Welcome to the Live Coverage of DPT Xpress 10K Deepstack Turbo

Welcome to the live coverage of the final event of the DPT Xpress March 2021 Edition, the 10K DeepStack Turbo, which is slated to start at 7PM this evening here at the Deltin Royale, Goa.

A fast-paced event, the DeepStack Turbo is a re-entry event this time. It will comprise of 15-minute blind levels, with players receiving a starting stack of 25,000. Late registration will close at the start of Level 9. Like all other events at the stop, the DeepStack Turbo, too, will have the big blind ante format!

Last year, it was Abhishek Sharma who had come out on top of 78 entries to win the tourney for INR 2.07 Lac. The race for the title begins again, stay tuned in for the live updates right here!!


The Cards Are In The Air!

Level – 1 

Blinds – 100-100

BB Ante – 100

The final event of the DPT Xpress March 2021 is currently underway. As the tournament shows there are 20 entries on the board but this figure is bound to go up significantly as the late registration is open till the start of level 9. 

Some Known Faces In The Field!

Level – 2

Blinds – 100-200

BB Ante – 200

We have entered level  2 and there are 60 entries on the board. Some known names among the new entrants include:

  1. Gautam Rohilla
  2. Simran Malhotra
  3. Firoz Khan
  4. Sneh Thakkar
  5. Akash Singhal
  6. Ankita Ajay Malik
  7. Simran Malhotra 
  8. Milena Mezhuieva
  9. Radhika Shankar
  10. Gagandeep Malik
  11. Vivek Chawla
  12. Abhishek Sharma

153 Entries And Counting!

Level – 8

Blinds – 600-1200

BB Ante – 1200

The 10K Deepstack Turbo has entered level 8 and there are 153 entries, with 99 players remaining in the field. The average stack as of now is 38,636 chips. Stay tuned in for the live updates!

Late Registration Ends with 171 Entries!

Level – 9 

Blinds – 800-1600

BB Ante – 1600

Level 9 has started, which means the late registration has ended for the Deepstack Turbo event. The tournament has attracted a total of 171 entries, including 60 re-entries. Watch out for our chip count updates ahead!

Chip Count After Level 10

Level –  10 

Blinds – 1000-200

BB Ante – 2000

  1. Kshitij Dhingra. – 160K
  2. Tanay H. – 160k
  3. Gautam Rohilla – 130k
  4. Gautham Raju – 128k
  5. Rajesh Rajpopat – 120k
  6. Sankalp Marwah – 92k

Payouts for DPT Xpress 10K Deepstack Turbo

Level – 11

Blinds – 1500-3000

BB Ante – 3000

The payouts for the DPT Xpress 10K Deepstack Turbo has been announced! The top 21 places are paid out of 171 entries, with the eventual winner walking away with 4.30 Lac. Here are payouts!


1st – 4,30,000

2nd – 2,90,000

3rd – 1,70,000

4th – 1,05,000

5th – 80,000

6th – 65,600

7th – 59,641

8th – 50,000

9th – 44,000

10th -12th –  37,000

13th -15th – 32,000

16th -18th – 26,000

19th -21st – 21,000

ITM Eliminations (10th – 21st Places)

Viral Lodhiya (10th for INR 37,000)
Ameya Gokhale (11th for INR 37,000)
Nimit Shah (12th for INR 37,000)
Naveen Reddy (13th for INR 32,000)
Avinash Rajpal (14th for INR 32,000)
Ranjeet Negi (15th for INR 32,000)
Siddharth Bhasin (16th for INR 26,000)
Vineet Kumar (17th for INR 26,000)
Archit Garg (18th for INR 26,000)
Rehmant Singh (19th for INR 21,000)
Bharat Bhusan (20th for INR 21,000)
Sankalp Marwah (21st for INR 21,000)

Deepstack 10K Turbo Final Table Set With Akshit Gupta In Lead


Level – 22

Blinds – 20k-40

BB Ante – 20k

  1. Akshit Gupta         – 11,10,000
  2. Tanay. H                  -10,30,000
  3. Pawan Jaiswal      – 555,000
  4. Akash Singhal      – 380,000
  5. Gautham Raju    – 365,000
  6. Amarnath R.  – 350,000
  7. Vishal Singh      – 215,000
  8. Puneet Tandon – 75,000
  9. Milena Mezhuieva – 55,000

Milena Mezhuieva Finishes 9th for INR 44,000

Level – 22

Blinds – 20k-40k

BB Ante – 40k

Milena started the final table as the shortest stack and unsurprisingly she is the first player to leave the FT.

A player holding KQ open-shoved, another player with A10 re-shoved and the short-stack Milena called with AX Qx.

The board ran out 5x 5x 9x 10x 3x where the player with A10 doubled up and Milena got busted.

Amarnath R. Finishes 6th for INR 65,600

Level  – 23

Blinds – 30k-60k

BB Ante – 60k

A player with KJ shoved all-in and Amarnath R called with 6x 7x at the risk of elimination.

The board ran out 9x 10x Jx 10x Kx, giving the opponent two pairs and busting Amarnath.

Puneet Tandon Finishes 5th for INR 80,000

Level – 24

Blinds – 40k-80k

BB Ante – 80k

Puneet Tandon started the final table 8th in chips and did well to finish 5th for INR 80K. He was actually short-stacked and shoved all-in from an early position. Akshit Gupta from the late position called.

Tandon: As Qd

Gupta: Jx 9x

Board: 3x 3x 2x 9x 2x

Gupta found a 9 on the turn which was enough to win him the pot and bust his opponent.

Akash Singhal Finishes Runner-up for INR 2.90 Lac

Level – 27

Blinds – 75k-150k

BB Ante – 150K

The DPT Xpress 10K Deepstack has crowned a champion in Gautham Raju who outlasted a field of 171 entries including Akash Singhal in heads-up. The final hand of the tourney saw Raju shove all-in with Kh 9d. Singhal holding 2s 2d made the call. The board opened 4d7d Qc Js 9c.  Gautham found a 9 on the river to win it for INR 4.30 Lac. Singhal settled for the runner-up prize worth INR 2.90 Lac.


Gautham Raju Is The Latest DPT Xpress 10K Deepstack Turbo Champion!

And it’s finally over! The DPT Xpress 10K DEEP Stack Turbo has crowned a champion in Gautham Raju who came out on top of a strong field of 171 entries to win INR 4.30 Lac and a beautiful DPT Trophy. Akash Singhal came close to winning but eventually finished runner-up for INR 2.90 Lac.

Gautham Raju started the final table 5th in chips and went to chip nicely and eventually finish on top.  Akshit Gupta took the final spot on the podium, finishing in third place for INR 1.70 Lac.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

3.Akshit Gupta – INR 1.70 Lac
4. Tanay Hargunaney – INR 1.05 Lac
5. Puneet Tandon – INR 80,000
6. Amarnath R.Chayanam – INR 65,600
7. Pawan Jaiswal – INR 59,641
8. Vishal Singh – INR 50,000
9. Milena Mezhuieva – 44,000