2020 WSOP Online: David Peters Wins Second Bracelet in Event #54: $10K Heads Up NLHE Championship

American poker legend David Peters defeated Michael Addamo to win Event #54: $10,000 Heads Up No Limit Championship at the 2020 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online series. He earned $260,480 and his second career bracelet. Currently ranked 7th with $33,737,539 in lifetime winnings, Peters followed up on his 2016 bracelet win in a $1,500 NLH event to win his second bracelet.

Day 1 of the 54th WSOP online event took place on August 8, with only four contenders advancing to Day 2 from the original field of 128 runners. The final four players, namely Michael Addamo, Michael Zhang, David Peters, and Alyssa MacDonald, played down to a winner on Saturday.

Semi-Final: Michael Addamo vs. Michael Zhang

Addamo and Zhang played for about 30 minutes in semi final. The two took multiple turns as the chip leader. On the final hand, Addamo raised to 40,000 with 6s 3s and Zhang made it to 160,000. Addamo called to see a flop of Kc 3d 3h. Zhang bet 80,000 and Addamo called. The turn was the 10h and Zhang fired a bet of 288,000 and Addamo called again. The river was the 2s and Zhang moved all in for 887,334 with Ks Qc and Addamo called to bust his opponent and enter the final.

Semi-Final: David Peters vs. Alyssa MacDonald

While the Addamo versus Zhang match ended quickly, the semi-final between Peters and MacDonald lasted for 90 minutes. Eventually, it ended with an action-filled hand. Peters opened to 76,800 with Js 10s before MacDonald re-raised to 268,800 with his ladies, Qc Qs.The flop Qd 10c 8s kept MacDonald ahead and he bet 177,408. Peters made the call. The turn was the 5s and MacDonald bet 390,498 this time and Peters called. The river was the 9c and MacDonald checked to Peters who moved all in. MacDonald tank-called her last 661,422 and lost it to Peters.

Final:Michael Addamo vs. David Peters

Addamo, who chasing his third bracelet, enjoyed the early chip lead but could not retain his lead, eventually losing it to Peters. After more than an hour of play, Addamo was down to just seven big blinds and moved all in for 1,054,200 with Jc 3c  only to have Peters call with Ah Ks. The board ran out As 9s 5d Ad Kd to give Peters a full house to eliminate Addamo and claim his second bracelet.

Other big name players who managed to cash the tournament included the likes of Indo-American pro Ajay Chabra (9th for $24,832), Mike Leah (11th for $24,832), along with GGPoker Ambassador’s Daniel Negreanu (13th for $24,832) and Bertrand Grospellier who finished 16th for $24,832.

Final Four Payouts

  1. David Peters – $360,480
  2. Michael Addamo – $223,488
  3. Alyssa MacDonald – $124,160
  4. Michael Zhang – $124,160