Welcome to the Live Coverage of the DPT Xpress 10K Bounty!

The second event of the DPT Xpress March 2021 Edition – 10K Bounty – starts today at 5 PM. The series, which is known to cater to low-to-mid stakes players, consists mostly of fast-paced events.

An ideal hunting ground for newcomers, upcoming players, and amateurs,  the series kicked off just yesterday here at the champions den Deltin Royale in Goa with the 5K Burn N Turn Event that saw a lot of new faces. Following nearly seven hours of play, the event eventually crowned a champion in Shrey Baj from Jaipur who claimed his career-first DPT title for INR 3.35 Lac in top prizemoney.

The 10K Bounty is a re-entry event with blind intervals of 20 minutes each and a total of three 15-minute breaks planned for the day. In the last edition, this event had attracted 128 entries, and it was Tanmai Relwani who had come out on top of the field to win it for  INR 2.08 Lac.

Unlike yesterday’s 5K Burn N Turn Event, the 10K Bounty offers players a starting stack of 20,000. The total prize pool for the event is divided into two parts with INR 5,000 from the buy-in going into the Bounty prize pool and the remaining INR 5,000 (Prize Pool – INR 4,750 and Fee – INR 250) going into the regular prize pool.

Today’s event also features the big blind ante format that kicks in from the very first level of play. OPN will be bringing you all the exciting action as it unfolds, so stay tuned for the live updates!

Cards Are In The Air!

Level- 1

Blinds –100-100

BB Ante – 100

The cards are in the air for the 10K Bounty and we begin with level one of the day. It is a 10k buy-in tournament featuring a 20k starting stack. Late registration is open till the start of level 8. 

Some Notables In The Field 

Level- 1

Blinds –100-100

BB Ante – 100

The second tournament of the DPT Xpress March 2021 edition, the 10K Bounty, is underway and the clock shows 50 registered players. Some known players among them include Harsh Dembla, Abhiroop Gupta, Parth Agarwal,  Radhika Shankar, Sumil Krishnani, and Rajesh Rajpopat to name a few.

Saumil Gets Busted Early

Level -1

Blinds – 100-100

BB Ante – 100

Saumil Krishnani open shoves from UTG to 3500, Harsh Dembla from UTG +1, and Abhishek from button make the call.

Flop: Ax Qx Qx

The flop gets checked around.

Turn – 10x

Harsh bets 4K and Abhishek calls.

River – 8x

Harsh fires a bet of 8k this time and Abhishek calls.

Harsh tables Jx9x for a straight, Saumil shows Ax10x for two pairs, while Abhishek mucks. Harsh takes down the pot, while Saumil gets busted from the tourney.

Some More Notables In the Field

Level – 2

Blinds – 100-200

BB Ante – 200

The field continues to expand for the second tournament of the DPT Xpress March 2021 edition, the 10K Bounty event. Some notable among the new registrants to the event include the likes of:


Karan Sawhney

Rajat Singh

Abhishek Garg

Sunil Saraf

Ankur Dewani

Adda52 Streamer Shivam Jain

Loveleen Singh

Gautam Rohilla

Mittal Triples-Up

Level – 4

Blinds – 200-400

BB Ante – 400

Mittal from UTG opens shoves for 3500, Devendra flat-calls, and Shivam Shukla re-shoves.

Action back to Devendra and he decides to fold his hands. The cards are turned over.

Mittal: Kx Kx

Shukla: 10xJx.

Board: Ax 2x 5x 3x 7x

The board bricks and Mittal gets a triple up.

Gaurav Gupta Wins Big In Four-Way All-in

Level – 4

Blinds – 200-400

BB Ante – 400

A player from UTG +2 open raises to 3,  Ankita Ajay Malik re-raises it, and Ramesh Rao Thotapalli in HJ shoves all-in, which both Sagar Suri from the cutoff and Gaurav Gupta from button call all-in.

Action back on UTG+2 and he folds. Ankita re-shoves and the cards are turned over.

Ankita: 10-10

Ramesh:  Q-J

Sagar: A-K

Gupta: A-K

Board: A 8 6 7 2

Gaurav Gupta scores a bounty plus a half split with Sagar Suri. Both Ankita and Ramesh get busted.

Nilesh Bags Two Bounties

Level – 5

Blinds – 300-600

BB Ante – 600

In a pre-flop action, Nilesh open raises from UTG +2 and a player from the middle position shoves all-in, which Deepak Agarwal from cutoff and Nilesh from UTG +2 call. The cards are turned over.

Nilesh: A6

MP: A7

Agarwal: QJ

The board runs out 2x 6x Kx 9x 4 where Nilesh flops a pair of six, which is good for Nilesh to take down the pot and bust both his opponents, collecting two bounties in the process.

