Welcome to the Live Coverage Of DPT Xpress Main Event Day 2

Welcome back to the luxurious Deltin Royale casino gearing up for the last day of the four-day-long DPT Xpress March 2021 Edition. All eyes are on the 15K Main Event Day 2 that starts at 5 PM today.

Day 1 of the event was an action-packed affair and saw a record 421 entries, with 250 entries enrolling for Day  1A of the event and 171 registering for its Day 1B. Both flights took place yesterday. A total of 62 players survived from Day 1A and Suffraz Alam bagged the end of the day chip lead with a stack of 225k. Last year’s DPT Xpress Burn N Turn champion Anish Juwarkar (202500) and Shivam Shukla (190000) bagged the next big stacks. The second flight, Day 1B, saw 46 survivors with the veteran pro, Dhaval Mudgal ending as the chip leader with a stack of 264100. Dhaval is also the overall chip leader for Day 2 and is followed by J Raju who bagged 247800 chips on Day 1B flight.

There are a total of 108 survivors returning for Day 2 play today to battle it out for the title and the top prize worth INR 12.04 Lac. The runner-up will walk away with an impressive 8.07 Lac. While Dhaval has a massive chip lead, the battle for the Main Event title is not going to be easy as there is a lot of talent still in the running. Let us have a quick look at Day chip counts!

DPT Xpress Main Event Day 2 Complete Chip Count List!

Cards Are In The Air!

Level – 13
Blinds – 1500- 3000
BB Ante – 3000

The cards are in the air and Day 2 of the Main Event has started at level 13 featuring 1500-3000 blinds and 3000 BB Ante. Starting the day as a chip leader is none other than Dhaval Mudgal (264k) and he is followed by J. Raju with 247800. Stay tuned in for the live updates from the tournament!

Angkan Mukherjee Eliminated During The First Level Of Day 2

Level – 13

Blinds – 1500- 3000

BB Ante – 3000

Angkan Mukherjee from the middle position opens to 3x and Adda52 streamer Shivam Jain shoves all-in from the button. Mukherjee gives it a little thought and makes the call at the risk of elimination.

Shivam: Qx Qx

Angkan: Ax 9x

The board runs Kx 9x 10x 4x 7x where pocket queens hold up and Shivam takes down the pot, busting Mukherjee from Day 2 of the main event. 

Neville Shroff Doubles-up!

Level – 13

Blinds – 1500- 3000

BB Ante – 3000

In a pre-flop action, Neville Shroff open shoves for 18 bbs and gets called by Vishal Singh.

Vishal: Ax Kx

Neville: Ah 5s

Board: Qc Qs 5c 10c 2s

Neville finds a 5 on the flop to beat AK and doubles-up!

DPT XPRESS March 2021 Main Event Payouts!

Level – 14

Blinds – 2k-4k

BB Ante – 4k

The DPT Xpress Main Event March 2021 saw a record-breaking field of 421 entries, resulting in a whopping INR 58,05,590, which is to be shared by the top 53 finishers with a min-cash of INR 25,310. The eventual champion will take home a hefty INR 12.04 Lac. Here is a quick look at the payouts:

Places Payout (INR)

1 – 1204000

2 – 807240

3 – 532660

4 – 357040

5 – 274600

6 – 227580

7 – 191000

8 – 154540

9 – 118260

10 – 99850

11 – 99850

12 – 99850

13 – 83020

14 – 83020

15 – 83020

16 – 68210

17 – 68210

18 – 68210

19 – 56890

20 – 56890

21 – 56890

22 – 47890

23 – 47890

24 – 47890

25 – 39480

26 – 39480

27 – 39480

28 – 32390

29 – 32390

30 – 32390

31 – 32390

32 – 32390

33 – 32390

34 – 32390

35 – 32390

36 – 32390

37 – 28740

38 – 28740

39 – 28740

40 – 28740

41 – 28740

42 – 28740

43 – 28740

44 – 28740

45 – 28740

46 – 25310

47 – 25310

48 – 25310

49 – 25310

50 – 25310

51 – 25310

52 – 25310

53 – 25310


Rajesh Rjapopat Eliminated by Abhishek Sharma

Level – 14

Blinds – 2k-4k

BB Ante – 4k

In a pre-flop action, J. Raju opened with 12k, Rajesh Rajpopat in the middle position flat-called and Abhishek Sharma in the small blind shoved all-in. While Raju folded, Rajesh made the call. The cards are turned over!

