks

Day 1F & 1G

Day 1F of the marquee event registered a total of 185 entries out of which only 19 players could advance to the finale. Anonymous user ‘Sangria’ (323,907) emerged as the chip leader at the end of the day. Following him in second and third places were online MTT regs ‘rj128’ (284,656) and Laksh Pal Singh (232,068). Nishant Sharma (7th) and Sajal Gupta (8th) ended up among top 10 stacks.

Day 1F Top 10 Stacks

The seventh flight of the event – Day 1G did remarkably well, drawing in a total of 252 entries out of which only 34 could advance to the epic finale. Vikranth Varma (315,168) emerged as the chip leader, while Akshay Nasa, Anurag Srivatava and Kunal Patni ended up among the top 10 stacks.

Day 1G Top 10 Stacks

So, if you haven’t been able to qualify for the Main Event Finale, don’t worry as there is still a chance. Join the final flights (Day 1H and 1I) starting today at 1pm and 4pm respectively. If the INR 11K buy-in is beyond your bankroll, play online satellites running at multiple time slots today. All the best!