Quads for Ameya And He Bags A Bounty!

Level – 5

Blinds – 300-600

BB Ante – 600

Prashant Jain Bhutoria from UTG +1 open raises to 3x, a player in UTG +2, and Som Shekhar from button call. It comes to  Ameya G. who shoves all-in for 20k. Bhutoria calls,  UTG +2 folds, Shekhar calls.

Bhutoria: Ah Qh

Shekar: 89 Suited

Ameya: Jx Jx

The board ran out Jx 10x Jx 8x 4x, giving Ameya quads and busting Bhutoria in the process.

Adda52 Streamer Shivam Jain Doubles Up!

Level – 6

Blinds – 400-800

BB Ante – 800

Pre-flop, a player from the middle position raises to 1200, Adda52 streamer Shivam Jain from HJ shoves all-in for 15200 and Gurupal from BB makes the call. Action back on the MP player and he folds.

Shivam: KQ off

Gurupal: 4X4X

Board: 10x 10x 6x 8x Qx

Shivam finds a queen to take down the pot and double-up.

200 Entries and Counting

Level – 7

Blinds – 500-1000

BB Ante – 1000

The tournament has entered level 7. Already 200 entries and counting. With the late registration open till the end of level 8, we are expecting a healthy field of 220+ entries.

Karan Sawhney Scores Two Bounties 

Level – 7

Blinds – 500-1000

BB Ante – 1000

The short stack Nehal Samtani open shoves from UTG, a player in HJ re-shoves for 20k, the next player Karan Sawhney and a player in the small blind make the call. The cards are turned over.

Nehal: 7x 9x

Hijack: 9x 9x

Karan: Kx Jx

SB player: 45off

The board  8x 8x Jx 7x 4x connects for the three players but Karan Sawhney finds higher two pairs and takes down the pot to triple-up. Both small blind and Nehal Samtani get eliminated and Karan collects two bounties. 

First Break of the Day Commences

The first 15-minute break of the day has begun. Late registration will be open till the start of Level 8.

We will share a list of the assorted chip counts after the break, along with the total number of entries and re-entries for the event. So, stay tuned!

239 Entries Registered in the 10K Bounty!

Level – 8 

Blinds – 600-1200

BB Ante – 1200

The final numbers are in and the 10K Bounty (RE) tournament has logged in a field of 239 entries, including 167 unique and 72 re-entries. The total prize pool generated is INR 11,18,220. Stay tuned in for our payout update. 

Chip Counts After First Break – Akash Among Chip Leaders

Level – 9

Blinds – 800-1600

BB Ante – 1600

  1. Akash – 134,300
  2. Deepak Singh – 130, 000
  3. Shubham Rajput – 129,000
  4. Shrey Baj – 100,000
  5. Abhishek – 100,000
  6. Ashit Sharma – 95,900
  7. Amit Kumar – 95,000
  8. Sandeep Ramesh – 94,000
  9. Simon Mint – 90,000
  10. V. Kapoor – 75,000

Poker Coach Abhishek Goindi Busted

Level – 9

Blinds – 800-1600

BB Ante  – 1600

There have been multiple eliminations in the last 20 minutes. One of the recent eliminations is Abhishek Goindi, a well-known poker pro and coach.

The hand in question saw a player from UTG open to 3500 and Goindi from UTG +2 shoved all-in for 20k, which UTG called. The cards were turned over.

UTG +1 : Ax Jx

Goindi: Ax Kx

The board ran out 7x 7x Jx 3x 5x where UTG+1 found a Jack on the flop to win the pot and bust Goindi in the process.

Gaurav Gupta Is The Highest Bounty Scorer So Far!

Level – 10

Blinds – 1k-2k

BB Ante – 2k

The tournament has entered level 10 and there are 80 players remaining in the field. Gaurav Gupta is the highest bounty scorer so far with 6 bounties. He is followed by Karan Sawhney with 5 bounties.

Payouts For DPT Xpress 10K Bounty  

Level – 11

Blinds – 1500-2500

BB Ante – 25000

The payouts have been announced. The total prize pool is worth 11.18 Lac. While the top 24 places are paid, the eventual winner will walk away with INR 2,75,000. Here is a quick look at the payouts.

1st – 275,000

2n –  190,000

3rd – 120,000

4th – 74,000

5th – 56, 760

6th – 45,000

7th – 40,000

8th – 33,100
9th – 27,500

10th – 12th – 23,540

13th – 15th – 20,300

16th -18th – 17,070

19th – 21st – 13, 880

22nd -24th – 10,830


Chip Counts After Level 13

Level -14

Blinds – 3k-6k

BB Ante – 6k

After 13 levels of play, Nitin Hira (475k) and Archit Garg (428k) are sitting with top stacks among the 40 players remaining in the field. Other notables among the top stacks include Ashish Sharma (250k) and Ritesh Khatwani (198k). Here is a quick look at the top stacks remaining in the field.