Rajesh: Ax 9x
Abhishek: Ax Kx
Board: Ax Jx 10x 5x 4x

While both players flopped an Ace pair, Abhishek won the pot with a king kicker, busting Rajesh from Day 2 of the main event!

Naveen Busted From Main Event Day 2

Level – 15

Blinds – 3k-5k

BB Ante – 5k

Navin Singal from UTG open-shoved for 45k and Viren Kapur made the call from the middle position.

Naveen: Kx Kx
Viren: 2X 2X

Board: 4x 5x 2x Qx 10x

Naveen’s pocket king’s could not hold up as Viren flopped a set and busted him from the main event!

Suffraz Alam and Shiv Chug Bubble The Main Event!

Level – 16

Blinds – 3k-6k

BB Ante – 6k

The bubble has burst and there are two players bursting on the bubble, namely Day 1A chip leader Suffraz Alam and Shiv Chug. They busted from two separate tables in hand-in-hand play. Both of them have shared the last place payout worth INR 25310. Also, they have won the bubble contest for the Main Event and have been awarded a gift hamper from Adda52.com.  

Some More Eliminations From Main Event Day 2 

Level – 17

Blinds – 4k-8k

BB Ante – 8K

Sankalp Marwah (46th for INR 25,310)
Himalaya Tarani (47th for INR 25,310)
Milena Mezhuieva (48th for INR 25,310)
Saumil Krishnani (49th for INR 25,310)
Rehmat Singh (50th for INR 25,310)
Siddhanth Kripalani (51st for INR 25,310)
Sachin Kurup (52nd for INR 25,310)


Akash Jajoo Doubles-Up!

Level – 17

Blinds – 4k-8k

BB Ante – 8K

A player from the middle position opens to 25k and Akash Jajoo from the big blind shoves all-in.

The player from the middle position makes the call and both players then turn over their cards.

Jajoo: Ad Kh

MP: Ac Ad

 Board: 3h 7h 8d 10h Qh

Unfortunately for the player in MP, Jajoo makes the one card flush and takes down the pot, securing himself a nice double-up!

A Look at Recent Eliminations From DPT Xpress Main Event Day 2

Level – 17

Blinds – 4k-8k

BB Ante – 8K

Natesh Sirpaul (37th for INR 28,740)
Archit Garg (38th for INR 28,740)
Akash Singhal (39th for INR 28,740)
Roshan Rodrigues (40th for INR 28,740)
Varun Devayya (41st for INR 28,740)
Anish Juwarkar (42nd for INR 28,740)
Himanshu Gupta (43rd for INR 28,740)
Rajat Singh (44th for INR 28,740)
Varun Singh (45th for INR 28,740)

Abhishek Mazumder Finishes 25th for INR 39,480

Level -18

Blinds – 5k-10k

BB Ante: 10k

Hrithik Agarwal open raises to 2.5x and Abhishek Mazumder shoves all-in for his last 12 bb stack. Agarwal calls and both players show their cards.

Agarwal: Ax7x

Muzumder: Kc Qs

Board: Ac 4h 2d 9c 10h

While the board bricks for Mazumder, Agarwal flops an ace pair to win the pot and bust his opponent.


Recent Eliminations From DPT Xpress Main Event Day 2

Level – 19

Blinds – 6k-12k

BB Ante – 12k

Abhishek Mazumder (25th for INR 39,480)
Gaurav Idnani (26th for INR 39,480)
Neville Shroff (27th for INR 39,480)
Vipan Sharma (28th for INR 32, 390)
Virenjit Singh Kapur (29th for INR 32,390)
Sahil Arora (30th for INR 32,390)
Akash Jajoo (31st for INR 32,390)
Gaurav Gupta (32nd for INR 32,390)
Rahul Mathur (33rd for INR 32,390)
Nilesh Mundada (34th for INR 32,390)
Abhishek Garg (35th for INR 32,390)
Gautam Raju (36th for INR 32,390)

Notable Chip Counts After Level 20 – Shivam Shukla Among Chip Leads

Level – 21

Blinds – 10k-20k

BB Ante – 20K

We are down to level 21 and there are 20 players remaining. Shivam Shukla is one of the biggest stacks among them. He is followed by online MTT crusher Anant Purohit and Vinay Jain. Defending champion Deepak Raina is also there and he has around a 7.80 stack. Here is a quick look at the top stacks:

Shivam Shukla – 10,80,000

Anant Purohit – 9,80,000

Vinay Jain – 6,50,000

J. Raju – 12,65,000

Deepak Raina – 7,80,000

A Look At Recent Eliminations 

Shivam Jain (24th for INR 47,890)
Mayank Juneja (23rd for INR 47,890)
Simon Mint (22nd for INR 47,890)
Kshitij Dhingra (21st for INR 56,890)
Kshitij Kucheria (20th for inr 56,890)
Hrithik Agarwal (19th for INR 56,890)
Ankit Jajodia (18th for INR 68,210)
Guruprasad Gupta (17th for INR 68,210)
Hetal Desai (16th for INR 68,210)
Amit Dhal (15th for INR 83,020)
Sanjay Mohan (14th for INR 83,020)
J. Raju (13th for INR 83,020)
Deepak Singh 12th for INR 99,850)
Vinay Jain (11th for INR 99,850)
Unknown player (10th for INR 99,850)

DPT Xpress Main Event Final Table Set With Nikunj Doshi In Lead!

Level – 22

Blinds – 15k-25k

BB Ante – 25k

Finally, we are down to the final table in the DPT Xpress 15K MainEvent. Nikunj Doshi leads the final 9 with 19,85,000 chips. It is going to be an interesting battle as there are two DPTX Main Event champions on the FT, including defending champion Deepak Rain and Anant Purohit.

Here are the chip counts:

  1. Nikunj Doshi – 19, 85,000
  2. Shivam Shukla – 14, 05,000
  3. Ramesh Roa Thotapalli – 10,0500
  4. Anant Purohit – 9,80,000
  5. Mohak Kapoor – 9,40,000
  6. Dhaval Mudgal – 7,75000
  7. Deepak Raina – 7,65,000
  8. Sameer Agarwal – 2,90,000
  9. Avinash Sharma – 90,000

Avinash Sharma Becomes the First Player To Depart FT!

Level – 22

Blinds –  15k-25k

BB Ante – 25k

Pre-flop, Avinash Sharma from UTG +2 open-shoved for 14BBs and Ramesh Roa Thotapalli made the call from BB. 

Avinash: 2X 2X

Ramesh Rao: Jh 10h

The flop came down Ax 10x 8x giving the lead to Ramesh Rao and he kept his lead on the turn 7x and the river 4x. Avinash’s pocket deuces could not hold up and he got eliminated in 9th place for INR 1,18,260.

Dhaval Mudgal Doubles-Up

 Level – 22

Blinds –  15k-25k

BB Ante – 25k

Dhaval from UTG position opened to 2x and Nikunj Doshi called from late position.

Flop – Ks Kc 8h

The flops went check-check

Turn -4h

Dhaval bet 375k and Nikunj called

River – Js

Dhaval check-calls a shove from Nikunj.

Nikunj shows Kx 7x for trips. Dhaval shows 4x 4x for a winning full house and doubles up.

Defending Champion Deepak Raina Doubles-Up

Level – 23

Blinds – 15k-30k

BB Ante -30k

Defending champ Deepak Raina open-shoves from UTG and Anant Purohit from button calls.

Raina: Jx Jx

Anant: Ax Qx

Board: 4x 6x 5x Kx 10x

As Anant misses the board, Raina’s pocket jacks hold up and he doubles-up.

Deepak Raina’s Dream To Win Consecutive ME Title Ends in 8th Place

Level – 24

Blinds -20k-40k

BB Ante –  40k

Unfortunately, Deepak Raina’s dream for consecutive DPT Xpress Main Event titles comes to an end in 9th place. He has been just busted. The hand in question saw Dhaval Mudgal from the early position raise to 2x, Raina from the middle position, and Shivam Shukla from the late position made the call.

Flop – 10x 10x 8c

The flop went check-check

Turn – 3c

Dhaval fired a bet of 175k. While Raina called and Shukla 3-bet. Dhaval folded and Raina called.

Raina: Ac 10c

Shivam: 3x 3x  

The river card was a brick. Raina hit trips + flush but it was not enough to win the pot as Shivam hit a winning full house, taking down the pot and busting Raina in 8th place for INR 154540.

Former DPT Xpress Main Event Champ Anant Purohit Finishes 7th for INR 1,91,000!

Level – 24

Blinds – 20k-40K

BB Ante – 40k

Online MTT crusher, Anant Purohit opened to 3x from the late position and Ramesh Rao Thotapalli from the small blind shoved all-in. Anant Purohit made the call at the risk of elimination.

