Monday Majors: Pawan Tez Wins Iron Man; Himanshu Bagdwal Ships Voyager For Second Time This Month

On the heels of a smashing Sunday, Adda52 hosted two major tournaments yesterday. The most prominent of the two was the 8 Lac GTD Iron Man. Kicking off at 8PM, the INR 2,000 buy-in tourney pulled in 402 entries and eventually crowned a winner in up and coming player Pawan “_luffy_1x1” Tez who banked INR 1.62 Lac, following a three-way deal with ‘teraflop’ (runner-up for INR 1.31 Lac) & Abhishek Chhajer “abhiom” (3rd for INR 1.09 Lac). Pawan is no stranger to winning big on Adda52 and had won the 10 Lac GTD Inception in September and the 3 Lac GTD Hexagram in November.

Total Entries – 402
Prizepool – 8 Lac
Places Paid – 43
Min Cash – 4400

Among other notable regs who ended their run on the final table of the tourney last night included Karan “gogikaran” Malhotra (4th for INR 64,000) and Rony “fish4life” Chowdhury (5th for INR 41,600).

2.5 Lac GTD Voyager

The INR 2.5 Lac GTD Voyager fared better than the Iron Man tourney logging in 284 entries to generate a guarantee-crushing prizepool worth INR 2.84 Lac. After close to six hours of play, it was Himanshu Bagdwal aka “bagdwalhimanshu” who shipped the INR 1100 buy-in tourney for the second time this month as the online MTT reg had also won the same tourney on 21st December.

Total Entries – 284
Prizepool – 2.84 Lac
Places Paid – 30
Min Cash – 2272

For his latest win, Bagdwal banked 53,604, after a 3-way deal with Ravindra “wormhole” Arikeri (2nd for INR 48,704) & Shailesh “MrShailesh” Kumar Patel (3rd for INR 46,366. Pradip Ghosh “Nit2Donk” (4th for INR 24,140) & Arpan “distroyer” Majhi (7th for INR 8,520) were the other notable FT finishers. Majhi also took a seventh place finish in the Iron Man tourney as well, winning INR 2200 prize.