WPTOI Day 12: Srivastava Is The New Trophy Event Champion; Rao Leads WPT India ME 1A Survivors; Arora, Agarwal & Agarwalla Among Side Event Winners

Monday marked Day 12 of the WPT Online India (WPTOI) on Adda52 and it was really a busy day with the site hosting as many as 10 tournaments, 8 of which came to a conclusion. The day saw its overall guarantee being crushed with an impressive 2, 879 entries, creating INR 3,944,465 in prizemoney.

While several players won Big on the second Monday of the series, the single largest score of the day belonged to online MTT reg Utkarsh Srivastava who walked away with the prestigious WPT trophy and INR 3.67 Lac after taking down the 15 Lac GTD WPT Monday Feature – the only trophy event to crown a winner on Monday night. Among other winners of the day, Nitin Arora won the 6 Lac GTD Table for 6 for INR INR 1.91 Lac, while the 2.5 Lac GTD WPT Late Night PLO was taken down by Anmol Agarwal who banked INR 56,798.The first tourney of the day, the 1.70 Lac GTD WPT Hustle, found a winner in former Godfather champion Smita Agarwalla who banked INR 46,200 in top prize.

Day 12 also saw the start of the most-awaited tournament of the series, the 2.5 Crore GTD WPT India Main Event. Day 1A of the event registered 238 entries and it was Vatsalya Rao (333,373 Chips) who ended the day as chip leader. Let us have a quick look at the top results from Day 12 of the WPTOI!

2.5 Crore GTD WPT India Main Event Day 1A

The showstopper tournament of the WPTOI series, the 2.5 Crore GTD WPT India Main Event that promises more than 50 Lac uptop prize, is finally underway. The multi-day tournament got off to a good start with Day 1A, the first of the ten flights, drawing in 238 entries. Following 29 levels of play, only 25 players could survive and advance to Day 2, with Vatsalya Rao “TooEasy” (333,373) leading them in chips. Adda52 Team Pro Tarun Goyal aka “aggtarun” (331,492) and the WPT India Super High Roller winner Siddhanth Kripalani “Sidstack” (282,577) rounded out the top 3 stacks of the day.

15 Lac GTD WPT India Madness Day 1A

Besides the WPT India Main Event, the 15 Lac GTD WPT India Madness also got underway with its first flight, Day 1A. The opening flight of the tourney drew 210 entries, with only 24 players being able to make it to Day 2. Ankit Saurabh aka ‘starnaruto’ bagged the chip lead for the day with 340,479 chips, while ‘manjer24’ (254,317), Kamal ‘Kjo’ Joshi (241,190) rounded out the top 3 stacks.

15 Lac GTD WPT Monday Feature With INR 3500 Buy-in

The biggest tourney to crown a winner on Monday night at the WPTOI, the 15 Lac GTD WPT Monday Feature sporting a buy-in of INR 3,500 logged in a total of 450 entries and met its guarantee.

After close to 6 hours of intense play, online MTT reg Utkarsh Srivastava aka “sam20542” came out on top of the field to win INR 3,67,500 and a magnificent WPT trophy. Sagar Choudhury, scoring his third FT at the ongoing series, finished as a runner-up to walk away with INR 2,17,500 for his deep run.

Avinash Kumar aka “aksinha97” (3rd for INR 1,50,000), Devvrat Arya aka “glitch_d”(4th for INR 1,12,500), Kapil Arora aka “selffish”(5th for INR 75,000) & Sanat Mehrotra aka “mehro2511” (6th for INR 52,500) were the other notable regs who ended their run at the final table of the tourney.

6 Lac GTD WPT Table for 6 With INR 2750 Buy-in

The WPT Table for 6 wrapped up with a grand success, pulling in an impressive 306 entries that resulted in a guarantee -crushing prizepool of INR 7.65 Lac, which was shared by the top 34 players.

Online reg Nitin Arora aka “bigbluffs”, who has had a few close finishes this month, ran past the competition to win his first WPT Online title and INR 1,91,250. “Lokimon”, who has won an incredible five side event titles at the ongoing series, came close to winning his 6th title in the tourney but had to settle for a runner-up finish worth INR 1,15,898. Aditya Wadhwani aka “adiwankenobi”, who is one of the streamers and commentators for the WPTOI, took the final spot finishing 3rd for INR 84,150.

5 Lac GTD WPT Classic With INR 1500 Buy-in

The 5 Lac GTD WPT Classic could muster only 282 entries, suffering an overlay of INR 77K. Arun ‘arusharma’ Sharma championed the tournament and walked away with INR 1.28 Lac. Sandeep “pokesand” Singh finished runner-up and banked INR 76,250 for his deep run in the tourney.

Top Results From Other WPTOI Tournaments On Day 12

1.70 Lac GTD WPT Hustle

Total Entries – 308
Prizepool – 2 Lac
Places Paid – 34
Winner – Smita Agarwalla aka “coconik” (won INR 46,200)
Runner-up – “Gameon1111” (won INR 27,997)

2 Lac GTD WPT Alpha

Total Entries – 200
Prizepool – 2 Lac
Places Paid – 21
Winner – “jeet0” (won INR 46,119)
Runner-up – “balls” (won INR 41,981″

3 Lac GTD WPT Multiplier

Total Entries – 227
Prizepool – 3 Lac
Places Paid – 24
Winner – “Pok3king” (won INR 82,350)
Runner-up – Neeraj Kumar aka “Kumartomar” (won INR 48,000)

1.5 Lac GTD Novemberfest

Total Entries – 269
Prizepool – 183455
Places Paid – 27
Winner – “Beatthefish66” ( won INR 47,699)
Runner-up – “Lmspro7” (won INR 28,436)

2.5 Lac GTD WPT Late Night PLO
Total Entries -389
Prizepool – 3,11,204
Places Paid – 43
Winner – Anmol Agarwal aka “anmol39” (Won INR 56,798)
Runner-up – “Aikansh98” ( won INR 53,075)

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