  1. Nitin Hira – 475k
  2. Archit Garg – 428k
  3. Ashit Sharma – 250
  4. Ritesh Khatwani – 198k
  5. Mitang Soni – 195k
  6. Simon Mint – 191.5k
  7. Prashant Jain Bhutoria – 150k
  8.  Nikunj Kapur – 150k

Karthik N Bubbles 10K Bounty Event!

Level – 17

Blinds – 6k-12k

BB Ante – 12k

Unfortunately for Karthik N, he has exited the tournament on the money bubble. The hand in question saw Avinash Rajpal shove all-in with Jx Kx and Karthik N. holding pocket tens made the call.

The board ran 9x 2x 7x Jx 5x where pocket tens did not hold up and Karthik exited on the money bubble in 25th place. With Karthik going on the bubble, all the remaining players are in the money.


Recent ITM Eliminations

Level – 17

Blinds – 6k-12k

BB Ante – 12k

Simon Mint (24th for INR 10,830)

Sneh Thakkar (23rd for INR 10,830)

Shagun Sharda (22nd for INR 10, 830)

Aniket Sharma (21st for INR 13,880)

Rehmat Singh (20th for INR 13,880)

Abhishek Sharma Bags Two Bounties 

Level – 18

Blinds – 8k-16k

BB Ante – 16k

Pre-flop, Abhishek Sharma from button shoves with pocket threes, Pawan Jaiswal from SB calls with K10, while Varun D. calls with AQ. The board runs out Jx 4x 7x 4x 6x where pocket threes hold up and Sharma wins the pot, busting both Jaiswal and Varun in 19th and 18th places respectively.

Pawan Jaiswal (19th for INR 13,880)

Varun D. (18th for INR 17,070)

Ayush  Doubles-Up Through Varun D.

Level – 18

Blinds – 8k-16k

BB Ante – 16k

Pre-flop, Ayush Khandelwal shoves with pocket fours and Varun D. calls with AX Jx.

Board: 9x 2x 7x 7x 8x

The board brings no help to Varun and Agarwal takes down the pot and doubles up.

A Much-Needed Double-Up For Nikunj Kapur

Level -19

Blinds – 10K-20k

BB Ante – 20K

Pre-flop, a player in UTG opens and everyone else folds until it comes to Nikunj Kapur holding pocket jacks in the button. He shoves all-in and the player in UTG snap calls with pocket kings. The board runs 9s Jh 7c 5h Ah where Nikunj flops a set to take down the pot and double up in the process.

Sagar Joshi Busted In 16th Place (INR 17,070)

Level -19

Blinds – 10K-20k

BB Ante – 20K

With blinds souring up, eliminations are quick. After Deepak Singh going out in 17th place for  17,070, it is Sagar Joshi who has been just eliminated. Sagar pitted his pocket fives against Abhishek Sharma’s pocket sevens. The board ran out Kh Kc 3c 4s 9h where pocket fives of Sagar could not hold up and he got busted. Sharma has been running good and collected his 8th bounty after busting Sagar.

Some More ITM Eliminations!

Level – 20

Blinds – 15k-25k

BB Ante – 25k

Saumil Krishnani (14th for INR 20,300)

Anish Kumar (13th for INR 20,300)

S Surya (12th for INR 23,540)

Nikunj Kapur Bubbles DPT Xpress 10K Bounty!

Level – 21

Blinds – 15k-30k

BB Ante – 30k

Finally, we are down to the final table with Nikunj Kapur going out on the FT bubble.

Pre-flop, Nikunj Kapur opens to 180k and Ashit Sharma calls.

Flop- 7x 7x 9x

Both players check the flop.

Turn – 10x

Nikunj shoves for 220k and Ashit calls.

The river is a brick.

Nikunj shows Kx 10x. Ashit tables 7x 5x and take down the pot with trips.

Unfortunately for Nikunj, he bubbles the final table of the 10k bounty.  

Final Table Chip Counts – Ashit Sharma Leads  Final 9

Level – 21

Blinds – 15k-30k

BB Ante – 30k

Finally, we are down to the final table and it is Ashit Sharma leading the final 9.

  1. Ashit Sharma – 13, 75,000
  2. Sandeep Ramesh – 610,000
  3. Abhishek Sharma – 595,000
  4. Amit Kumar – 505,000
  5. Avinash Rajpal – 465,000
  6. Ritesh Khatwani – 400,000
  7. Nitin Hira – 350,000
  8. Archit Garg – 245,000
  9. Aayush Khandelwal – 185,000

Ritesh Khatwani Finishes 9th for INR 27,500

Level – 22

Blinds – 20k-40k

BB Ante – 40k

Pre-flop, Ashit Sharma from SB shoves with K5 and Ritesh Khatwani in SB makes the call with A4.

