Wednesday Majors: Siddharth Pandey Wins Maverick To Top Wednesday Charts On Adda52

Wednesday witnessed some intense action on While plenty of pro players in the country were seen battling it out for the top spots, stealing the spotlight was online reg Siddharth Pandey who shipped the site’s 15 Lac GTD Maverick for INR 4.09 Lac, making him the top scorer of the day. The user “STEWIEGRIFFIN” (Won 4 Lac GTD La Luna for INR  97,188) and Mantri Sanjay (Won 1.2 Lac GTD Afternoon Adda for INR 28,260) were the other prominent winners on Adda52.

15 Lac GTD Maverick

Adda52’s Maverick sporting a buy-in of INR 2,750 was a massive success with a total of 654 entries participating in the event and generating a prize pool of INR 16.35 Lac. The top 72 places were paid out, with Siddharth “gabandheer” Pandey winning the title for INR 4,08,750 in the top prizemoney.

  • Total Entries: 654
  • Prizepool: 16.35 Lac
  • Places Paid: 72
  • Min Cash: 3,270

Recent NPS Main Event runner-up finisher Aayush “aayusharya” Arya (2nd for INR 2,37075), Sumit “runrabbitrun” Advani (3rd for INR 1,60,230), Brijesh “Vicky3160” Kumar Shah (5th for INR 81,750), Bharat “rungooserun” Vasan (6th for INR 57,225), Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra (7th for INR 44,963), & Aman “karmapoker” Parakh (8th for INR 32,700) were the other notables regs on the Maverick FT.

4 Lac GTD La Luna

The 4 Lac GTD La Luna also did better on its guarantee as a turnout of 329 entries resulted in a guarantee-crushing INR 5.40 Lac prize pool. In the end, walking away with the title was a mystery user in “STEWIEGRIFFIN” who banked INR 97,188 after defeating Kunal “Kunotaguero” Yadav (2nd for INR 90,445). Sanjeeta “realkidsanju” Kumari (3rd for 88,352) took the final spot on the podium.

  • Total Entries: 329
  • Prizepool: 5.40 Lac
  • Places Paid: 34
  • Min Cash: 3,777

Amrit “amrit1111” Mishra (4th for INR 45,053), Ankit “starnaruto” Saurabh (5th for INR 31,025), and Sanish “sanish21” Chhabra (7th for INR 16,187) were the other notables making it to the final table.

Given below is the list of the other winners declared on yesterday:

  1. “dameshwori” (Won 1.5 Lac GTD Nighttide DST Adda for INR 38,016)
  2. Mantri “Mantri97” Sanjay (Won 1.2 Lac GTD Afternoon Adda for INR 28,260)
  3. “stormshadow” (Won 1 Lac GTD Dinner PLO Adda for INR 24,341)
  4. “Eswar518” (Won 50K GTD Freezeout Adda for INR 13,774)
  5. “Sammy19” (Won 50K GTD Morning Adda for INR 11,562)
  6. “Chamling12” (Won 50k GTD Sundown Adda for INR 11,557)
  7. Niteen “niteenplus” Raj  (Won 50K GTD Evening Adda for 10,384)
  8. “ArvinJ” (Won  50K GTD Bounty Adda for INR 7,538)