Anant: Jx Jx

Ramesh Rao: Ax Kx

Board: Kx Kx 10x 8x 3x

The board brought trips for Ramesh Rao and Purohit got busted in 7th place.

DPT Xpress Burn N Turn Runner-Up Finishes 6th for INR 2,27,580

Level – 26

Blinds – 40k-80k

BB Ante – 80k

Pre-flop, the short-stacked Nikunj Doshi shoves all-in for his 4bb stack and Shivam Shukla makes the call. Both players turn over their cards. 

Doshi: K8off

Shukla:Qd 2d

The board runs Kx 5x 2x Ax QX and Shukla takes down the pot, busting Doshi in 6th place.

Mohak Kapoor Finishes 5th for INR 2,74,600

Level – 26

Blinds – 40k-80k

BB Ante – 80k

In a pre-flop action, Mohak Kapoor jammed his last 12 BB stack and was called by the chip leader Ramesh Roa Thotapalli.

Kapoor: KQ

Ramesh Rao: Q6

While the board bricked for Kapoor, Ramesh Rao found a six on the flop which was enough for him to take down the pot and bust his opponent. 

Full House Vs Flush! Shivam Shukla Finishes 4th for INR 3,57,040

Level – 26

Blinds – 40k-80k

BB Ante – 80k

With blinds soaring up, eliminations are now quick on the final table. Just now we saw Shivam Shukla departing the table. The hand in question was a full house vs flush. It saw the chip leader Ramesh Rao Thotapalli from button open to 2 Lac. Shivam from the big blind 3-bet and Ramesh Rao called.

Flop: Qs 8x 8s

The flop went check-check

Turn – Kx

The turn also went check-check.

River – 7s

Shivam shoved at the risk of elimination and Ramesh Roa called. 

Shukla tabled As 6s for a flush, while Ramesh showed 7x 7x for a full house.

Dhaval Mudgal Finishes 3rd for INR 5,32,660

Level – 27

Blinds – 50k-100k

BB Ante – 100K

Ramesh Roa is on fire! He scored yet another final table elimination a while ago and this time it was veteran pro Dhaval Mudgal who became his victim. The hand in question saw Dhaval Mudgal from small blind shoving all-in with Jx 5x  and Ramesh Roa holding Kd 3d in the big blind made the call.

The board ran out Qh 3s 7c 3h Ad, giving Ramesh trips and busting Mudgal in 3rd place.  

Heads-up for the Main Event Title!

Level – 27

Blinds – 50k-100k

BB Ante – 100K

Now It is heads-up for the title between Ramesh Rao and Sameer Agarwal, with the former having a massive chip lead over the latter. Also, Roa is a more experienced player than Agarwal and is a strong favourite to win his first-ever DPT Xpress Main Event title here at the Deltin Royale in Goa.

Sameer Agarwal Finishes Runner-up for INR 8,07,240


Level – 27

Blinds – 50k-100k

BB Ante – 100K

And it’s finally over! The DPT Xpress March 2021 Main Event has crowned a champion in Ramesh Rao Thotapalli who started the heads-up with a massive chip lead and kept the lead till the final hand.

The final hand of the tourney saw Sameer Agarwal shoving his last 16BB stack and the chip leader Ramesh Roa made the call and showed Ad 2c against Qc 9s of his heads-up opponent Agarwal.

The board opened 3h 5h 2h 4d 7c,  giving the pot as well as the title to Ramesh Rao. It is the first-DPT Xpress Main Event title for Rao who banked INR 12,04,000 for his grand win. Agarwal settled for the runner-up prize of INR 8,07,240. We congratulate both the players and wish them good luck ahead!

Ramesh Rao Thotappli Is The Latest DPT Xpress Main Event Champion!

And it’s finally over! The DPT Xpress March 2021 Main Event has crowned a champion in Ramesh Rao Thotapalli who came out on top of a record-breaking field of 421 entries to win it for INR 12.04 Lac, plus a beautiful DPT trophy. Sameer Agarwal finished runner-up for INR 8.07 Lac, while the veteran pro Dhaval Mudgal took the final spot on the podium, finishing 3rd for an impressive INR 5.32 Lac.

Ramesh Rao entered the final table with the third largest stack and eliminated the likes of Avinash Sharma, former DPT Xpress Main Event champion Anant Purohit, Mohak Kapoor, Shivam Shukla and Dhaval Mudgal before facing Sameer Agarwal in HU. The detailed story will be published later.