The board runs out 3, 5, 7, 7, 10, giving the pot to Sharma and busting Khatwani in 9th place.

Amit Tejura Busted in 8th Place For INR 33,100

Level – 22

Blinds – 20k-40k

BB Ante – 40k

Pre-flop, Amit Tejura raises from CO. Abhishek Sharma from Button and Sandeep Ramesh from BB make the call.

Flop – Kc Jc 2c

Sandeep checks, Amit bets 300k and Abhishek calls. Sandeep folds.

Turn – 8d

Amit shoves and Abhishek calls.

River – 6c

Amit shows J2 for two pairs, while Abhishek tables Ax 9c for the nut flush to take down the pot and bust his opponent. Amit goes out in 8th place for INR 33,100.

Aayush Agarwal Eliminated in 7th Place (INR 40,000)

Level – 23

Blinds – 30-60k

BB Ante – 60k

Pre-flop, Aayush Agarwal shoves from UTG and gets called by Abhishek Sharma from BB.

Abhishek: 10d 10h

Aayush: Kx Jh

Board: Ax 8x 6x Ax 8x

Pockets tens hold up and Abhishek takes down the pot, busting Aayush in 7th place

Nitin Hira Finishes 6th for INR 45,000

Level – 23

Blinds – 30-60k

BB Ante – 60k

Pre-flop, Nitin shoves for 360k and gets a caller in  Abhishek.

Nitin: Qh Jh

Abhishek: Qx Qx

The Jack high board is not enough for Nitin and he gets busted in 6th place.

Avinash Rajpal Finishes 5th for INR 56,760

Level – 24

Blinds – 40k-80k

BB Ante – 80k

Pre-flop, Ashit Sharma shoves with QJ and Avinash calls with Q10 putting his tournament life at risk.

Sharma’s QJ holds up on the board and Avinash gets busted in 5th place for INR 56,760.

Abhishek Sharma Busted in 4th Place for INR 74K

Level  – 25k

Blinds – 50k-100k

BB Ante – 100k

Abhishek Sharma open-raised with K8 and Archit Garg shoved with A10.

Sharma thought for a while and eventually made the call, putting him at risk.

The board ran out 7S  8C Ax 10x  Xx, giving the pot to Archit and busting Sharma in 4th place.

Archit Garg Busted in 3rd Place for INR 1.20 Lac

Level – 26

Blinds – 75k-125k

BB Ante – 125k

Finally, we are down to the heads-up for the title with Archit Garg going out in 3rd place for

INR 1,20,000. Actually, it was Ashit Sharma who shoved with AK and Archit who held 5x 6 tank-called for his tournament life. The board ran out Kx 7x 7x 7x 10, giving the pot to Ashit Sharma.

Archit good busted in 3rd place, leaving Sandeep Ramesh and Ashit Sharma in heads-up for the title.

Ashit Sharma Eliminated in 2nd Place for INR 1.90 Lac

Level – 27

Blinds – 75k-150k

BB Ante – 150k

Ashit Sharma who started the final table as the chip leader and had a slight advantage in heads-up as well is out in the 2nd place, giving the title to Sandeep Ramesh who had started the FT second in chips.

While Sharma played really well but could not go all the way, eventually finishing runner-up. The final hand saw Sharma shoving with 2c 2h and Sandeep made the call with Ah 3c.

The board ran 7c Jc 7s Kd 3s  where the latter found a 3 on the river and took down the pot, winning his career-first DPT title and INR 2.75 Lac in the top prize. Sharma settled for the runner-up prize worth INR 1.90 Lac. We congratulate both the players and wish them good luck for the Main Event starting tomorrow at 5 pm. The Main Event will play out its two starting flights – Day 1A and 1B. Day 1A starts at 5 pm, while the second flight will kick off at 9 PM. Wish you all good luck for the Main Event!

Sandeep Ramesh Takes Down the DPT Xpress March 2021 Edition 10K Bounty!

Finally, we have the second champion of the DPT Xpress March 2021 edition in Sandeep Ramesh who has just won the bounty of the ongoing series.

A relatively lesser-known name in the domestic circuit, he played some top-notch poker tonight and managed to trounce a strong field of 239 entries, including his heads-up rival Ashit Sharma (runner-up for INR 1.90 Lac). He entered the final table and did well to make it to the top to win his career-first DPT title along with taking home an impressive payday of INR 2.75 Lac. He began the heads-up slightly behind Sharma but managed to chip up well and eventually outlast his final opponent to win the title.