WSOP Online 2021: Poland’s Kacper Pyzara Wins Event #5: $315 Bounty Deepstack Event For $79,789

On Sunday, Poland’s Kacper Pyzara won his first WSOP bracelet and $79,789 (including $43,504 in bounties) in WSOP Online Event #5: $315 Bounty NLHE Deepstack on GGPoker. Pyzara outlasted a massive field of 2,989 entries in the tournament and became the second polish player to win a WSOP gold bracelet this summer on GGPoker. The first WSOP bracelet for Poland was won by Bartlomiej Swieboda who had won the very first tournament of the ongoing WSOP series.

The final day began with 42 players in contention. Pyzara managed to survive to the final nine but entered the final table with the second shortest stack. Evgeny Kochubey held the chip lead when the final table action began. He was able to extend that lead further when his pocket aces beat the bluff of Vicente Delgado, who was knocked out in ninth place for $9,084. Bracelet winner Arkadiy Tsinis was the next player to leave the FT. He shoved all-in with his AQ facing 66 of Moti Ohayon. Neither player improved and Tsinis was eliminated in eighth place for $8,053. Kochubey extended his lead further by busting Martina Ciklaminiova in seventh place ($10,549). Ciklaminiova’s pocket tens were in bad shape against Kochubey’s pocket queens, and nothing changed by the fifth street.

Pyzara was one of the shortest stacks at the final table but surged up when he doubled through Takahiko Nishiyama. The Japanese player was left short and was eliminated by Pyzara just a little later, taking home $14,002 as the sixth-place finisher. Takao Shimizu’s run in this event came to an end when his AQ ran into the KK of Kochubey. Shimizu was knocked out in fifth place ($16,784). Kochubey continued his surge by busting Baoyang Xu in fourth place ($29,099). Ohayon was the clear short stack during the three-handed play. The last of his chips went in with A8 against AK of Pyzara who hit the Ace high straight to win the pot and bring it down to the heads-up with Kochubey.

The heads-up battle for the title began with Kochubey holding 66 million against Pyzara’s 53.5 million. Kochubey extended his lead a bit but then ended up doubling Pyzara with a failed bluff. Pyzara took a 2:1 chip lead and was able to increase his advantage further by the time the final hand arose. Kochubey ultimately shoved all-in for around 20 big blinds with Ad Qh and Pyzara called holding 6h 6s.  The board ran out 10c 4c 8c 10, giving Pyzara the pot as well as the title.

Final Table Payouts

  1. Kacper Pyzara – $36,285 + $43,504 in bounties
  2. Evgeny Kochubey – $36,194 + $16,952 in bounties
  3. Moti Ohayon – $26,386 + $5,801 in bounties
  4. Baoyang Xu – $19,213 + $9,886 in bounties
  5. Takao Shimizu – $13,990 + $2,794 in bounties
  6. Takahiko Nishiyama – $10,186 + $3,816 in bounties
  7. Martina Ciklaminiova – $7,417 + $3,312 in bounties
  8. Arkadiy Tsinis – $5,401 + $2,652 in bounties
  9. Vicente Delgado – $3,932 + $5,152 in bounties