Friday Majors: Kanchan Sharma Leads 2 Crore GTD Big Millions Day 1B; Raghav Bansal Tops Survivors From 1.2 Crore GTD DPT ME Online Flight

It was a fabulous Friday on with several high-value events taking place on the site, including the mega attractions – the 2 Crore GTD Big Millions and the 1.2 Crore GTD DPT ME Online  Flight. The biggest tourney to come to a close on the site was the 4 Lac GTD Friday Bounty PKO.

2 Crore GTD Big Millions Day 1B

Day 1B of the biggest weekend attraction, the 2 Crore GTD Big Millions, drew in 314 runners and saw 35 players advancing to Day 2. The former Godfather champion Kanchan ‘thandicoke’ Sharma (322,600) ended the day as a massive chip leader, with Naresh ‘NareshNow’ Kumar (297,894) and Sahil ‘bluffme19’ Chutani (286,616), ‘nutz’ (204,088) & ‘umang006’ (201,134) being other big stacks.

With 343 entries from Day 1A, the Big Millions has gathered 657 entries till now. There are four more flights left to run and all the qualifying stacks will converge for Day 2 (10th April) starting at 10 PM.

Top 10 Chip Counts From Day 1B

  1. Kanchan ‘thandicoke’ Sharma – 322,600
  2. Naresh ‘NareshNow’ Kumar – 297,894
  3. Sahil ‘bluffme19’ Chutani – 286,616
  4. nutz – 204,088
  5. umang006 – 201,134
  6. Ayush ‘lazyman’ Garg – 197,745
  7. Shawn ‘spanktastic’ Chatterton – 191,475
  8. Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja – 178,630
  9. Harshad ‘Laiibhari’ Barve – 170,526
  10. Aniket ‘WhiteRabbit’ Sharma – 164,518

1.2 Crore GTD DPT ME Online Flight

Friday also saw the 1.2 Crore GTD DPT ME Online Flight that brought in 60 entries. Following  13 levels of play, only 29 players survived from the 35K buy-in flight. Leading the pack was the inaugural DPT Main Event champion Raghav “balugawhale” Bansal who bagged 145,163 chips, with Devang “spark123” Yadav (102,563), & Ram “mowgumotu” Kakkar (101,809) rounding out the top 3 stacks.

Top 10 Stacks From DPT ME Online Flight

  1. Raghav “balugawhale” Bansal – 145,163
  2. Devang “spark123” Yadav – 102,563
  3. Ram “mowgumotu” Kakkar – 101,809
  4. Aditya “konstantin” Singh – 100,936
  5. Kunal “FloatToMyBoat” Patni – 96,292
  6. Aditya “A_Sushant” Sushant – 89,257
  7. Sumit “hammer_head” Sapra – 88,977
  8. “Kakeguri” – 86,730
  9. Rishab “rish1994” Malik  – 82,783
  10. Vishal “amarkhatri999” Tulsyan – 78,594

All qualifying stacks from the flight converge for the 1.2 Crore GTD DPT Main Event Day 2, which is  scheduled for 18th April at 2PM. The Main Event is the showstopper tourney of the 2 Crore GTD DPT series happening  from 14th to 19th April at the Deltin Royale casino in Goa. Good luck for DPT!

4 Lac GTD Friday Bounty PKO

The mystery player ‘boosterx’ was the last player standing in Adda52’s 4 Lac GTD Friday Bounty. He came out on top of a 291-entry field to win INR 1.20 Lac (includes INR 27,920 in bounties). Myron ‘zzzzz369’ Pereira finished runner-up and banked INR 67,461 (includes INR 11,989 in bounties).

The tournament created a guarantee-busting prizepool of INR  7.12 Lac that was shared by the top 30  finishers. Abhimanyu ‘PsychoDrama’ Mittal (4th for INR 42,977), & Kanishka ‘kanishka27’ Samant (5th for INR 24,348) were the other notables finishing on the final table of the 2700 buy-in tourney.

Other Prominent Winners  

Karan ‘karan880’ Lochab (Won Afternoon Adda 1.50 Lac GTD for INR 32,940), ‘siva2’ (Won Nighttide DST Adda 1.50 Lakhs GTD for INR 32,759), Piyush ‘NoName30’ Nanda (Won Bounty Adda 60K GTD for INR 11,782) and ‘Padma37’ (Won Evening Adda 50K GTD for INR 9,939) won the other major events.