WPTOI 2021 Day 1: ‘Chikuu36’, Satnam Singh & Ashwin Vijay Win Trophy Events; ‘realstar007’ Leads 1 CR. GTD WPT Unreal Flight 1 Survivors

It was a rocking Sunday on the virtual felts with several prestigious online series running yesterday. Setting the stage for what promises to be an epic #KhelFameKa was the 25 Crore GTD WPT Online India (WPTOI) 2021 on Adda52.com. The first day of the series had as many as 10 events on the schedule that included four trophy events, out of which three crowned champions. A whopping 3835 entries enrolled for the day, crushing the day’s overall GTD and collecting INR 1,03,76,134 prize pool.

While the opening day saw hundreds of the game’s elite grinders taking to the virtual felt in an attempt to score hefty paydays, stealing the spotlight were ‘Chikuu36’ and Satnam ‘LUCKYS0007’ Singh. Both of them started their quest for WPT glory in style, winning the trophy tourneys of the day. The anonymous user ‘Chikuu36’ shipped the 30 Lac GTD WPT India 6 Max Championship to win INR 7.68 Lac and a beautiful WPT Trophy, while Satnam Singh championed the 30 Lac GTD WPT Super Stack, earning an impressive INR 5.40 Lac top prize along with a grand WPT trophy.

The third trophy of the day was awarded in the 15 Lac GTD WPT Kickoff that was taken down by the 22-year old Ashwin Vijay aka ‘’Ashwinvijay1399′. The anonymous “ckps86” (2nd for INR 52,0695 in the 30 Lac GTD WPT Super Stack) & Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal ‘FloatToMyBoat’ Patni (2nd for INR 4.57 Lac in the 30 Lac GTD WPT India 6 Max Championship) featured among the other top scorers on the opening day of the series. Here is a quick recap of the WPTOI Day 1 events:

1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal (INR 499 Buy-in)

The first major attraction of the 30-day long series is the 1 Crore GTD WPT Unreal offering an unbelievable 1 Crore guarantee for a mere INR 499 buy-in. The multi-day trophy event got off to a good start with the first of its 30 flights registering 417 entrants. Only 39 players progressed to Day 2, with ‘realstar007’ (368,119 chips) leading them. The mystery regs ‘avikon’ (355,010), ‘Sherpa84′ (349,981),’Pokerbrat0118’ (333,859) & ‘baagdi’ (316,707) ended the flight among the top five stacks.

30 Lac GTD WPT Super Stack (INR 5500 Buy-in)

Coming back to the trophy events that crowned champions, there were three events awarding WPT trophies on Sunday night. Headlining them were two 30 Lac GTD tournaments. The first of them, the  30 Lac GTD WPT Super Stack, began at 7:30 PM. The INR 5500 entry buy-in tourney pulled in a packed field of 529 entries and outlasting them all to win the coveted WPT trophy and the title was Satnam ‘LUCKYS0007’ Singh who banked INR 5,39,887, following a three-way deal with ‘ckps86’ (2nd for INR 5,20,695) and long-time circuit regular Romit ‘ft83’ Advani (3rd place for INR 4,69,418).

Apart from Advani, Sahil “you3bi4b” Nair (4th for INR 2,25,000), Avneesh “IamAM” Munjal (5th for INR 1,59,000), veteran pro Sumit “hammer_head” Sapra (6th for INR 1,05,000) & Ritwik “ritwik27” Khanna (7th for INR 82,500) were the other notable regs who ended their run on the final table.

30 Lac GTD WPT India 6 Max Championship (INR 11K Buy-in)

The other 30 Lac GTD trophy tourney of the day was the 30 Lac GTD WPT India 6 Max Championship. Starting at 9 PM, the INR 11K buy-in tourney logged in a total of 292 entries. After eight hours and 48 minutes of intense play, it was the mystery player ‘Chikuu36’ who outlasted the competition to win his first WPT online trophy and INR 7.68 Lac, the single largest payday awarded on WPTOI Day 1.

Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni aka ‘FloatToMyBoat’ came close to winning the title but had to settle for the runner-up prize of INR 4.57 Lac. Veteran pro – Jasven “bajateraho” Saigal (4th for INR 2,55,000) & Vishnu “violator” Khandelwal (6th for INR 1,20,000) also final-tabled the tourney.

