Sunday Majors: Ankit Wadhawan Wins His Second Adda52 Millions, Gokul Raj & Arjanveer Singh Among Other Big Winners

It was a smashing Sunday on, with several big guaranteed events on offer. Headlining the Sunday lineup of tournaments on the site was the 25 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions that pulled in 272 entries, collecting INR 27.20 Lac in the prize pool. Ankit ‘d00mtr00p3r’ Wadhawan, a former Whale 6-Max, Holdem High Roller & Big Slick champion, came out on top of the field to win the tourney for the second time, banking a hefty INR 7.07 Lac in the top prizemoney. The former AOPS Super Highroller and AOPS Godfather champion Shashank ‘felter’ Jain placed runner-up for INR 4.21 Lac.

  • Total Entries – 272
  • Prizepool – 27.20 Lac
  • Places Paid – 27
  • Min Cash – 24,480

Also making it to the Adda52 Millions Final Table were Juli “Lily8” Kumari (3rd place for INR 3,16,880), Annant “anna0906” Jain (4th for INR 231200) & Basant “Rush99” Kumar Singh (6th for INR 1,15,600)

20 Lac GTD Deepstack Madness

 The other marquee tourney on the site, the 20 Lac GTD Deepstack Madness, drew 517 entrants to crush its guarantee and generate a prize pool worth INR 20. 68 Lac. Walking away with the lion’s share of the prize pool was this month’s DOPT Highroller champion Gokul ‘Niruha’ Raj who banked INR 4.96 Lac for the win. Bharat ‘rungooserun’ Vasan placed runner-up for a payout of INR 2.89 Lac.

  • Total Entries – 517
  • Prizepool – 20.68 Lac
  • Places Paid – 55
  • Min Cash – 9,306

Rishab “rish1994” Malik (3rd for INR 1,96,460), Yudhishter “yud1006” Jaswal (5th for INR 1,03,400), Ritwik “ritwik27” Khanna (6th for INR 72,380),  Haider “donktown22” Madraswal(7th for INR 72,380) & Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra (8th for INR 72,38041,360) were the other notable names on the FT.

8 Lac GTD Sunday Showdown

Joining Ankit Wadhawan and Gokul Raj on the winner’s list was Arjanveer ‘arjan30’ Singh Chadha, a four-time ‘The Ballers’ champion who came out on top of a 483-entry field to win the top prize of INR 2.04 Lac. Online reg Mohit ‘thejokerrrr’ Mehta finished runner-up and walked away with INR 1.49 Lac.

  • Total Entries – 483
  • Prizepool – 10.86 Lac
  • Places Paid – 53
  • Min Cash – 6,904

Amit “ragingbull” Kaushik (3rd for INR 1,09,679), Anuj “anuj1610” Laddhad  (4th for INR 80,395), Kamlesh “nirbadh” Pandey (5th for INR 58,929), Goonjan “gmtesting” Mall (6th for INR 43,195), Vinayak “bhai_on_mary_jane” Bajaj (7th for inr 31,662) & Manish  “newkidpoker” Lakhotia (8th for INR 23,208) were the among other notable players who ended their run on the Sunday Showdown FT.