Michael Addamo Continues His Hot Run; Wins Super High Roller Bowl VI for $3.4 Million

Michael Addamo continues his hot streak on the felts. After taking down the final two events of the 2021 Poker Masters back-to-back to earn over $1.8 million and the Purple Jacket, the 27-year-old Australian pro emerged victorious in the 2021 Super High Roller Bowl VI $300,000 buy-in event after defeating a star-studded field of 21 challengers to take home a resume-topping cash of $3,402,000.

Addamo now holds $13.5 million, surpassing 2005 WSOP Main Event champion Joe Hachem who holds $12.7 million in cashes. Kahle Burns drops to third place in Australian history at $10.7 million.

The final day began with Addamo holding a massive chip lead over his four opponents. Alex Foxen entered play fourth in chips and was looking to bounce back after a disappointing Day 2 finish. The former college football athlete couldn’t get going and was eliminated in fifth place, two spots shy of the money. Foxen lost a key pot with his pair of eight beaten by the eights and deuces of Bonomo, leaving Foxen with just a few blinds. Foxen finally shoved his Ad 5c and received a call from Bonomo with Kc 10h. Bonomo rivered a straight to take down the pot and bring the field down to four.

Bonomo surpassed 80 big blinds to get far ahead from short stacks Brewer and Sean Winter who held 19 and 23 big blinds, respectively. Brewer’s stack fell to around 10 big blinds and he was looking to double up. The blinds climbed up to 15,000/30,000 and Bonomo applied pressure with 10h 4h, raising enough to force Brewer or Winter go all-in. Winter folded but Brewer called with Ad Qs. The board ran out Qd 7h 5h Js Kh, giving Bonomo a flush to send Brewer out on the money bubble.

After the bubble burst, Winter did well to climb up to 30 big blinds. A little later, he moved all-in with 10d 10h facing a raise from Addamo, who stayed in the lead despite Bonomo’s recent pair of eliminations. Addamo called Ac Jc and the board ran out Kc Qs 5s 10s 7c to give Addamo a straight. Winter’s set of tens was not enough and he walked away with $1,008,000 as the third-place finisher.

Heads-up play began with Addamo holding 3,670,000 against Bonomo’s 2,630,000. Addamo extended that lead in the early stages. Bonomo’s chip stack went up and down but he was not able to take the lead away from Addamo. The final hand of the event saw Bonomo raising to 80,000 from the button with Qs 10s and Addamo called from the big blind with 7d 2d. The flop 4d 3d 2h was checked by both the players. The turn Qd gave Addamo a flush. He bet 250,000 and Bonomo called. The river brought the 10c and Addamo moved all-in. After plenty of thought, Bonomo finally called. Addamo won the pot and the title with his flush, while Bonomo was eliminated in second place.

Final Table Payouts (USD)

  1. Michael Addamo – $3,402,000
  2. Justin Bonomo – $1,890,000
  3. Sean Winter  -$1,008,00