15 Lac GTD WPT Kickoff (INR 3000 buy-in)

The first trophy event on the Day 1 schedule, the 15 Lac GTD WPT Kickoff, began at 6 PM. Sporting INR 3000 buy-in, the tourney drew 517 entries by the time late registered closed. The 22-year-old Ashwin Vijay aka ‘Ashwinvijay1399’ shipped it to bag his first WPT Trophy and the top prize of INR 3,18,644. He eventually struck a heads-up deal with Shashank Desai aka ‘IndianRat’ who collected a cool INR 2,92,606 for his runner-up finish. Ashwin was in terrific form last night and posted another two deep runs, including a 9th place finish in the 8 Lac GTD WPT Lazy Sunday for INR 12,800.

Ashit ‘nexus010’ Sharma (4th for INR 1,12,500), Sahil ‘ImHighIshove’ Mahboobani (5th for INR 79,500), Arun ‘runyrules’ Sriram (6th for INR 52,500), and Karan “iamaluksack” Jain (7th for 41,250) also final-tabled the tourney.

10 Lac GTD WPT Monster Turbo (INR 2500 Buy-in)

Online MTT crusher Devrat Singh aka ‘Vickypune’ came out on top of a 384-entry field in the INR  2500 buy-in 10 Lac GTD WPT Monster Turbo to win INR 2.44 Lac. Avinash “i_fart_you_faint” Kumar (2nd for INR 1,72,550) and ‘MallaNi’ (3rd for 1,10,000) were the other regs to score podium finishes.

8 Lac GTD WPT Lazy Sunday (INR 1750 Buy-in)

The 8 Lac GTD WPT Lazy Sunday found a winner in the online reg Sanish “Sanish21” Chhabra who overcame a field of 439 entries to win INR 1,96,000 in the top prize. The mystery player ‘Hawkz’ finished runner-up for INR 1,16,000. Also finishing on the final table were Guruprasad Gupta aka “guruprasad_gupta” (5th for INR 40,000), and Rony “fish4life” Chowdhury (6th for INR 28,000).

4 Lac GTD WPT Classic (INR 1250 Buy-in)

Earlier in the day, the 4 Lac GTD WPT Classic saw the mystery reg ‘justbethere’ top the 322-entry field to win INR 81,207, after a heads-up deal with Harsh “harsh1327” Bubna (2nd  for INR 79,393).

3 Lac GTD WPT Late Night PKO (880+220 buy-in)

The final event on WPTOI Day 1, the 3 Lac GTD WPT Late Night PKO event, was taken down by Mohak ‘Sparkie’ Kapoor who eventually defeated ‘rknitesh’ (2nd for INR 45,450) to win INR 75,000.

2 Lac GTD WPT Daily Warm-Up (INR 770 Buy-in)

The series opener, the 2 Lac GTD WPT Daily Warm-up was taken down by the WPT Monster Turbo runner-up Avinash “i_fart_you_faint” Kumar who banked INR 55,073 for the win. The mystery player ‘paisenikalbc’ placed runner-up and walked away with INR 32,807 for his efforts.

1.4 Lac GTD WPT Battlefield (INR 550 Buy-in)

The fifth event on WPTOI Day 1 schedule, the 1.4 Lac GTD WPT Battlefield found a winner in Pankaj “Pok3rking” Nanda who banked INR 30,486 after outlasting ‘abhinavjain1988’ (2nd for INR 27070).

Also running on Day 1 of the marquee series were a plethora of micro events. ‘Amanpoker27’ (Won 30K GTD WPT PLO for INR 7,141), and ‘Papakratos’ (Won WPT Regular 50 for in INR 2,030) were the players who walked away with the WPTOI daily micro event titles on the opening day of the series.

WPT Online India Mega Leaderboard Standings After Day 1

1 –

Chikku36 –


2 –

Devrat ‘Vickpune’ Singh –


3 –

LUCKYS0007 –


4 –

Kunal ‘FloatToMyBoat’ Patni –


5 –

ft3 –


6 –

Ashwin ‘Ashwinvijay1399’ Vijay  –


7 –

FuckedUpLife –


8 –

Arun ‘runrules’ Sriram –


9 –

Sahil ‘you3bi4b’ Nair –


10 –

Avinash ‘i_fart_you_faint’ Kumar  –


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