Sunday Majors: ‘pokraj’ Denies Wadhawan Adda52 Millions Title; Former Full House Finale Champ Jain Wins Deepstack Madness

It was a power-packed Sunday with all leading poker sites coming out all guns blazing to host big guaranteed tournaments! Headlining the action on was the 25 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions. The 11K buy-in tourney pulled in a field of 284 entrants to crush its listed guarantee and generate a massive prize pool of INR 28.40 Lac. After several hours of intense battles, it was the mystery player “pokraj” who came out on top to win the tourney for the second time, banking INR 7.27 Lac for the victory. The former Adda52 Millions winner Ankit “d00mtr00p3r” Wadhawan came close to winning it for a second time but eventually settled for the runner-up prize of INR 4.33 Lac.

  • Total Entries – 284
  • Prizepool – 28.40 Lac
  • Places Paid – 30
  • Min Cash – 22,750

Anirban “ajgar5” D Das (3rd place for INR 3,26,600), Juli “Lily8” Kumari (5th for INR 1,63,300), & Rishab “rish1994” Malik (7th place for INR 85,200) were the other notable players finishing on the final table.

20 Lac GTD Deepstack Madness

The other marquee tourney on, the 20 Lac GTD Deepstack Madness featuring a buy-in of INR 4400, attracted 544 entries to surpass its guarantee and create a prize pool of INR 21.76 Lac. Walking away with the lion’s share of the prize pool was the former Full House Finale and Grand Mega Suits Finale champion in Shagun “sogani94” Jain who shipped the tourney for INR 5.22 Lac. Jain is one of the consistent performers on virtual felts and this win happens to be his 4th title of the year.

  • Total Entries – 544
  • Prizepool – 21.76 Lac
  • Places Paid – 55
  • Min Cash – 9,792

Rohit “sailor85” Bhasin (runner-up for INR 304,640), Vaibhav “vane_shado” Temani (3rd place for INR 2,06,720), Pranay “setmeup” Chawla (6th for INR 76,160), Ravindra “wormhole” Arikeri (7th for INR 54,400), & Rubin “kornkif” Labroo (8th  for INR 43,520) were the other prominent names on the FT.

10 Lac GTD Sunday Showdown

Adda52’s 10  Lac GTD Sunday Showdown saw also fared well, drawing in an impressive 457 entries to generate a guarantee-crushing prize pool worth INR 10.28 Lac. While there were several known regs in contention for the title, it was the mystery player “Vibhuiit17” who eventually took down the tourney for INR 1.95 Lac. Another mystery reg “shooter19” placed runner-up for INR 1,43,288.

  • Total Entries – 457
  • Prizepool – 10.28 Lac
  • Places Paid – 47
  • Min Cash – 7,250

Hitesh “buntai” Batra (3rd for INR 1,05,030), last night’s Deepstack Madness champion Shagun “sogani94” Jain (4th for INR 76,987), Shravan “sweatmyass13″Chhabria (7th for INR 30,320)  & Rishab “rish1994” Malik (8th for INR 22,224) were the other notable MTT regs finishing on the final table.

4.5 Lac GTD Hurricane

Adda52’s 4.5 Lac GTD Hurricane sporting a buy-in of INR 1800 drew a field of 287 entrants to create a prize pool worth INR 4.71 Lac. Walking away with the lion’s share of the prize pool was a former winner of Mega Suits & Big Slick in Karan “Reg_Slayer”  Radia who banked 1.02 Lac. Radia is a regular on and this win happens to be his 3rd Hurricane title of the month on the site.  

  • Total Entries – 287
  • Prizepool – 4.71 Lac
  • Places Paid – 30
  • Min Cash – 3765

Vishal “Darky012” Ojha (runner-up for INR 90,120), Shawn Jose “echayan” (3rd place for INR 54,128), & last night’s Adda52 Millions champion “pokraj” (4th for INR 40,008) were others finishing on the FT.