Adda52’s CSR Initiative In Favour Of Hemkunt Foundation & ACT Grants Urges Everyone To “Play For A Cause”

The Covid-19 situation in India is absolutely heart-wrenching. The second wave has hit the country really hard. In the last 24 hours, India recorded 2,81,386 new Covid-19 cases. With this, the total tally reached 24,965,463. The case count has dropped below the 3-lac mark for the first time in 25 days. However, as many as 4,106 people succumbed to the disease in this period, thus pushing the death toll to 274,390.

It is quite commendable to see everyone coming together and doing their bit in this crisis of COVID-19 second wave and the collision of medical infrastructure. India’s no. 1 poker site,, has taken an initiative called “Play for a Cause” through which they plan to donate funds to the Hemkunt Foundation and ACT Grants, both non-profit organizations working round the clock to serve Covid-19 patients across the country. seeks to utilize its position as ‘India’s no.1 poker site’ to aid India’s COVID-19 relief efforts. The site has urged its vast player base to be a part of the ‘Play for a Cause’ initiative and play as many tournaments as they can from 17th to 23rd May. Carrying the #EveryHandCounts hashtag, the initiative conveys that every effort counts in this Covid-19 situation, and we can make a difference in people’s lives by doing our bit. The more you play, the more you contribute to making a positive impact on people’s lives and help the country beat this raging pandemic.

The objective behind the ‘Play for a Cause’ is both: to create awareness about the crisis in India and donate funds as relief aid. Adda52 will donate all the revenue from tournaments and an additional amount equivalent to the tournament revenue to Hemkunt Foundation and ACT Grants equally to aid in fighting against COVID-19. If you want to be a contributor, be a part of the site’s noble initiative to be a Hero in real life. Don’t play for just personal winnings, play for a cause this time and make a change!  

Committed to the CSR responsibility, is India’s No.1 site and is always looking for ways to give it back to society. Adda52 feels highly prejudiced to extend aid to the Hemkunt Foundation and ACT Grants in their war to help those in need.

Hemkunt Foundation & ACT Grants

Hemkunt Foundation is a Gurugram-based NGO, providing humanitarian aid to marginalized sections of society. The organization is working round the clock to serve the Covid-19 patients by providing oxygen concentrators, medical manpower, and vaccination support across the country. Similarly, ACT Grants is also at the forefront of India’s COVID Relief. The organization provides oxygen supply, medical manpower, and hospital beds across India. ACT is actually a movement by India’s startup ecosystem to combat Covid-19 and has been working relentlessly to serve Covid-19 patients across the country.